Monkey Mind – 04/20/2009

Sorry I’m late with this week’s playlist. Here’s the link I mentioned after playing “TV Is The Thing This Year,” the Diane Reeves cut from the Good Night, and Good Luck soundtrack. It’s a sharp look at the Clooney film’s exaggerated version of Edward R. Murrow’s role in taking down Sen. Joe McCarthy. Very much worth a read. Historical liberties aside, the soundtrack is marvelous – loose and intimate, without any studio schlock interfering with the small group feel.

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Mom's Sound System Buckminster Fuzeboard How to Make C60Br24
  Cold Chillin JRK w/Neal Rames JRK
  Black Diamonds and Pearls Blackalicious The Craft
  Dynamic Superiors Shoe Shoe Shine The Dynamic Superiors
  Superspace Quickspace Supersport DJ Kicks: Fourtet
  Truah Koby Israelite Dance of the Idiots
  Jericho Jerk St. Germain Metamorphose: Messe pour les Temps Present/Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier
  Way Back in the 1960s Incredible String Band The 5000 Spirits or The Layers of the Onion
  Malvina Reynolds Back Alley Surgery Mama Lion
  Daddy's Music and Love Talk Talk/Diagnosis henry Jessica Jones Quartet w/Abe Maneri Word
  Jesus Will Help Me Gospel Comforters Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal
  Somebody's Got to Go Joe Turner The Chronological Joe Turner 1941-46
  Ribs and Hot Sauce Lionel Hampton & his septet Flying Home
  Gabbin' Blues Big Maybelle The Okeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957
  Just Step Sideways The Fall Hex Enduction Hour
3pm Jesus Rhapsody Part 1 Preacher and the Saints Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal
  It's Only Money (pt 2) Argent In Deep
  Deviation Jayne County Deviation
  Brilliant Action Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell Mu (first part)
  Kickin' the Cat Joe Venuti/Eddie Lang Stringin' the Blues: The Best of Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang
  Working Man's Blues Charlie McCoy Harpin' the Blues
  Regretting Our Fathers Bird Names Open Relationship
  Ebay Baby Ebay SkinnerTwins Big Fish Eat Little Fish
  My Weapon XTC Go2
  Anti Love Song Betty Davis Betty Davis
  Bunny A Warrior Crucial Bunny Fatman presents Prince Jammy vs Crucial Bunny Dub
  TV is the Thing This Year Diane Reeves Good Night and Good Luck
  Poon-Tang! Treniers Go!Go!Go! A Proper Introduction to The Treniers

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