Coalfired Origami Squid # 57 – 09/18/2010

#57 – Original airdate – 29th September, 2010

Time Song Artist Album
7pm Bobosong Carnival Skin Carnival Skin
  Allergic to Gravity Two Siberians Out of Nowhere
  Gazzelloni Eric Dolphy Out To Lunch
  Pingui Bill Loketo Soukous Trouble
  Sielu Dalkkas Mari Boine Eight Seasons
  Interview with Congressman Richard Martin Eddie Crasnick, Roger Nygard and Paul Gilmartin This Week in Comedy #12
  Anun Ka Ben Lobi Traore Mali Blue
8pm Blumeweise Neben Autobahn Ulrich Schnauss Far Away Trains Passing By
  Opa Cupa Slavic Soul Party Teknochek Collision!
  Virgil Simms on Auto Warranties Martin Mull and Jim Varney Fernwood 2night
  I Want to be Happy Orrin Evans Trio Deja Vu
  Duck's Breath Home Made Radio; The Cassette Side 2 Duck's Breath Mystery Theater Duck's Breath Homemade Radio: The Cassette
  Friends and Kin Garmarna Guds Speleman
  Myopia Hunt Club Dead Cat Bounce Home Calls to the Wandering

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