Rafi Zabor’s Updoc for Friday, Feb. 15 & Tuesday, Feb. 17

Wayne Shorter and Charlie Haden may have played together somewhere once though I don’t have a picture of it, and it’s hard to believe that one of them is 80 and the other 75 years old. We play some of each on this week’s Updoc—Friday 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Brooklyn Bridge time—while noting that some old folks have to stay at home while others can still tour. Charlie Haden got a well-deserved lifetime achievement award at the Grammys this year, untelevised of course, but it’s hard to hear that a late recurrence of his childhood polio has kept him home and off the public stage, though still playing bass for the beauty of it at home. He’s meant a whole lot to me as a listener, writer, and fellow striving human being and I can only helplessly wish him well. And play some of his best duets on the show. Along with Wayne and Charlie, Duke Ellington undresses his Tattooed Bride and Toru Takemitsu listens to the water dreaming. Come on by and bring a glass.Wayne Shorter and Charlie Haden

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