taint town live – 08/27/2011

mid-3 (eastern) fri&sat; mon&wed 9-mid; tues 8-11am

Dred Scott Trio, Three Legged Dance (Live at Rockwood Hall) 2009
Mostly Other People Do The Killing, St. Mary’s Proctor (The Coimbra Concert) 2011
Warren Wolf, 427 Mass Ave (Warren Wolf) 2011
Jack Furlong Quartet, For Steve (And That Happened) 2011

Allison Miller, Intermission (Boom Tic Boom) 2010
Nicole Mitchell / Jeff Parker / Harrison Bankhead / Avreeayl Ra, Center Of The Earth (Awakening) 2011
Nick Hempton, Not Here For A Haircut (The Business) 2011
Ab Baars Trio & Ken Vandermark, title (Goofy June Bug) 2009

Floratone, title (Floratone) 2007
The Peter Evans Quartet, Frank Sinatra (The Peter Evans Quartet) 2007
Thomas Marriott, You Don’t Know What Love Is (Human Spirit) 2011
Clark Terry, Hammerhead Waltz (The Happy Horns Of Clark Terry)1964

Guillermo Klein, El Camino (Los Guachos2)
Omar Sosa, La Tra (Mulatos) 2004
Edward Ratliff, Minimus (Those Moments Before) 2009
Todd Sickafoose, Pianos Of The 9th Ward (Tiny Resistors) 2008
Ron Horton Featuring Antonio Zambrini, Gaia (It’s A Gadget World) 2009
Peter Paulsen Quintet, title (Goes Without Saying) 2010

John Coltrane, title (Olé Coltrane) 1961
Cecil Taylor, O. P. (Jumpin’ Punkins) 1961
Janice Borla, Blackwell’s Message (Agents Of Change) 2003
Wadada Leo Smith, The Majestic Way (Heart’s Reflections) 2011

*time is relative

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