B.P.R.D. – 06/28/2009

A few ‘new music’ pieces this week. The first is inspired by the hallucinatory visions of the 12th-century Christian mystic Hildegard von Bingen. It’s a vivid little gem by Scott Lindroth for mezzo soprano and small ensemble, all of whom, according to the liner notes, rearrange themselves onstage as the instruments combine and recombine in various ways, “thus contributing to a growing sense of disorientation.” Next comes the Dèdalo Ensemble, an Italian group specializing in 20th century music; the cd “Rotte Sonore” collects pieces from 4 composers. Next is another Lindroth, this time for oboe and electronics, and then we finish with composer/pianist Thomas Adès playing the first movement from Danish composer Poul Ruders’ “Piano Sonata #2.”

B.P.R. D. is a one-hour show airing every week at 2pm Sunday and 7pm Friday. Hope you enjoy.

Time Song Artist Album
2pm Light Scott Lindroth/D'anna Fortunato & Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble Human Gestures
  Sinfonia per un quartetto Mario Cesa/Dèdalo Ensemble Rotte Sonore
  Terza Rima Scott Lindroth/Libby Van Cleve Human Gestures
  Piano Sonata No. 2, first movement Poul Ruders/Thomas Adès Poul Ruders Edition, Volume 4

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