Michael Stone’s Jazz Worldwide begins on Monday, Feb. 11

As an international alliance of independent producers, taintradio is pleased to welcome Michael Stone, whose aptly titled two-hour program Jazz Worldwide will begin on Monday, Feb. 11. Independent producer Michael Stone joins more than 20 other independent producers whose combined contributions comprise listener-funded noncommercial taintradio’s 24/7 hosted music streamJazz Worldwide – Mondays 5-7pm (Eastern); repeats Saturdays noon-2.

By the generosity and grace of our listeners (see Tip Jar), taintradio will celebrate its 5th birthday in June 2013.  As always, thanks for keeping it up.

One Response to “Michael Stone’s Jazz Worldwide begins on Monday, Feb. 11”

  1. Really enjoyed this first show – Bob’s email alerted me and I caught almost all of it. Learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Thanks for the lovely Haden and all the rest!