Updoc 163: Taksim: 12/16/11

Opening theme: The Ninth Room: Art Ensemble of Chicago; Tutankhamun (Black Lion)

1.    Franco & Serdar Erbaşı: Segah Taksim; Ney İle Solo Taksimler (Columbia)
2.    Kanı Karaca/Akagunduz Kutbay(?): Mevlana Naatı – Ney Taksim; Mevlana – Dede Efendi [Saba Ayini] (Kalan Ses)
3.    The Beatles: Rain; Past Masters – Volume Two (Apple/Capitol)
4.    Kim Kashkashian/Komitas: Garuna; Hayren – Music of Komitas and Tigran Mansurian (ECM)
5.    Aram Khatchaturian/Unknown Orchestra: Gayane Ballet Suite. Andante; 2001 – A Space Odyssey (Rhino)
6.    Akagunduz Kutbay (?): Ney Taksim; Mevlana Naatı – Ney Taksim; Mevlana – Dede Efendi [Saba Ayini] (Kalan Ses)
7.    Bernard Herrmann/Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Elmer Bernstein: Vertigo – Thème d’Amour; Bernard Herrmann Film Music (Milan)
8.    Alan Hovhaness: To Hiroshige’s Cat; Shalimar (Fortuna)
9.    Alan Hovhanesss/Kenneth Radnofsky/Boston Modern Orchestra Project/Gil Rose: Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Strings; Exile Symphony, etc. (BMOP)
10.     Alan Hovhaness: Shalimar [title tune] (Fortuna)
11.     Ahmed Adnan Saygun/Danel Quartet: String Quartet No. 4; Saygun – Complete String Quartets (PSP Germany GmbH)
12.     George Ivanovich Gurdjieff/Thomas DeHartmann: Assyrian Women Mourners; The Music of Gurdjieff (G – H/Triangle)
13.     George Ivanovich Gurdjieff/Thomas DeHartmann/Gurdjieff Folk Instrument Ensemble/Levon Eskenian: Assyrian Women Mourners; Music of George I. Gurdjieff (ECM)
14.     John Coltrane: Acknowledgment; A Love Supreme (Impulse)

Out theme: Art Blakey and the Afro-Drum Ensemble: Ife L’ayo (There is Happiness in Love); The African Beat (Blue Note)

3 Responses to “Updoc 163: Taksim: 12/16/11”

  1. That was astonishingly beautiful! (And not the first time, either) This will greatly expand the wish list, now if only the wallet will catch up. Thank you for sharing.

  2. P.S. I tuned in (so to speak) a little after the beginning. Was the Kanı Karaca/Akagunduz Kutbay track the lengthy vocal piece? I couldn’t look that one up and figured it must be out-of-print, vinyl, or both. Thanks again.

  3. Kanı Karaca was the vocalist on the long solo Na’at, and I guessed at Akagunduz Kutbay as the ney soloist: there were two other distinguished neyzens listed on the album. I found the recording on emusic.com, but Karaca recorded the Na’at any number of times, and this version was not necessarily the best; it was the only one I could get hold of. Other Karaca recordings of the Na’at can be found on records of the Mevlevi (or Whirling Dervish) Sema, one of them at least, on Unesco/Barenreiter, done early enough for John Lennon to have heard it and used the refrain on his song “Rain.”
    Akagunduz Kutbay was probably the greatest neyzen of modern times, and there are recordings of his around and about, all worth hearing. He even made a semi-successful jazz record with Okay Temiz, called Zikir. On the record only the tune Muş I think it is—a short tune in 5/4 time—realizes the potential of the date and the band; they were much better live on Turkish television circa 1979.
    Glad you liked the show. Kanı Karaca was unique. If you’re drawn to the Turkish ney, Ulvi Erguner, Kudsi Erguner, Niyazi Sayin, and—new to me—Franco Erbaşı, are all excellent players.