Cliff Furnald’s RootsWorld Radio for Wed., Feb. 6

The 45th edition of RootsWorld Radio will chase the elusive mandolin, in a number of its guises as it hides in the alleys and forests of the world.  From Satie to Ellington, from old time rags to Carnatic raga, we’ll hear artists who have taken the instrument to new turf and back to familiar ground. Artists include Hamilton Holanda, Spiro, Nordik Tree, Melonious Quartet, Hal Parfitt-Murray &  Nikolaj Busk, Epifani Barbers, Richard Thompson, Jair Coelho, Pedro Ramos, Gustavo Dantas & Cyro Baptista, U. Shrinivas, the Armstrong Twins and the Annabelle Chvostek Ensemble.  Wednesdays, 5pm (Eastern); repeats Saturdays, 8am. Archived editions of RootsWorld Radio Sundays, 6am & Thursdays, 3am.

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