taint town live – 03/10/2012

fri&sat mid-3 (eastern); mon&wed 9-mitues 8-11am

Joel Harrison, A Magnificent Death (Search) 2011
Nick Moran Trio, The Physicist Transofrmed (No Time Like Now) 2011
Bill Evans,Tit For Tat (Dragonfly) 2011

Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra, Family Affair (MTO Plays Sly) 2011
Jeff Gauthier, From a Rainy Night (Open Source) 2011_
John Brown feat. Ray Codrington & Brian Miller, Quiet Time/Come Live With Me (Quiet Time) 2012
Joel Harrison, title (So Long 2nd Street) 2005
John Austin, Into The Mystic (Piano Town) 2011
Joel Harrison & Lorenzo Feliciati w/Cuong Vu-Roy Powell-Dan Weiss, Small Table Rules (Holy Abyss) 2012

Vijay Iyer Trio, Vijay Iyer, Stephan Crump & Marcus Gilmore (Human Nature (Trio Extension] (Accelerando) 2012
Roswell Rudd, Feeling Good (The Incredible Honk) 2011
Meklit Hadero, Feeling Good (On A Day Like This…) 2010
Jessie Mae Hemphill, Feelin’ Good (Feelin’ Good) 1997
Baby Dodds’s Jazz Four, Feelin’ At Ease (Hot Jazz On Blue Note) 1996
Bobo Jenkins, Feelin’ & Rockin’ (Motor City Blues)1998

Roswell Rudd, Feeling Good (The Incredible Honk) 2011
Terry Allen, The Collector [And The Art Mob[ (Lubbock On Everything) 1995
Big Joe Turner, Things That I Used To Do (The Best Of Joe Turner)
Phillip Johnston’s Big Trouble, Mr. Crocodile (Flood At The Ant Farm) 1996
Maya Beiser. Memories I & II (Provenance) 2010
Billy Bang And Bill Cole, Improvisation [Violin, Flute] (Billy Bang Bill Cole) 2010

Craig Taborn, Crocodile (Light Made Lighter)
Michael Musillami Trio + 4, Iceland (Mettle) 2012
Clayton Cameron, What Do You Say Dr. J (Here’s To The Messengers) 2012
Kris Davis, KTJ 2 (Good Citizen) 2010
John Zorn, Chippewa (The Bribe) 1998
Sheila Jordan & Harvie S, Blue Skies (Yesterdays) 2012

Amir ElSaffar Dumuzi’s Dream Inana 2011
Chano Domínguez, Nardis (Flamenco Sketches) 2012

*time is relative

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