Updoc 14: Presidential Debate vs. Paradiso 9/26

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys, Nice Guys: ECM

1. John Coltrane: Afro Blue; Coltrane Live at Birdland (Impulse)
2. Lucky Thompson: In a Sentimental Mood; Lucky Strikes (Fantasy/Prestige)
3-4. Miguel Zenon: Awakening Prelude, Cameron; Awake (Marsalis Music)
5. John Coltrane: Alabama, Coltrane Live at Birdland (Impulse)
6. Jacob Ter Veldhuis/North Netherland Orch. & Choir/Liebreich/McFadden/Allen: Paradiso Oratorio (Chandos)

Out Theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago: Strawberry Mango; Coming Home Jamaica (WEA/Atlantic)

Songs On Toast #12 – Playlist – 09/26/08


Host: Brian Cullman





Glad To See You Got Religion

Loudon Wainwright III

Loudon Wainwright III

Long Journey

Michael Hurley

Long Journey


Peter Himmelman


Quiet About It

Jesse Winchester

Jesse Winchester

Jesus Will Fix It

Snooks Eaglin

Teasin’ You

Power Of Love

T-Bone Burnett

Truth Decay

Any Day Now

Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers

The Bible’s Right

Sister O M Terrell

Preachin’ The Gospel – Holy Blues

Lonesome Jesus

Glenn Patscha

Jefferson Highway

Bye And Bye

The Zion Travelers

Dootone Masters

There’s A Higher Power

Buddy Miller

Universal United House Of Prayer

Psalm 93


Abayudaya: Music from the Jewish People of Uganda

Nobody Knows My Name

Rickie Lee Jones

Sermon on Exposition Boulevard

Nearer To Thee

Sam Cooke/Soul Stirrers

The Great 1955 Shrine Concert

Lord I’ve Tried

Swan Silvertones

Kings Of The Gospel Highway

If It Be Your Will

Leonard Cohen

Live In Concert

No God But God

Brian Cullman

All Fires The Fire

Natural Man


Sit Down Old Friend

Once-Touched By Flame

Tim Hardin

Suite For Susan Moore

The Soul Of Man

Blind Willie Johnson

Sweeter As The Years Go By

Say No To The Devil

Rev Gary Davis

Say No To The Devil

Isn’t That So

Jesse Winchester

Third Down 110 To Go


Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground


Estil C. Ball

Sounds of the South 3

Straight Street

Pilgrim Travellers

Greatest Gospel Gems

Do Not Pass Me By

Alphabetical Four

Alphabetical Four (1938-1943)

The Church


Are We A Warrior

Evening Song (Satyagraha)

Philip Glass

Songs From The Trilogy

The Window

Leonard Cohen

Recent Songs

My Sweet Lord

The Belmonts

Cigars Acapella Candy


Lord Buckley

Buckley’s Best

Updoc 13: September Songs


Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys, Nice Guys: ECM

1-5. Carla Bley/Lost Chords, The Banana Quintet; The Lost Chords Find Paulo Fresu (Watt)
6. Kurt Weill/Gulbenkian Orchestra/Swiercewski, Threepenny Opera,
Overture; Symphony 1 & 2, etc. (Nimbus)
7. Sextet of Orchestra USA/Weill/Mike Zwerin, Alabama Song; Mack the Knife (BMG)
8. Weill/Gulbenkian/Swiercewski, Moritat; Symphony 1 & 2, etc. (Nimbus)
9. Sextet USA/Weill/Zwerin, Mack the Knife (title tune) (BMG)
10. Weill/Gulbenkian/Swiercewski, Instead-of Song; Symphony 1 & 2, etc. (Nimbus)
11. Weill/Gulbenkian/Swiercewski, Symphony #2; Symphony 1 & 2, etc. (Nimbus)
12. Sextet USA/Weill/Zwerin, Barbara Song; Mack the Knife (BMG)
13. Weill/Gulbenkian/Swiercewski, Song of Pleasant Living; Symphony 1&2, etc. (Nimbus)
14. Shostakovich/NY Philarmonic/Bernstein, Symphony #9; Symphonies 5&9 (Columbia/Sony)

Out Theme: Weill/Gulbenkian/Swiercewski, Cannon Song; Symphony 1&2, etc. (Nimbus)

That’s a dozen. What next?


Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys, Nice Guys: ECM

1. Ellington/Mingus/Roach: Fleurette Africaine; Money Jungle (Blue Note)
2. Mozart/Quator Ysaye: String Quartet in D Minor K.421; 6 String Quartets Dedicated to Haydn (Decca/Trio)
3. Charles Mingus: The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady [Complete] (Impulse)
4. George Benjamin/BBC Symphony/Elder; Ringed by the Flat Horizon; A Mind of Winter, The Music of George Benjamin (Nimbus)
5. Bartok/Juilliard String Quartet (1963): Quartet #3; Bela Bartok: String Quartets 1 – 6 (Retrospective)
6. Duke Ellington/Charles Mingus/Max Roach: Switch Blade; Money Jungle (Blue Note)

Playlist – Songs on Toast #11 09/06/08

Title             Time                    Artist            Album
Alviverde 5:30 Jun Miyake Stolen From Strangers
Tranqüilo 4:18 Kassin+2 Futurismo
Budapestaliaon 2:01 Gaby Kerpel Carnabailito
La Alegría (Happiness) 5:16 Yasmin Levy La Juderia
Paris Muy Bien 3:58 Yusa Haiku
Mbira 3:44 Ramiro Musotto Civilizacao & Barbarye
Kiyé 4:06 Daby Toure Stereo Spirit
Djam Leelii 6:04 Baaba Maal & Mansour Seck Djam Leelii
Pitche Mi 9:28 Youssou N’Dour Immigrés
Wasi Wasi 3:43 Zuhura Swale & Zein Musical Club Songs The Swahili Sing
Mi Ma Kpe Dji 4:07 Picoby Band D’Abomey African Scream Contest: Raw And Psychedelic Afro Sounds From Benin
Hwa Hwa 6:31 Thomas Mapfumo Chamunorwa
Naa-Kore 6:49 Gbaya Centrafrique / Musique Gbaya / Chants A Penser
Un café’ 5:38 Accordion lady
Small Day Tomorrow 4:19 Bob Dorough Small Day Tomorrow
Shlonak 5:06 Ilhan al Fadhai Baghdad I
Yo Gen Pouvwa Yo Gen Lajan 2:57 Manno Charlemagne Les Inedits de Manno Charlemagne
Petite Reine 3:39 Gianmaria Testa Lampo
Zzzzzz 2:18 Pierre Aderne Alto Mar P
I Feel So Good 1:54 J.B. Lenoir Vietnam Blues
Nifwe Ba Four Pals The Four Pals Origins Of Guitar Music
Strange But True 3:16 James Hunter The Hard Way
Been So Long 2:44 The Pastels The Doo Wop Box
Someone Watches Over Me 2:23 Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi Kings Of The Gospel Highway
Esh Ahabim (Me consume el amor) 2:28 Música Antigua Maimónides
In Darkness Let Me Dwell 4:42 Dominique Visse Dominique Visse: Songs For Seven Centuries
Lachrimae Tristes 3:28 John Potter Stephen Stubbs
John Surman Maya Homburger Barry Guy In Darkness Let Me Dwell
abandon sight 2:07 Jun Miyake Stolen From Strangers

Updoc #11 Playlist – The Quiet Show – 09/05

UPDOC #11 PLAYLIST – The Quiet Show 9/05

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys, Nice Guys: ECM

1. Art Ensemble of Chicago: People in Sorrow: Americans Swinging in Paris (EMI/Pathé)
2. Morton Feldman/Konstantynowicz/Cikada/Eggen: The Viola in My Life (ECM)
3. Ives/Bernstein/NY Phil: The Unanswered Question: Symphony No.2, etc. (DGG)
4-6: Thomas Tallis/Hilliard Ensemble: In ieiunio et Fletu; Audivi Vocem; Salvator Mundi: Audivi Vocem (ECM)
7. Bach/Gardiner/Monteverdi Choir/English Baroque: O Jesu Christ, mein’s Lebens Licht: Cantatas BWV 106-118, etc. (Arkhiv)

Out Theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Strawberry Mango; Coming Home Jamaica (Atlantic/WEA)