taint town live – 01/27/2013

fri&sat mid-3 (eastern); mon&wed 9-mid, tues 8-11am

The Dann Zinn 4, Stardust (Grace’s Song) 2012
Chris McNulty, Last Night When We Were Young (The Song That Sings You Here) 2012
Organissimo, The Drunken Drummer Blues (Dedicated) 2012
Myriad (Chris Donnelly, p; Dan Forin, b; Ernest Cervini, d), Myriad (Tell) 2012
Russell Kirk And The Path, The Path Suite No. 1, Calm Before (To Journal Square) 2012

Richard Bliwas Trio w/Bruce Ditmas & Daniel Carter, Cat in the Baguette (Nine) 2012
UoU, Hanabi (Take The 7 Train) 2012
Terry Klinefelter, Tunnel (Zingaro) 2013
Michael Gallant Trio, Greens (Completely) 2013
World Saxophone Quartet, Africa (Metamorphosis) 1990

José James, Bird Of Space (No Beginning No End) 2013
Paul Carr, Till There Was You (Standard Domain) 2012
Jim Pearce, Open Plain (You Are An Edgy Visionary Seer) 2013
Fred Hersch, I Concentrate On You (Songs Without Words) 2003
Sophie Milman, I Concentrate On You (Take Love Easy) 2009

Sara Serpa & Ran Blake, Fine And Dandy (Aurora) 2012
Jon Irabagon’s Outright!, Parker Posey (Unhinged) 2012
Antonello Salis|Joey Baron, Worldwide (Keys And Skins) 2008
Todd Sickafoose, Pianos Of The 9th Ward (Tiny Resistors) 2008
Phillip Johnston’s Big Trouble, Willie’s Room (Flood At The Ant Farm) 1996

Terri Lyne Carrington, title (Money Jungle: Provocative In Blue) 2013
James Brown, Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nothing (JB40: 40th Anniversary Collection) 1996
World Saxophone Quartet, For the Love of Money (Rhythm and Blues) 1989
Corey Harris, Money On My Mind (Downhome Sophisticate) 2002
Terry Klinefelter, Money (Zingaro) 2013
John Lester Quartet, Money (Jazz?) 2012
VIjay Iyer & Mike Ladd, Jon Stewart on Crossfire (Still life with commentator) 2007

Butch Morris, The Bartok Comprovisation/ Via Talciona (Dust To Dust) 1991
David Murray Big Band cond. by Lawrence “Butch” Morris, Lester

*time is relative

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