Ternion Complex – 02/26/2011

Time Song Artist Album
4pm Get on Up Wylie Hunter And The Cazadores
  Travel Song Wetern Civ
  No Get-Back Shana Tucker
  Shooting Pool With Townes Vav Zandt Bruce Piephoff
  Mary Anne Peter Lamb And The Wolves
  Mary Anne Peter Lamb And The Wolves
  Shufflin Through Justin Johnson
  Natural Ghost The Sinful Savage Tigers
  Nothing Sacred Big Mamma E And The Cool
  Second Time Around Modena
  Sanctuary Kennebec
  In The Club LeeWard Fate
  HiNi The Brand New Life
  Yontz Sucre March Of Id
5pm Divide By Zero Count To Eight Battlestar Canada
  Durham Freeway Battlestar Canada
  Babble Cammie Ward
  Patricia Jason Adamo
  It Don’t Make Me Knock Out Roses
  Ultra-Flat Black Exteriors
  Stars Irvine
  Stuff Like That Aurora Jazz
  Keep Me Yours Cheryl Crosson
  The Old Cross Roads The Shady Grove Band
  In The Walls Andrew Kasab
  Southern Elevators North Elementary
  Jordan Wylie Hunter And The Cazadores

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