Tone Science – 11/27/2011

tone science 048

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Sky Church Tony Malaby Cello Trio Warblepeck
  Newman's Informer Rodrigo Amado Searching for Adam
  Elemental Disgrace II Hive Mind Elemental Disgrace
  Haystack Fire On Fire The Orchard
  I Wish I Had A Choice Darius Jones Trio Big Gurl (Smell My Dream)
  Fight For Me Wildbirds & Peacedrums Rivers
  Red Horse 3 Red Horse Red Horse
  The Light That Fills the World John Luther Adams The Light That Fills the World
  Marked Hallock Hill The Union
  Morceau 2 Andy Moor, John Butcher, Thomas Lehn Thermal
  track 02 Collections of Colonies of Bees Tropics of Cancer
  Be Happy (for S.N. Goenka) The Claudia Quintet For
  Not Too Bright (#1) Seijaku Mail from FISHITSUSHA
  XLV Peter Evans & Nate Wooley High Society

Songs on Toast – 11/25/2011

Moon Maiden 2:45 Duke Ellington The Intimate Ellington
Who You Been Talkin’ To? 3:33 David Forman Song Of Persia
Trouble Blues 3:24 Sam Cooke The Man Who Invented Soul
That Lucky Old Sun 3:36 Ok Star Orchestra The Beat and the Melody
Ain’t Gwine To Whistle Dixie Taj Mahal The Real Thing
Just Walkin’ In The Rain 2:41 The Prisonaires Sun Records Collection
Chant De Chasse Pygmées Aka Musiques Et Chants Polyphoniques De La Sylve
Ramblin’ Mind 4:44 Muddy Waters After The Rain
Where There’s Woman 2:10 Captain Beefheart Safe As Milk
Rast Taksim 4:54 Franco-Serdar Erbasi Ney ile Solo Taksimleri
Nyogo Dafa 11:29 Neba Solo Kene Balafons
Toska 2:49 Herringbone Orch Sea Witch
Then Came the Storm 13:37 Mark Bingham What If William Blake Had Gone to New Orleans?
Dangayé – Ngala 1:10 Ongo Trogodé Centrafrique : Trompes Banda Linda
Sonido Amazonico 5:59 Ok Star Orchestra The Beat and the Melody
Come Here Dog and Get Your Bone Little Axe If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog
The gentleman is a dope 4:18 Blossom Dearie 1960
Please Call Me Baby 4:26 Tom Waits The Heart Of Saturday Night
The Water Is Wide 5:02 Charles Lloyd The Water Is Wide
Soul Lament 2:44 Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue
Yah-Ta-Ta, Yah-Ta-Ta (Talk, Talk, Talk) Judy Garland & Bing Crosby The Singles Collection
Mama Put Your Britches On 2:39 The Five Red Caps The Roots Of Doo Wop
Tolu (Slow Version) 2:55 Lucho Bermúdez Lucho Bermúdez y Su Orquesta
If I’m Good 0:51 Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence Oar
III (Un cercle d’argent…) 1:06 Jehan Alain Jehan Alain. L’œvre pour piano
Wanza Tigalo – Ngala 1:39 Ongo Trogodé Centrafrique : Trompes Banda Linda

Updoc 159: Variations: 11/18/11

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Ninth Room; Tutankhamun (Black Lion)

1.    Jean Sibelius/City of Birmingham Orchestra/Sakari Oramo: Symphony No. 6; Sibelius – Symphonies  6 & 7, Tapiola (Warner Classics UK)
2.    Kamal Hors: Safar; The Dance of the Oud (Smoked)
3.    Sevara Nazarkhan: Aygalach; Tortadur (CDBY)
4.    Georgi Ivanovich Gurdjieff/Armenian Folk Instrument Ensemble/Levon Eskenian: The Music of Georges I. Gurdjieff (ECM)
5.    Sevara Nazarkhan: Yoyvoi Tanovar; Tortadur (CDBY)
6.    David Murray & the Gwo Ka Masters: La Jwa; Gwotet (Justin Time)
7.    Colin Matthews/London Sinfonietta/Oliver Knussen: Fourth Sonata for Orchestra; Broken Symmetry – 4th Sonata – Suns Dance (DGG)
8.    Benjamin Britten/English Chamber Orchestra: Variations on the Theme by Frank Bridge; Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, etc. (Decca)

Out theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago: Strawberry Mango; Coming Home Jamaica (WB/Atlantic)

Tone Science – 11/20/2011

tone science 047

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Over 1 Jarboe & Telecognac Over
  Rothko Joan La Barbara Shamansong
  Girandola Thomas Lehn and Gerry Hemingway Fire Works
  15:33 Cluster 71
  Proven Badlands yMusic Beautiful Mechanical
  Chicago I R/S USA
  Glass Napkin Hubble Hubble Drums
  Death Seat Wooden Wand Death Seat

Songs on Toast – 11/18/2011

Keep On Drinking 4:10 Little Axe If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog
Dancing Time 3:21 The Funkees Dancing Time
Champagne & Reefer 4:37 Muddy Waters King Bee
Daddy Rollin’ In Your Arms 2:40 Dion King of the New York Streets
You’re Sex the Way 4:47 Doug Trammell Wave Origins
Hold On 3:48 Alabama Shakes Alabama Shakes EP
Jeli baba 1:36 Mah Damba À l’ombre du grand baobab
Everybody Got To Change Sometime Taj Mahal Taj Mahal
May Be My Last Time 2:01 Jerry And Naomi Jerkins This May Be My Last Time Singing
Pindo Mama Pindo 2:20 Tobacco Factory Singers Caribbean Island Music
Father, The Son & The Holy Ghost Grinder’s Switch w Garland Jeffreys Grinder’s Switch
Me, My Guitar And The Blues 3:19 Chris Thomas King Me, My Guitar And The Blues
The Devil’s Gonna Lie 3:58 Otis Taylor Otis Taylor’s Contraband
Adil Oumlil 6:01 Oudaden Empreinte
Kosmiczna Kamera 3:50 Zar Przydymiony
Thank You For Talkin’ To Me Africa Sly & The Family Stone There’s A Riot Goin’ On
KellersStore10-18-11 1:07 Concealed Handgun Class
Binadamu 3:57 Prince Khonjo 99 Binadamu Hatosheki
Old Folks’ Boogie 2:59 Al Simmons Gimme Dat Harp Boy
Don’t Bother Me 2:59 Kami Thompson The Bad Marriage
Tamer Animals 4:08 Other Lives Tamer Animals
The Youth 3:48 MGMT Oracular Spectacular
If I Had A Gun… 4:09 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Empty Walls 2:16 Marie-Flore More Than Thirty Seconds If You Please
slip away 3:11 Audrey Martell Life Lines
Psalm 33 (Dublin Sessions) 2:33 Sinéad O’Connor Theology
Baise M’encor 2:18 Nataly Dawn (Her Earlier Stuff)
Girl Like You 1:14 Research Turtles Mankiller
Marquise Quântica 1:36 Norberto Lobo Pata Lenta
The Rose You Left Me 2:41 Sylvie Simmons
Little Bird 4:20 Lisa Hannigan Passenger
Lay Myself Down 4:29 Mazzy Star Lay Myself Down
All This Waiting 3:33 Screaming Gypsy Bandits In The Eye
The Last Living Rose 2:21 PJ Harvey Let England Shake
The Rose 3:15 Sinikka langeland
Boat Horn Herringbone Orchestra Sea Witch

Updoc 158: Royal Tea: 11/11/11

Opening theme: Archie Shepp: You’re What This Day is All About; The Magic of Ju-Ju (Impulse)

1.    Roy Haynes: All the Bars Are Open: Roy-alty (Dreyfus)
2.    Sarah Vaughan: Shulie-a-Bop; The Ultimate Sarah Vaughan (Verve)
3.    Roy Haynes: Equipoise: Roy-alty (Dreyfus)
4.    Pat Metheny: All the Things You Are; Question and Answer (Nonesuch)
5.    Roy Haynes: Moon Ray; Out of the Afternoon (Impulse)
6.    Roy Haynes: Passion Dance: Roy-alty (Dreyfus)
7.    Roy Haynes: Raoul; Out of the Afternoon (Impulse)
8.    Clifford Brown: Laura; Clifford Brown With Strings (Emarcy/Verve)
9.    Clifford Brown/Max Roach: Delilah; The Emarcy Master Takes (Hip-o-Select)
10.     Clifford Brown: Stardust; Clifford Brown With Strings (Emarcy/Verve)
11.     Clifford Brown/Max Roach: Joy Spring; The Emarcy Master Takes (Hip-o-Select)
12.     Elliott Carter/Ole Böhn/London Sinfonietta/Oliver Knussen:Violin Concerto; American Classics (EMI)
13.     Kronos Quartet/Alim & Fargana Qasimov/Homayum Sakhi: Kohlen Atım; Rainbow – Music of Central Asia Vol, 8 (Smithsonian Folkways)
14.     Olivier Messiaen/Peter Serkin: Je dors, mais mon coeur veille; Vingt Regards sur L’Enfant Jésus (RCA)

Out theme; Art Ensemble of Chicago: Strawberry Mango; Coming Home Jamaica (WB)

Tone Science – 11/13/2011

tone science 046

Time Song Artist Album
8pm No Words/No Thought Michael Gira I Am Not Insane
  She I Baby Copperhead Baby Copperhead
  Flight Song Fire On Fire The Orchard
  Red Horse 5 Red Horse Red Horse
  Stained Glass Sky with Dancing Light (for Stan Brakhage) William Parker Crumbling in the Shadows is Fraulein Miller's Stale Cake
  Trumpet Nate Wooley Trumpet-Amplifier
  Electric Garden Conrad Schnitzler Con
  New City in the Future The Angels of Light How I Loved You
  Broken Head Eno, Moebius, Roedelius, Plank Begenugen II
  Ol' Metal-Faced Bastard Darius Jones Trio Big Gurl (Smell My Dream)
  Hebvark/Pemberdunn Maple Wolfs Fond of Tigers Released the Saviours

Songs on Toast – 11/11/2011

I Found You 3:01 Alabama Shakes Alabama Shakes EP
Yell Your Name 3:32 Otis Taylor Otis Taylor’s Contraband
Nlo Dzobo 5:52 Trio Minlan Nlo Dzobo
Louis Collins 4:25 Chris Thomas King Antebellum Postcards
Midwest 2:58 Joseph Arthur The Graduation Ceremony
Fixit men 2:24 Jesca Hoop Silverscreen Demos
U Boogie Woogie Wam 3:13 Walter Theletsane Jazz & Hot Dance in South Africa
I Wanna Do My Thing 3:54 The Ashantis Ethiopiques, Vol. 24: Golden years
Tres Pasajeros 4:04 Chicha Libre Sonido Amazonico
Ring Them Bells 1:51 Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs Li’l Red Riding Hood
Yèkatit 3:58 Mulatu Astatqé Ethiopiques Vol. 4: Ethio Jazz
Track 03 2:15 Rene’ LaCaille
Kénya 6:51 Danyel Waro Aou Amwin
Cumbia pop 2:51 Los Beltons Cumbia Beat Volume 1
Dis-Moi Oui 3:02 El Rego El Rego
Allah Ma Diana 5:26 Le Zagazougou Piranha Jubilee Vol. 7: Rockin’ The Barricades
On Your Way 3:03 Alabama Shakes Alabama Shakes EP
It Didn’t Turn Out That Way Mose Allison I Don’t Worry About A Thing
Via Con Me …? 2:23 Paolo Conte The Best Of Paolo Conte
Tokyo je t’aime 2:44 Sublime & JUN Miyake Ludic’
Yamagata 3:02 Pierre Aderne Agua Doce
Soir de Paris 2:33 Amestoy trio Amestoy Trio
Track 2 6:51 Ephrem Tamru Ephrem
Lapwing 1:34 Bert Jansch Avocet
For No One But The Moon 3:39 Jake & The Jewels A Lick & A Promise
Mi Oracion 2:39 Los Zafiros Bossa Cubana
Hey Senorita 2:13 Penguins Doo Wop Box #2
Any Time At All 2:13 The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night
The Singer Not The Song 3:25 Lindsey Buckingham Gift of Screws – The Unreleased Album
Contraband Blues 4:30 Otis Taylor Otis Taylor’s Contraband
Abaana Bakesa 5:25 Samite of Uganda Dance My Children, Dance
Last Leaf 2:56 Tom Waits Bad As Me
I’m So Happy I Found You 3:15 Lucinda Williams The Lost Notebooks Of Hank Williams

Updoc 157: Him: 11/4/11

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Ninth Room; Tutankhamun (Black Lion)

1.Miles Davis: Karlsruhe. Germany – November 7, 1967 (Agitation, Footprints, I Fall in Love Too Easily, Walkin’, Gingerbread Boy, The Theme); Live in Europe ’67 (Columbia DVD)
2– 3.  Miles Davis: Tadd Dameron Quintet: Rifftide, Good Bait; Paris Festival International de Jazz – May, 1949 (Columbia)
4 – 5.  Miles Davis: The Serpent’s Tooth, Veird Blues; Chronicle: The Complete Prestige Recordings (Prestige)
6. Miles Davis: First Set (Directions, Spanish Key, Masqualero, It’s About That Time/The Theme); Live at the Fillmore East March 7 1970 (Columbia)
7. Charlie Parker: K.C. Blues; The Essential Charlie Parker (Verve)

Monkey Mind – 11/07/2011

Was feeling Bartok today and couldn’t bring myself to excerpt the 6th Quartet, but the usual melange follows. Oh, insert “Wasted Union Blues” from It’s A Beautiful Day’s first record between the Rupie Edwards and the Leigh Stephens (yeah, there was a mini theme going there). Bizarre little track if all you know’s “White Bird.” Thanks for listening, as always.

Time Song Artist Album
3pm String Quartet No. 6 Bela Bartok/Hungarian String Quartet The Six String Quartets
  No One Is There Nico The Marble Index
  Listen to This/Save This House/Say Hello to Jamie Jones Red Krayola God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It
  Unchained James Moody The Teachers
  Come Lay Some Lovin' on Me Paul Kelly Don't Burn Me
  Churisi Sweet Talks Hollywood Highlife Party
  Feeling High Rupie Edwards Ganja Reggae Box
4pm I Grow Higher Leigh Stephens Red Weather
  Cowboys In Africa Bush Tetras I [Heart] NY Punk
  Fun World Mission of Burma VS
  When You Love Quicksilver Messenger Service Happy Trails
  Yeah The Alarm Clocks Yeah!
  Mick Avory's Underpants The Kinks Village Green Preservation Society Deluxe Edition
  Hot Smoke and Sasafrass Bubble Puppy A Gathering of Promises
  Lazy Afternoon McGuiness Flint McGuiness Flint
  Me and God Avett Brothers A Carolina Jubilee
  Spanish Guitar Gene Clark White Light
  I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me Art Pepper Intensity
  We the People The Soul Searchers
  Babylon Don't Touch My Sensi Dub Neville Brown & the Roots Radics Ganja Reggae Box
  The Day I Found Myself/When Will It End Honey Cone