Updoc 19: The Pre-election show: 10/31

UPDOC #19 PLAYLIST – 10/31
Opening theme: Charlie Haden/Carla Bley: Drinking Music; Liberation Music Orchestra (Impulse)

1. Carla Bley: Hotel Overture; Escalator Over the Hill (JCOA)
2. Charles Ives/Michael Tilson-Thomas/Chicago Symphony Orchestra & Chorus: Fourth Symphony (Sony)
3. Carla Bley Band: Spangled Banner Minor; European Tour 1977 (WATT)
4. Charles Ives/Leonard Bernstein/NY Philharmonic: Symphony No. 2 [title tune] (DGG)
5. Ives/Bernstein/NY Philharmonic; The Unanswered Question; Sympony No.2, etc. (DGG)
6. Charlie Haden/Carla Bley: We Shall Overcome; Liberation Music Orchestra (Impulse)

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