Tone Science – 04/24/2011

tone science 022

Time Song Artist Album
8pm 3rd Movement from Amalgamations for Solo Bass Edgar Meyer Uncommon Ritual
  My Motherfuckin' Roda! Ches Smith Congs for Brums
  MS-2 Metal Cloud Solo Rafael Toral LONTANO - Homage to Giancinto Scelsi
  New Morning Sun S. Whitee Denson I Belong to This Band: Eighty-Five Years of Sacred Harp Recordings
  The Dusk Singers Tucker Martine Broken Hearted Dragonflies: Insect Electronica from Southeast Asia
  The Dadda's Intoxication Nurse With Wound/Stereolab Crumb Duck
  Ohio (demonstration version) Dan Deacon Twacky Cats
  View Nine Kowald/Masaoka/Robair Illumination (Several Views)
  Geiger Counter Kraftwek Radio-Activity
  Thin Legs Konono No. 1 Assume Crash Position
  My Electric Dreams Colin McLean, Andy Moor everything but the Beginning
  Mr. TC Elliot Sharp/Frances-Marie Uitti Hallelujah, Anyway: Remembering Tom Cora
  Dear Heather Leonard Cohen Dear Heather
  Ellensbirds if, bwana 33 Birds Went
  Salmon Brook David Karsten Daniels and Fight the Big Bull I Mean to Live Here Still
  Gowanus Canal Transit Transit
  Come Sunday Randy Weston Ancient Future
  3 Elephants and a Cow Toychestra and Fred Frith What Leave Behind
  Bring Your Knives Buke and Gass +/-
  Pulse March Asphalt Orchestra Asphalt Orchestra
  Exu' (unknown) Amazonia: Cult Music of Northern Brazil
  Aluminum So Percussion/Matmos Treasure State
  w/ Jim Baker Mike Reed In the Context Of
  Sound Spectra/Spec Sket Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra Other Places of There
  Suffer Bomb Damage The Dead C Harsh '70s Reality
  Au Pair, 10 Robert Ashley Atalanta (Acts of God) Volume II
  Carla Bozulich's Fake Party: Audience Cassettte Tape Improv (excerpt) Carla Bozulich, Geoff Brandin, Nels Clines & David Scott Stone soundCd no. 1
  Look Over Here From the Other Side Seijaku you Should Prepare to Survive Through Even Anything Happens
  Steam Alfred Schnittke Electroacoustic Music Volume IV: Archive Tape Snythesizer ANS 1964-1971

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