Tone Science – 04/17/2011

tone science 021

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Durations of Permanence Bill Dixon Tapestries for Small Orchestra
  6 Oscillators Jim O'Rourke 6 Oscillatos '87/Guitar '88
  13072001 Sachiko M Improvised Music from Japan
  Symphony No. 1, I. Senza Tempo Alfred Schnittke The Ten Symphonies
  Moon Bird Myra Melford Be Bread The Whole Tree Gone
  Holocaust Big Star 3rd
  Cro Mag The Old Ceremony Tender Age
  Crepuscular Refractions - Mystery Eye Original Silence The Second Original Silence
  Lehi Teyliu Group Doueh Beatte Harab
  Change Ringing Olivia Block Change Ringing

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