House of Mercy Live Sessions Week of Sept. 23rd

Barry Everitt’s House of Mercy features two great live sessions this week from the HOM Snakepit Studio in London.
Our first session comes from a legendary road dog and hell raiser… outspoken and a hot picker….from North Carolina Malcolm Holcombe plays songs from his latest and past record of the week ‘ Down The River ‘ a real treat this.

Session two is sweetness and gentle playing from a recent Ithaca… New York State resident Anna Coogan. Danny Fiaschi makes this duet gell with his fine guitar playing. ‘ The Nowhere Rome Sessions ‘ is their first album together and we hear tracks from it.

Record of the week comes from what the singer calls ‘ Mississippi riverboat music ‘, he hails from St Louis accompanied by his South City Three…..Pokey LaFarge has been making outstanding jazz me down ragtime country swing music for years and now we have a live album. ‘ Live In Holland ‘ is Pokey and the band at their best….. superb playing and a mental audience…….perfect.

House of Mercy from taintradio in London, Saturdays 8-11pm (Eastern); Sundays 3-6pm; Thursdays 4-7pm on noncommercial, listener-sponsored

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