taint town live – 05/05/2013

fri&sat mid-3 (eastern); mon&wed 9-mid; tues 8-11am

Will Calhoun, King Tut Strut (Life in This World) 2013
Craig Taborn Trio, Hot Blood (Chants) 2013
Cecile McLorin Salvant, John Henry (WomanChild) 2013
Mary LaRose, We’ve Been Working On The Railroad (The Blue Guitar) 2006
Amir ElSaffar, Flood (Two Rivers) 2007

Richard Bliwas, Strange Dream (Yarrow Stalk Bridge) 2005
Andrew Hill, title (Dusk) 1999
Lisa Sokolov, El Silencio (A Quiet Thing) 2009
Mark Murphy, Our Game (Once To Every Heart) 2005
Tomasz Stanko New York Quartet, Song For H (Wisława) 2013

The Fully Celebrated, Enemy Of Both Sides (Drunk On The Blood Of The Holy Ones) 2009
Billy Bang, Trong Com (Vietnam: Reflections) 2005
Simon Fisk, Still In My Own Prison (Vague Hotels) 2008
Luciana Souza, Here It Is (The New Bossa Nova) 2007
Diego Urcola, Buenos Aires (Libertango) 1995

Ran Blake, Tenderly [pts. 1-3] (Unmarked Van)
Wes Montgomery, Gone With The Wind (The Incredible Jazz Guitar) 1960
Lucky Thompson Quartet, I Got It Bad (Momentos Inolvidables DE UNA Vida) 1970
Stephen Riley, The End of a Love Affair (Hart-beat) 2012
Joe Locke, Ain’t No Sunshine (Lay Down My Heart) 2013

David Weiss, Black Comedy (Venture Inward) 2013
Ian Carey Quintet+1, Rain Tune (Roads & Codes) 2013
Dave Douglas, Law of Historical Memory (Time Travel) 2013

Mat Maneri, I Got It Bad (Blue Decco) 2000
Mike Reed’s People, Places & Things, House of Three Smiles (Clean on the Corner) 2012
Jason Kao Hwang/Edge, From East Sixth Street (Stories before within) 2008

*time is relative

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