Listener response?

I just sent in a typically miscellaneous show in which I managed to call Claudio Monteverdi Giueseppe Monteverdi instead, and mistranslated a French album title. Oh well.

But I do wonder, assuming anyone out there is listening at all, what sort of listener response there might be to the largely jazz/classical music mix I’ve been putting together. That mix reflects my own tastes as a listener—as does the lesser admixture of world music, which would be larger if I were more knowledgeable—but it also reflects the contents of most of the conversations I’ve had with jazz musicians in the last few years. Most often, when I ask someone what they’re listening to—I won’t name names, but you’d know them if I did—I’m more likely to hear about classical music than jazz. Any jazz or just taintradio listeners having the same experience, or at least the same predilections?

In the course of my clarinet show, Updoc #5, I mentioned getting seriously into classical music in response to reading Robert Stone’s novel A Hall of Mirrors back when it came out and I was 21 years old: I thought that if anyone as hip as Stone was into Mozart to the degree he was, there must be something to it, so I set out from the nearer shores of Bartok and Stravinsky to try to understand the whole tradition, even if where I lived had more to do with Trane and other jazz giants of that time.

My yen for classical music was redoubled when, working as a jazz critic in the late seventies, I had a pressing need to listen to music of which I was not professionally required to come up with an opinion, and even occasionally a judgment—although I wrote mostly as an enthusiast, and seldom even reviewed albums I disliked, and only then when the musicians were financially secure enough not to be adversely affected, if that might be possible. These days I listen to at least as much classical music as jazz, and for reasons of pure pleasure, though as it happens, listening to the jazz programming on taintradio, which has been pretty terrific, has got me swinging back the other way.

So anyway: I’d be grateful for listener response to what I’ve been putting on the e-air, and shucks, I’ll be sad if no one writes.
Best regards::::::::::Rafi Zabor

Songs on Toast #8 (The French show) – 7-18-08

1. Quel Temps Fait-Il À Paris (Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot») – 2:14 – Alain Romans – Tati
2. Ah, France – 2:50 – Martin Mull & His Fabulous Furniture – In Your Living Room
3. I’ll Kill Her – 3:52 – Soko – Soko Not Sokute
4. Histoire A Suivre – 3:06 – The Honeymoon Killers Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel
5. Je Fuckin T’Aime – 3:08 – The Saints – Imperious Delirium
6. Aéroplane – 3:53 – Keren Ann – La biographie de Luka Philipsen
7. Dans La Nuit – 1:14 – Louis Sclavis – Dans La Nuit
8. Le Tourbillon – 2:43 – Helena – Fraise Vanille
9. Aux Sombres Heros de l’Amer – 2:58 – Noir Desir – Noir Desir
10. Elle Se Promene – 2:10 – Gabriel Yacoub
11. Song From Moulin Rouge – 1:48 – Alan Dunn – French Cafe Accordion Music
12. White & Black Blues – 3:01 – Joelle Ursull – Planet Zouk –
13. Unity – 4:46 – JND – Le Style Nouveau
14. La Vie Artis Red – 4:11 – Kali – Roots –
15. Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles – 3:09 – Françoise Hardy – The Vogue Years
16. Le Cercle Rouge – 5:06 – Amina – Yalil
17. Intreau version longue – 3:16 – MC Solaar – Chapitre 7
18. Volutes Gitanes – 0:33 – Casse Pipe – La Part Des Anges
19. French Lessons – 4:29 – Mark Bingham – I Passed For Human
20. Aux Armes Et Cetera – 3:12 – Serge Gainsbourg – Aux Armes Et Cetera
21. Ne M’en Voulez Pas – 4:57 – Khaled – Khaled
22. Poussee par le Vent – 3:19 – Atlantique – Cd single
23. It’s You Sort Of – 2:19 – Lizzy Mercier Descloux Mambo Nassau –
24. Paris – 0:29 – Luis Bravo – The Impostors-
25. J’Attends – 2:59 – Brian Cullman – All Fires The Fire
26. Cherif M’baw – 2:42 – Kolere – French Essentials
27. Quelqu’un M’a Dit – 2:47 – Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un m’a dit
28. Le Fiacre (The Cab) – 2:46 – Jean Sablon w/Django Reinhardt – J’Attendrai –
29. Comme Eux – 4:42 – Francis Cabrel Hors-Saison –
30. Soleil d’Ete’ – 2:58 – Gabriela Arnon Studio St Amand Sessions
31. Lady Marmalade (Album Version) – 3:58 – Labelle – – The Best Of Labelle
32. Mauvais Reve – 1:41 – Louis Sclavis – Dans La Nuit – –
33. Paris Autrefois (du Film «Play Time») – 1:31 – Francis Lemarque – Extrait Des Bandes Originales Des Films De Jacques Tati
34. Livin’ In The Sunlight – 2:49 – Maurice Chevalier – Early Movie Hits
35. Quand il pleut (Stormy Weather) – 3:16 – Comedian Harmonists The Comedian Harmonists
36. Votre Fille A Vingt Ans – 3:01 – Georges Moustaki – Georges Moustaki Greatest Hits
37. Surement Mon Bonheur – 3:09 – Gilles Sala – Antillaisement Vôtre

Updoc Playlist – Show # 4 (July 19, 2008)


Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys, Nice Guys: ECM

1.     Duke Ellington, The Bluebird of Delhi, The Far East Suite (RCA/Bluebird)
2.     Duke Ellington. Sonnet in Search of a Moor, Such Sweet Thunder (Sony)
3.     Magnus Lindberg/Kari Karikku, Clarinet Concerto (Ondine)
4.     Art Pepper, Blues in the Night, Winter Moon (Fantasy)
5.     Mustafa Kanderalı, Neva Usak Taksım; Çiftetelli, Mustafa Kanderalı (Uzelli Kaset San/The Orchard)
6.     Erköse Ensemble, Taksım on Clarinet; Hamandalı Zeybek, Tzigane (Times Square/IODA)
7.     Eric Dolphy, God Bless the Child, Here and There (Fantasy/Prestige)
8.     Evan Ziporyn, Pengrangrang Gede, This is Not a Clarinet (Canteloupe Music)
9.     Duke Ellington, Ad Lib on Nippon, The Far East Suite (RCA/Bluebird)
10.     Robert Stone, A Hall of Mirrors (a reading) (Vintage/Houghton Mifflin)
11.     Mozart/Marriner, Clarinet Concerto in A Minor, Anniversary Album (Pentatone/IODA)

The New Edge – Playlist – 07/15/08

The New Edge

Host: Ken Field

Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
Kronos Kronopolis Rising Kronos 7 Ketch
Myra Melford Be Bread The Image of Your Body Cryptogramophone 4 To the Roof
Lukas Ligeti Afrikan Machinery Tzadik 6 Nightmare Logic
Yoshida Brothers Best Of Yoshida Brothers Domo 11 Kodo (Inside The Sun Remix)
Gas Zauberberg Kompakt 4 Zauberberg IV
Marcin Wasilewski Trio January ECM 3 Cinema Paradiso
Jacques Pellarin Sous d’autres Jazzitudes Pellarin 10 Champlong
Ingrid Fliter Chopin EMI Classics 3 Piano Sonata No 3 In B Minor Op 58
Largo Ahn Trio Lullaby For My Favorite Insomniac Sony 13 Lullaby For My Favorite Insomniac (Tao Of Sound Remix)
Kayhan Kalhor & Brooklyn Rider Silent City World Village 1 Ascending Bird
Hexstatic Master-View NinjaTune 6 Salvador
Hexstatic Master-View NinjaTune 7 Living
Christopher Adler Ecstatic Volutions in a Neon Haze Innova 3 Liber Pulveris
Twilight Archive Ritual Fiction Electrophonogram 2 Flow of Know
Bill Frisell History Mystery Nonesuch A8 Baba Drame
Sylvain Chauveau Nuage Type 12 Fly Like a Horse
Sylvain Chauveau Nuage Type 15 Andréa’s Hands
Kristof Lauwers Compositions Lauwers 9 145+

Updoc Playlist – Show # 3 (July 11, 2008)

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys, Nice Guys: ECM

1. Miles Davis, Country Son, Miles in the Sky: Sony
2. Keith Jarrett, Four, My Foolish Heart: ECM
3. Sicilian Folk Music, Voci: ECM
4. Luciano Berio, Voci, Voci: ECM
5. Nels Cline/Nels Cline Singers, Confection, Draw Breath: Cryptogramophone
6. Heiner Goebbels/Jocelyn B. Smith, The Horatian (Three Songs), Surrogate Cities: ECM
7. Keith Jarrett, My Foolish Heart, My Foolish Heart: ECM

Out theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Strawberry Mango, Jamaica Farewell: Warner/Atlantic

Spherical: It’s a jazz planet 07/10/08

Host: J. Michael Harrison




Spherical Play-list



Track Title



Ronald Shannon Jackson

Mental Holiday


Bill Laswell – Miles Davis

In a Silent Way (DJ Cam Remix)

Panthalassa – The Remixes

Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson

Home is Were the Hatred is

It’s Your World

Carl Hancock Rux

I Can’t Write Left-Handed

Good Bread Alley

The Roots

Clones (Instrumental)

Clones and Section (Single)

Grand Pianoramax

The Hook Introduction

The Biggest Piano In Town

Grand Pianoramax

The Hook

The Biggest Piano In Town


Josh Rosemand

Greasy Feets

New Constellations – Live in Vienna

David Gilmore

Reality Check


Weather Report

125th Street Congress


Dave Holland

Full Circle

Critical Mass

Weapon of Choice

Outta Sight

Color Me Funky

Elio Villafranca

Oddua Suite

The Source in Between

Wallace Roney




Abram Wilson

I Want it All

Ride Ferris Wheel To The Modern Day Delta

Jef Lee Johnson

How True Are You

The Singularity

The Tiptons Sax Quartet and Drums

The Battle of Algiers

Laws of Motion

Kurt Rosenwinkel



Ned Rothenberg’s Sync

Kayn Eynhore

Inner Diaspora

Tyrone Hill and Elliott Levine 4tet

We’re Livin In a Spaceage



World Saxophone Quartet

Hattie Wall

Dances and Ballads

Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra


Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra

Seth Meicht Trio

Visions of Change

Seth MeichtTrio

Odean Pope Saxophone Choir

Coltrane Time

Locked & Loaded

Giuseppi Logon

Dance of Satan

Guiseppi Logan Quartet



Solar Forge

Updoc Playlist – Show # 2 (July 4, 2008)

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys, Nice Guys: ECM

1. Maceo Parker, To Be Or Not To Be, Roots and Grooves: WDR
2. Roy Harris/Leonard Bernstein/NY Phil: Third Symphony: The Bernstein Century: Sony
3. Arthur Honegger/Herbert von Karajan/Berlin Phil: Third Symphony “The Liturgique”: DGG
4. Dmitri Shostakovich/Bernard Haitink/Concertgebouw Orch: Sixth Symphony: London/Decca
5. Miguel Zenon, Penta: Awake: Marsalis Music
6. Lionel Loueke, Seven Teens, Karibu: Blue Note
7. Keith Jarrett, Oleo, My Foolish Heart: ECM

Out theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Strawberry Mango, Jamaica Farewell: Warner/Atlantic