Tone Science – 09/30/2012

tone science 087

Time Song Artist Album
8pm The Sun Myth Sun Ra The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra
  Stress-Osaka (1969) Eliane Radigue Feedback Works
  Death Blues Death Blues 2012-09-04 Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY
  Why Patterns? (1978) Morton Feldman Why Patterns?/Crippled Symmetry
  Passport Charlie Haden, Joe Henderson, Al Foster The Montreal Tapes
  Early Astral 2 Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp Early Astral

House of Mercy – 09/29/2012

House of Mercy radio play list
week starting Saturday 29th September 2012
presented by Barry Marshall-Everitt
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The first session comes from an English veteran writer and singer who has just taken two duo’s around the country playing in the round…. Danny (The Champ) Wilson ( Danny & The Champions Of The World…Grand Drive ) plus Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou… plus Joe & Robin Bennett ( The Dreaming Spires ) sang and played in the round for this very special session.
The second session required us to nail the Snake Pit Studio roof back on after they left,… another duo who live life in the states traveling around in a chrome Airstream trailer…. Lucy plays mental cigar box slide and Wayne plays wildman drums… guitar… banjo and harp and there first record together was record of the week in December 2010, they are Hymn For Her…..there next release is due in the spring.
Record of the week…. is the best release from old friends Red House Records for some time… this is a beautifully crafted piece of work from the pen.. guitar and voice of Lucy Kaplansky and ‘ Reunion ‘ should put Lucy firmly in the top division of great female writers & singers. Her guest list isn’t at all shabby either having Buddy Miller…Eliza Gilkyson…John Gorka…Duke Lavine along with producer/drummer Ben Wittman…this record shines out with class.

This show is dedicated to the bestest of dogs… the late great Pokey Joe who looked after Hymn For Her.

hour one

Intro – In The Red – Tammy Rogers

Reunion – Lucy Kaplansky – ( Reunion )
Old, Old Man – Michelle White – ( Butter Scotch )
My Fathers Son – Lucy kaplansky – ( Reunion )

Stand Tall – Awna Teixeira – ( Where The Darkness Goes )
The Scavenger – Lucy Kaplansky – ( Reunion )
Idaho – Cara Luft – ( Darlingford )

The Beauty Way – Lucy Kaplansky – ( Reunion )
Darkest Days – Alexa Woodward – ( It’s A Good Life Honey If You Don’t Grow Weary )
Driftwood – Cam Penner – ( Gypsy Summer )

Life Is Beautiful – Lucy Kaplansky – ( Reunion )
Rent My Room – Bex Marshall – ( The House Of Mercy )
Clarksdale Moan – Heritage Blues Orchestra – ( And Still I Rise )

Death Trap – Charlie Peacock – ( No Man’s Land )

hour two

In session Danny ( The Champ ) Wilson & Friends
This Morning I am Born Again – Lucy Kaplansky – ( Reunion )

Look Out Mama – Hurray For Riff Raff – ( Look Out Mama )
The Cricket Song – Petunia & The Vipers – ( Petunia & The Vipers )

Clear Blue Sky – The Chatham County Line – ( 1V )

hour three

In session Hymn For Her
Gone Gone Gone – Lucy Kaplansky – ( Reunion )

Be Kind To A Man While He Is Down – The Foghorn String Band – ( Outshine The Sun )

Next week in session The Deborah Bonham Band and Water Tower

all the best Barry

Barry Marshall-Everitt
House of Mercy Ltd.
PO Box 49684
London N8 7YH
media partners with
R2, Blues Matters & Maverick magazines
reporting to Euro-Americana radio chart

Songs on Toast – 09/28/2012


Strokin’ The Grits 4:15 The Poets Of Rhythm Practice What You Preach
Let’s Go To Dinner 2:41 Mississippi Mud Mashers Black Secular Vocal Groups Vol. 2
Poo-Poo in the Prawn 3:17 Ian Dury Reasons To Be Cheerful
Eatin’ With The Boogie 2:32 Slim Gaillard Blues Boogie
Chicken, Baby, Chicken 2:27 Tony Harris Rare Rock N’ Roll Masters
Switchin’ In The Kitchen 3:46 Big Joe Turner Big Joe Rides Again
Lemonade 3:17 Louis Jordan Louis Jordan & His Tympany 5, Vol #5
Feed Me 3:50 Jon Hendricks A Good Git-Together
Shortbread 3:39 Little Hurricane Homewrecker
Chickens 4:32 Hayes Carll Little Rock
Mama’s Cookin 3:08 Hacienda Big Red And Barbacoa
Via Con Me 2:29 Paolo Conte The Best Of Paolo Conte
Dining Alone 4:37 Carla Bley Dinner Music
Apple Pie 3:32 Clare Muldaur Bentley Circle
Ice Cream Man 2:48 John Brim Chess Blues
Sugar Sugar 2:58 Wilson Pickett The Definitive Collection
Grits Ain’t Groceries 2:58 Little Willie John Fever: The Best Of
I Like Pie, I Like Cake 2:51 The Four Clefs The Human Orchestra
Rice, Red Beans and Turnip Greens Little Richard The Formative Years ’51-’53
Bread And Butter Man 2:37 The Nashville Teens Best Of The Nashville Teens: 1964-1969
No Bread On My Table 4:13 The Heptones Better Days
Watermelon Spoilen On The Vine Blind Blake Native Bahamian Rythms And Songs
Slurf Song 3:19 Michael Hurley Have Moicy!
Chicken & Rice 2:52 Young Tiger London Is The Place For Me
Rump Steak Serenade 2:40 Fats Waller The Last Years (disc 2)
Slop 4:44 Charles Mingus Mingus Dynasty
Pickin’ A Rib 2:44 Jones Boys Sing Band The Human Orchestra
Banana 5:34 Joyce, Nana Vasconcelos, & Mauricio Maestro Visions Of Dawn
(Do The) Mashed Potatoes (part 1) James Brown Star Time
Bear Whiz Beer 0:31 The Firesign Theatre Shoes For Industry!
Dunkin’ Bagel 2:49 Slim Gaillard Blues Boogie
Vegetables 3:34 Beach Boys Smile-original
Canned Ham 2:54 Norman Greenbaum Spirit In The Sky
You’re Much Too Fat 2:43 Louis Jordan Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five, Vol#4
Butter 2:48 Taj Mahal The Hidden Treasures Of Taj Mahal
Malted Milk 3:11 Peter Green Peter Plays the Blues
Sweet Potatoes 2:08 Geoff & Maria Muldaur Sweet Potatoes
Ice Cream Jeep 0:31 Calexico Spoke

Tone Science – 09/23/2012

tone science 086

Time Song Artist Album
8pm untitled Ron Anderson + Robert L. Pepper + David Tamura + Philippe Petit Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds
  Roses Fred Lonberg-Holm's Fast Citizens Gather
  The Well Mirel Wagner Mirel Wagner
  Marquee Warfare Whatever Brains Whatever Brains
  Three Things Diamond Terrifier Kill the Self That Wants To Kill Yourself
  Munkisi Munkondi / Nzambia La Lufua / Scapegoat Zeitkratzer Whitehouse
  Dark Matter (parts 1 & 2) Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano Under a Double Moon
  LXIX Peter Evans & Nate Wooley High Society
  Nerve Cell_0 - For Cello and Computer Zbigniew Karkowski & Anton Lukoszevieze Nerve Cell_0 - For Cello and Computer

Songs on Toast – 09/21/2012

I’m A Greedy Man 3:37 James Brown Star Time
The Wall Street Part Of Town 3:43 Ry Cooder Election Special
Mr. President 2:47 Randy Newman Good Old Boys
Poor People 2:12 Alan Price O Lucky Man!
Hallelujah I’m a Bum 3:12 Carson Robison Songs of the Wild West
Algiers 3:43 Calexico Algiers
Mutt Romney Blues 3:45 Ry Cooder Election Special
I’m Dreaming of a White President Randy Newman 09/18/2012
Take My Seat And Sit Down 2:20 Mississippi Mud Mashers Black Secular Vocal Groups
She 1:54 Little Axe Stone Cold Ohio
Cherie Coco 4:13 Royal Band de Thies Kadior Demb
Na Dinding Fatty 9:43 Karantamba Ndigal
Mo Money 4:30 Junior Reid Living Legend
Hard Workin’ Man (Main Title) 3:24 Captain Beefheart The Dust Blows Forward
Take Your Hands Off It 3:48 Ry Cooder Election Special
Poor Boy 4:22 Paul Butterfield’s Better Days It All Comes Back
I Pity The Poor Immigrant 8:11 Taj Mahal The Hidden Treasures 1969-1973
In My Time Of Dyin’ 2:40 Bob Dylan Bob Dylan
Working Class Hero (rehearsal) 4:22 John Lennon Private tape
L’automobile 3:20 Gianmaria Testa Il valzer di un giorno
Blues Can’t Even Find Me 3:35 John Hiatt Mystic Pinball
Ramblin’ Blues/Workin’ Man 6:48 Mickey Newbury home demo
Cintorita 4:25 Idrissa Diop, Cheikh Tidiane Tall Diamonoye tiopité
Percussion Contemporaine Pòkè 1:57 Pygmées Aka Musiques Et Chants Polyphoniques
Zombie 12:26 Fela Kuti The Best of the Black President
High Summer 3:26 Alex McMurray Banjaxed
Suite For Toy Piano (1948) 0:49 John Cage Works For Piano, Toy Piano

House of Mercy – 09/22/2012

House of Mercy radio play list
week starting Saturday 22nd September 2012
presented by Barry Marshall-Everitt
for review/preview/station download go to

Our first session comes from a legendary road dog and hell raiser… outspoken and
a hot picker….from North Carolina Malcolm Holcombe plays songs from his latest
and past record of the week ‘ Down The River ‘ a real treat this.
Session two is sweetness and gentle playing from a recent Ithaca… New York State
resident Anna Coogan. Danny Fiaschi makes this duet gell with his fine guitar playing.
‘ The Nowhere Rome Sessions ‘ is their first album together and we hear tracks from it.
Record of the week comes from what the singer calls ‘ Mississippi riverboat music ‘, he
hails from St Louis accompanied by his South City Three…..Pokey LaFarge has been making
outstanding jazz me down ragtime country swing music for years and now we have a live
album. ‘ Live In Holland ‘ is Pokey and the band at their best….. superb playing and a mental

hour one
intro – Into The Red – Tammy Rogers
The Devil Ain’t Lazy – Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three – ( Live In Holland )
No Rest For The Wicked – Pickled Okra – ( Sounds Like The Chicken )
Carroll County Blues – Old Sledge – ( Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down )
The Devil Gets His Due – The Dirt Daubers – ( Wake Up Sinners )

Emmy Lou – Dustin Bentall & The Smokes – ( Orion )
Nelly Bly – Rick Shea – ( Shelter Valley Blues )
Jack Loved Jesse – Chris Knight – ( Little Victories )

Can’t Be Satisfied – Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three – ( Live In Holland )
Glad Your Whiskey Fits Into My Purse – Little Miss Higgins – ( Across The Plains )
Drinking Whiskey Tonight – Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three – ( Live In Holland )

Mad River Breakdown – Random Canyon Growlers – ( Dickey Ain’t Got All Day )
In The Graveyard Now – Pokey LaFarge – ( Live In Holland )
Beastie’s In The Sugar – Hot Seats – ( Feel )

Lets Go – Bela Fleck & The Marcus Roberts Trio – ( Access The Imaginary Divide )

hour two
In session Malcolm Holcombe
Pack It Up – Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three – ( Live In Holland )

Get Right Church – The Heritage Blues Orchestra – ( And Still I Rise )
Gone Fishing – Bex Marshall – ( The House Of Mercy )
Muddy Water Blues – Paul Rogers – ( Muddy Water Blues )

Been On Line – Caleb Klauder – ( Western Country )

hour three
In session Anna Coogan & Danny Fiaschi

Photograph – John Murry – ( The Graceless Age )

Next week in session we have our very own Danny Champ & friends and
from America… Hymn For Her.

coming soon…..
Dustin Bentall & The Smokes, Water Tower, Deborah Bonham, Mark O’Riely, Jess Klein, Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt,
Random Canyon Growlers, Josh Harty, Blame Sally, Sam Baker, Kimmie Rhodes, Lowlands,
Bob Cheevers, Ray Bonneville, Steve Wynn, Dean Owens……so far

all the best Barry

Barry Marshall-Everitt
House of Mercy Ltd.
PO Box 49684
London N8 7YH
media partners with
R2, Blues Matters & Maverick magazines
reporting to Euro-Americana radio chart

Tone Science – 09/16/2012

tone science 085

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Him vs. Hymn Altos Altos
  Side A Decimus 11
  Bourgeois Boogie Ornette Coleman Virgin Beauty
  Double Sextet Eighth Blackbird/Steve Reich Double Sextet/2x5
  Portrait of Louisiana William Parker Orchestra Essence of Ellington: Live in Milano
  O Death Bessie Jones Souther Jounrey 1: Georgia Sea Islands, volume 1
  Yankees Gone (steel band processional) Calypso Awakening
  untitled Borbetomagus Snuff Jazz
  Out to Lunch Eric Dolphy Out to Lunch

Tone Science – 09/02/2012

tone science 084

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Jazz Police Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man
  Goddess Eyes II Julia Holter Exstasis
  Solitude Sun Ra & The Omniverse Jet Set Arkestra The Completel Detroit Jazz Center Residency
  Sin (for trouble) Altos Altos
  The Power of Pussy Jason Lescalleet Songs About Nothing
  Lunacy / The Apostate Swans The Seer
  Hindemith: Piano Sonata No. 3 Glenn Gould The 3 Piano Sonatas
  E-Legend Christina Kubisch Five Electrical Walks
  Simona La Romona / Quatzalcoatl Love Song Spider Bags Shake My Head
  One Of These Days / Brazos Matthew E. White Big Inner