Tone Science – 10/30/2011

tone science 045

Time Song Artist Album
8pm I Hate Clowns Black Engine Ku Klux Klowns
  For Brass Rhys Chatham Factor X
  Red Horse 4 Red Horse Red Horse
  Dog on the Sidewalk Deerhoof Milk Man
  Journey Through The Outer Darkness Sun Ra Concert for the Comet Kohoutek
  Lightning Philip Glass Songs from Liquid Days
  Serene Return Megafaun Megafaun
  Triangle Frog All Tiny Creatures Harbors
  Live Double Seance [Antaa Kalojen Uida] Thomas Lehn & Marcus Schmickler Live Double Seance [Antaa Kalojen Uida]

Songs on Toast – 10/28/2011

Flim Flam 0:12 Hans Zimmer Matchstick Men
Trasteverina (# 1) 1:10 Nino Rota Roma
Çarsamba 2:18 Mustafa Özkent Gençlik Ile Elele
Meet Me Tomorrow Night 3:17 Professor Longhair Fess: The Professor Longhair Anthology
Zion Send Come Call Me 4:05 Los Barbaros del Ritmo Palo de Mayo
My Pigeon Gone Wild 2:42 Blind Blake Goombay Rock
Te 3:48 Marcé & Toumpak Pé Epi Kouté
Kaseko Poku 5:04 Lodie Nicolson Band Creole Music of Surinam
Paulette 4:10 Dédé Saint-Prix Arrete Ton Delire
Tari Edna Golu 4:08 Ibimeni Garifuna Music From Guatemala
Náguya Nei 3:52 Paul Nabor Paranda – africa in central america
Maktoube 3:46 Aziz Sahmoui & The University of Gnawa University of Gnawa
Yekeke 7:50 Jali Musa Jawara Yasimika
Mokhalef 1:30 Shir Khodaee Masters Of Persian Traditional Music
Salad Days 2:01 Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth
Ineweyu 3:44 Aurelio Martinez Lura Baya
Two Coco Make One Dumplin Los Barbaros del Ritmo Palo de Mayo
Pouring Down Rain 2:37 John Lee Hooker Don’t Turn Me From Your Door
Solomon Gundie 2:38 Eric Morris Birth Of Ska
Can’t Pop No Style 4:01 Hugh Mundell Blackman’s Foundation
But It Sure Is Fun 3:02 Willie Dixon I Think I Got The Blues
Sketches Of Treme 3:11 Chris Thomas King Antebellum Postcards
Stay In Touch 3:00 Joni Mitchell Taming The Tiger
Friends And Lovers 2:41 Sal Valentino Arrangements Volume 1
I’ll Be Your Lover, Too 3:54 Van Morrison His Band and the Street Choir
A Woman Left Lonely 4:05 Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham Moments from This Theater
Tollin’ Bells 3:05 Willie Dixon Little Red Rooster
Suzanne 3:28 Randy Newman The Boarding House, SF CA, June 11, 1972
Dimestichezze d’amor 3:30 Gianmaria Testa Vitamia
Ochossi 3:15 Ramiro Musotto Civilizacao & Barbarye
Suite Dans Le Makam Hicazkar Talip Özkan Turquie : L’art Du Tanbur
Chant from a Holy Book 5:06 The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble, Levon Eskenian Gurdjieff folk instruments ens.
Suite Dans Le Makam Hicazkar Talip Özkan Turquie : L’art Du Tanbur
Sayyid Chant and Dance No. 9 The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble, Levon Eskenian Gurdjieff folk instruments ens.

Monkey Mind – 10/24/2011

You know, I’d forgotten how much I like Lowell George’s career arc – psychedelic garage band, Zappa/Mothers, Little Feat, then one great solo record before dying too young (ok, I don’t like that part too much). Hope you enjoy the George interlude in the first hour along with the rest.

Time Song Artist Album
3pm Fa No Dum Ara Guedu Blay-Ambolley Booniay!! a Compilation of West African Funk
  Disco Africa The Ogyatanaa Show Band Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion, volume 2
  One Step Forward Max Romeo War ina Babylon
  Where or When Etta Jones Don't Go To Strangers
  Manhattan-Rico George Russell New York, NY
  Himmler's Ring Lowell George Thanks I'll Eat It Here
  A Apolitical Blues Little Feat Sailin' Shoes
  Changes/Smile, Let Your Life Begin Lowell George & the Factory Lightning-Rod Man
  Easy Money Lowell George Thanks I'll Eat It Here
  Juliet Lowell George & the Factory Lightning-Rod Man
  Kontraphunktus Lara Downes/Derek Bermel 13 Ways of Looking at the Goldberg
  Massig (Three Piano Pieces, Op. 11) Schoenberg/Maurizio Pollini The Piano Music
  Willie's Tune Jon Hendricks & Company Love
  Dino Dream D. Moebius, M. Neumeier, et al Space Explosion
4pm Atrocity Exhibition Joy Division Closer
  Drums/Voice II, III, IV Yoshida Tatsuya Drums, Voices, Keyboards & Guitar
  Twinkle Toes Max Roach M'Boom
  O Pato Joao Gilberto The Legendary Joao Gilberto
  Saudadinha Dr. Edmundo De Bettancourt Fados From Portugal, vol 2: Fado De Coimbra, 1926-1930
  Soul Mountain Sandpebbles We Got Love Power: The Complete Calla Recordings 1967-1969
  Mr. Groove One Way Street Jams: Back 2 the Old Skool, part 3
  Africa is Home Joe Mensah Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion, volume 2
  Up From the Skies Ellen McIlwaine Honkey Tonk Angel
  Police Seargent Blues Robert Wilkins The Original Rolling Stone
  Chasing Goldberg Lara Downes/Fred Lerdahl 13 Ways of Looking at the Goldberg

Tone Science – 10/23/2011

tone science 044

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Silverwater The Necks Silverwater
  untitled Jim O'Rourke & Christoph Heeman Plastic Palace People vol. 2

Songs on Toast – 10/21/2011

Dirty Rain 4:19 Ryan Adams Ashes & Fire
Hiway/Fevers 4:50 A.A. Bondy Believers
Watch Our Shadows Run 3:54 Joseph Arthur The Graduation Ceremony
Back In The Crowd 2:49 Tom Waits Back In The Crowd
18 mila giorni 4:35 Gianmaria Testa Vitamia
Clothes Of Sand 2:34 Nick Drake The Hannibal Sampler
Chant 2:44 David Lewiston Gurdjieff Music of Thomas de Hartmann
Lulla 2:01 Marcel Cellier Marcel Cellier presents Mysterious Albania
Trapdoor 2:54 Marie-Flore More Than Thirty Seconds If You Please
Rings 2:04 Jake & The Family Jewels A Lick & A Promise
Just A Stone’s Throw 3:08 Jake & The Family Jewels A Lick & A Promise
California Letter 3:36 Chris Thomas King Antebellum Postcards
Rain Down Tears 4:34 Maria Muldaur Steady Love
Get It Wrong, Get It Right 3:40 Feist Metals
Let’s Be Friends 3:55 Sooliman E. Rogie African Lady
Christina 3:19 Depiano w. Orch. Beguen Band The Sound Of Kinshasa
Tu Nja Tengene Elie 3:04 Mbongue Diboue & Son Ensemble Opika Pende: Africa at 78 rpm
Pesheya Kwezo Ntaba 2:43 Manhattan Brothers & Merry Blackbirds Orchestra Jazz & Hot Dance in South Africa
Twenty-Nine Ways 2:11 Willie Dixon Giant of the Blues
Yazoo Street Scandal 3:29 The Band The Basement Tapes
Tell Me What You Want 3:36 Pajama Club Pajama Club
Grind It Out 3:01 Nick Holmes Soulful Crooner
Do Me Wrong 2:30 Mr. Airplane Man Shakin Around
Free Born Man 4:02 Jimmy Martin Don’t Cry to Me
See Me In the Evening 4:58 Hound Dog Taylor Deluxe Edition
I’ve Got A Good Feeling 2:54 Spiritual Harmonizers This May Be My Last Time
Le téléphone sonne 8:46 Souzy Kasseya Le retour de l’As
Cinporoko Nonougoro 9:43 Neba Solo Kene Balafons
Loraho 1:13 Khamisu Khan L’art de l’alghoza du Sind Pakistan
Prayer 1:44 Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble, Levon Eskenian Music of Gurdjieff
Armenian Song 2:32 Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble, Levon Eskenian Music of Gurdjieff

Songs on Toast – 10/14/2011

Lasciami andare 3:47 Gianmaria Testa Vitamia
Decathlon Man 3:52 King Fatty Rocksteady Dynamite
Congo 4:36 Ntsakala Fabriqué sur Terre
Binta Madiallo 6:45 Francis Bebey Akwaaba
Laissez Pleurer Mon Coeur 3:03 Kali Racines Vol 4
Instrumental Traditional 5:34 La Divina Pastora Strictly Parang, Vol IV
Tanha Shudam Tanha 3:35 Ahmad Zahir The Kite Runner
The L.S. Bumble Bee 2:46 Peter Cook And Dudley Moore Psychedelic ’60s – Rare Tracks
Sitar Beat 1:32 Klaus Doldinger Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga!
Skinny Papa 4:05 Willie Colón El Malo
Air De L’ogresse Et De Sa Fille Flûtes Gasba Du Nord-Est De l’Algérie Airs Pour Gasba Et Bendir
Kaseko Poku: Liba-Sei 8:08 Lodie Nicolson Band Creole Music of Surinam
I’m Gonna Call You Soon As The Sun Goes Down 8:41 Albert King Tomato Years
If You See Lurah 4:33 Brian Blade Brian Blade Fellowship
All For One 2:38 Willie Tee Gumbo Stew
World I Never Made 3:59 Dr. John Our New Orleans
Nuovo 3:18 Gianmaria Testa Vitamia
Sweet To The Taste 3:13 Marie-Flore More Than Thirty Seconds
West 3:12 Oren Bloedow Blossom World
Kiss & Thrills 3:51 Hindi Zahra Handmade
Bele ruže 2:25 Amira Amulette
Amori spersu 2:53 Charles Marcellesi Corsicaboverde
Memory Pieces: III. Wed 4:53 Lisa Moore Elevated
Doyna 2:19 The Klezmatics Jews With Horns
Sophie 2:51 Philip Glass The Illusionist
Improvisation Dans La Nuance Modale Xuan 12:10 Khe/Hai/Ngoc Vietnam Improvisations-New Traditional
Bondo Mbola [2e version] 2:13 Various Centrafrique Anthologie de la Musique des Pygmées Aka
Easy Rider 0:54 The Electric Flag A Long Time Comin’

Monkey Mind – 10/10/2011

Love that Ahmed Abdul-Malik early 60s world-jazz stuff; highly recommended, along with Les Fleur de Lys for all your psychedelic needs.

Time Song Artist Album
3pm Nuts & Bolts Carson Kievman/David Arden The Temporary & Tentative Extended Piano
  One of Us Life Life
  Got Your Heart Anders Osborne American Patchwork
  Supernatural Thing Ben E. King
  Fly Your Natty Dread Meditations Greatest Hits
  Dust On The Bible Golden Echoes
  I'm Loving Nothing Impressions This Is My Country
  African Bossa Nova Ahmed Abdul-Malik Jazz Sounds of Africa
  DIAPOW Luna Sol Excursions in Ambience: The Fourth Frontier
  Circles Les Fleur de Lys Reflections
  Put the Clock Back on the Wall The Parrots Psychedelic Unknowns, Vol 4
  No Place I'd Rather Be Lowell George & the Factory Lightning-Rod Man
4pm Lightning-Rod man Lowell George & the Factory Lighning-Rod Man
  Fall Down Laughing Jim Carroll Pools of Mercury
  Security/T.V. Big Boys The Skinny Elvis
  Therapy Bored Stiff Bomb Hip Hop Compilation
  Time Marches On Lee Scratch Perry Battle of Armagideon (Millionaire Liquidator)
  She Ain't Looking Too Tough Mandrill Just Outside of Town
  You Really Got Me Sly Stone Who in the Funk Do You Think You Are
  I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Emotions Flowers
  Night Light Miho Hatori Urban Renewal Program
  Produced Music Eckart Rahn Produced Music 1966-1996
  Bombay Calling It's a Beautiful Day
  Creepin' About Sky Saxon Blues Band A Full Spoon of Seedy Blues

Tone Science – 10/09/2011

tone science 043

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Aviation Class All Tiny Creatures Harbors
  The Magician Rhys Chatham Outdoor Spell
  Future Battles Gloss Drop
  untitled (track 5) Derek Bailey & Keiji Haino Drawing close, attuning - the respective signs of order and chaos
  Amplifier Nate Wooley Trumpet-Amplifier
  Flowers Ellen Fullman Through Glass Panes
  Alec's Anthem Zomes Earth Grid
  Inside the Earth Indigo Trio + Michel Edelin The Princess Meets the Tantric Priest
  Isadora Megafaun Megafaun
  Jupiter Conrad Schnitzler Blau
  No Words/No Thought Swans My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
  Transatlantic Visions Joelle Leandre/George Lewis Transatalntic Visions

Songs on Toast – 10/07/2011

Tobacco Road 3:43 Steve Young Renegade Picker
Dad Blame Anything A Man Can’t Quit 2:10 Roger Miller Thank You For Not Smoking
Whole Love 3:50 Wilco The Whole Love
She Walks In So Many Ways 2:35 The Jayhawks Mockingbird Time
What’ll I do 2:51 Lisa Hannigan Passenger
Skull & Bones 3:13 A.A. Bondy Believers
Dancing in the Dark 2:27 Ran Blake Tompkins Square Label : Year In Review
Drifting Blues 3:33 John Lee Hooker Don’t Turn Me From Your Door
Main Theme From The Role For A Beginner Dino Saluzzi Giya Kancheli: Themes From The Songbook
Spink And Forcible 0:34 Bruno Coulais Coraline
Hey Mr. Man 3:45 The Jayhawks Mockingbird Time
2000 Man 3:08 Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request
I Can’t Quit Cigarettes 3:11 Jimmy Martin Thank You For Not Smoking
How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart? Norah Jones The Lost Notebooks Of Hank Williams
Field Cry 0:59 Ran Blake Grey December – Live in Rome
Tell Me What Is True Love 2:03 Bert Jansch Rosemary Lane
Rest In The Bed 3:09 Laura Marling A Creature I Don’t Know
Baby Joined the Army 6:34 Ry Cooder Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down
In cerca di cibo 1:54 Gianluigi Trovesi In cerca di cibo
Pehilvan Havasi 2:47 Anonymous To What Strange Place : The Music of The Ottoman-American Diaspora
Smoking Bass 0:33 Flad Viorel Of Taraf De Haidouks Gypsy Caravan
Prepi Na Xeris Michani 3:10 Markos Vamvakaris Bouzouki Pioneer 1932-40
Orere Elejigbo – Lijadu Sisters 4:14 Lijadu Sisters Nigeria 70 Vol. 1
Vaccination 7:51 Neba Solo Kene Balafons
Bee-Bom 2:21 Sammy Davis Jr. The Reprise Years
Pinsont’ 4:47 Ntsakala Fabriqué sur Terre
Xylaphone et sanza 3:39 Bagandou Musique Centrafricaine
Raga Rageswari 21:47 Sivakumar Sarma Inde du Nord: Santur
Segah Taksim 4:40 Franco -Serdar Erbasi Ney ile Solo Taksimleri
Little Church (Take 10) 3:15 Miles Davis The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions
Island 1 1:43 Glenn Jones Against Which The Sea Continually Beats

Monkey Mind – 10/03/2011

“Did you ever have a pregnant dog? And how far removed we are from that reality?” Yes, it’s a little more strange than usual this week but a friendly brain scrub is always welcome, right?

Time Song Artist Album
3pm Behold! God's Sunshine! Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre Forces and Feelings
  Soldier Groundhogs Thank Christ For the Bomb
  Chasing Shadows Deep Purple Deep Purple
  Poor Man's Dream Soul Survivors Expressway to Your Heart
  Roger the Rocket Ship Markley Markley, A Group
  Catch the Man on the Rise Sir Douglas Quintet 1+1+1=4
  The Amazing Rhythm Aces Stacked Deck
  Give Me Back That Wig I Bought You John Dee Holeman & Fris Holloway Country Girl
  Green Chimneys Walter Davis, Jr. In Walked Thelonious
  Extended Clarinet (for clarinet and tape) Elliott Schwartz/Jerome Bunke Chamber Works
  Twice-Told Tales of the Pomegranate Forest Harumi Harumi
4pm All Things Are Possible Lee Battle of Armagideon (Millionaire Liquidator)
  Mora Na Filosofia Caetano Veloso Transa
  Get Down Your Line The Byrds Farther Along
  Never Die Mandrill Just Outside of Town
  Supernatural Thing Ben E. King
  Walking Up The Road Betty Davis Betty Davis
  Monkies and Butterflies Guy Warren with Red Saunders Orchestra Africa Speaks America Answers!
  Sun Spots Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre Forces and Feelings
  Telephone Girl Jade Warrior Jade Warrior
  Tattoed Love Boys Robby Krieger Versions
  Down the Highway Steamhammer Steamhammer
  Love Is Always Real Gentle Soul Gentle Soul
  The Fox and Hounds Lilly Brothers & Don Stover Bluegrass at the Roots: 1961