Tone Science – 07/28/2013

tone science 128

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Feline / Saxovision The Whammies Play the Music of Steve Lacy vol. 2
  Symphony No. 3, I. Einleithung Alfred Schnittke The Ten Symphonies
  Miro Jenks Miller Spirit Signal
  Over The Oak, Under The Elm Okkyung Lee Ghil
  lmpressions of Pablo/Violets for Pia Ken Vandermark's Topology Nonet Featuring Joe McPhee Impressions of PO Music
  String Quartet No. 3 Hans Werner Henze/Arditti Quartet String Quartets 1-5
  End Trumpets and Drums Live in Ljubljana
  Osage Orange Peoples of the North Sub Contra

Singing Off The Same Hymn Sheet

Howling contemplates a new career, says goodbye to an old bluesman and finds it in his heart to forgive Wooden Horse. Yup, once again folks its time to gather on Dick’s porch and grab another fine mix of blues ‘n roots


T Model Ford – We thank you




Let’s Have A Party

Amos Milburn

Charlie Gillett’s Radio Picks

Bull Goose Rooster

Watermelon Slim & The Workers

Bull Goose Rooster

How Many More Years

Paul Filipowicz

Saints And Sinners

Look What You Done

Big Bill Morganfield

Blues With A Mood

Street Corner Preacher

The Mighty Mojo Prophets

Flyin’ Back From Memphis

To the Left To the Right

T-Model Ford

Chapter VII: All Men are Liars

Pretty Peggy

Poplar Jake

From The Delta To The Docks

Boogie Woogie Dance

Mary Flower

Misery Loves Company

Old Smitty

Sarah Jarosz

Follow Me Down

Work Song

Oscar Brown Jr

Tells It Like It Is & In A New Mood

The Panama Limited

Washington (Bukka) White

The Return Of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Cocaine Habit Blues

Memphis Jug Band

The Best Of The Memphis Jug Band


John Martyn

London Conversation

The Walking Rain

Wooden Horse

This Kind Of Trouble (not released yet)


Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton

Play The Blues

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, July 26 & 30

I think that what got me into programming an almost all-organ show this week—Updoc, Friday at 8PM and next Tuesday at noon, Organic Brooklyn Time—was the unbidden memory of how cool Jimmy Smith’s break was into his solo out of the brassy triplets of Elmer Bernstein’s film theme Walk on the Wild Side (as orchestrated by Oliver Nelson): the rhythm bunches up with Grady Tate’s press roll and then the rhythm section hits the release and Smith plays the perfect churchy-funky lick and the whole thing rolls like a wheel on fire. No wonder it was a radio hit in 1962, six minutes long, with the organ break starting the second side of the 45. I bought it. I still buy it. The rest of the show rolled on from there some Larry Young with the Lifetime and a Blue Note session, Bach’s great Passacaglia and Fugue, Don Patterson with Booker Ervin, a Duruflé fugue, Messiaen’s Apparition de l’Église Eternel—for some of it he clearly hopes that the Eternal Church will scare the shit out of the parishioners—Fats Waller playing St. Louis Blues, and (for the title at least) Count Basie and Pres playing the Upright Organ Blues. Then there’s a piano surprise and Jimmy Smoth’s long Blue Note jam from’57, The Sermon, so churchy-funky it’s got tailfins. The tag from Philip Glass fades out just before it gives you a headache. Bring your liver, kidneys, heart and lungs.

Senior Moments

Howling  admits to the ageing process, gives 5 long haired blokes from Richmond (UK) a break in their career and gets a surprise package just in time to finish off the show. Once again folks, it’s another hootin’ tootin’ and rootin’ voyage through the world of cool music coming from Dick’s Porch


Percy Mayfield – Poet Of The Blues




Dear John

Hank Williams

The Unreleased Recordings

World Turning

David Gogo

Come On Down

Down In Mississippi (Live)

Floyd Dixon

Time Brings About A Change

Statesboro Blues

Brooks Williams

The Time I Spend With You

How Far To The Horizon

Jesse Winchester

Honky Tonk Charlie Gillett’s Radio Picks

The Whale Has Swallowed Me

Milton Hopkins with Jewel Brown

Texas Breeze

High-Heel Sneakers

José Feliciano

Best Of Jose Feliciano

Breaking My Heart

Robert Belfour

Pushin’ My Luck

Good Morning Little School Girl

Doctor Ross The harmonica Boss

Classic Harmonica Blues From Smithsonian


Ian Siegal & The Mississippi MudBloods

Candy Store Kid

I Need You So Bad

Magic Sam

West Side Soul

Strange Things Happening

Percy Mayfield

Poet Of The Blues

No Expectations

Rolling Stones

Beggars Banquet

Midnight Rider

Buddy Miles

Best Of Buddy Miles

Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries

Blaze Foley

The Dawg Years (1975-1978)

Get It Right

Wooden Horse

This Kind Of Trouble

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, July 19 & 23

I don’t play a lot of short songs on the show—Updoc, Friday at 8PM, noon next Tuesday, Heated Eastern Daylight Time—very often, especially since my colleague Brian Cullman knows more of them than I do and can even put them on toast; but it’s hot outdoors and in and I felt like playing some familiar shorter things, starting out with Mose Allison and moving on to Lady Day, Frank Sinatra—effortlessly fine on One For My Baby, but really impressive on Sammy Cahn’s difficult, chromatic Only the Lonely, which must be even tougher to sing than Lush Life—plus Swamp Dogg and Esther Philips’ great The Love We Got Ain’t Worth Two Dead Flies, the Meters, Bobby “Blue” Bland and Jesse Winchester. Then we chill things down, way down, with Béla Bartók’s one-acter Bluebeard’s Castle. I’m usually wary of playing opera on the show, but this one’s a two-hander with a simple plot: Bluebeard comes home with a new wife, she wants to open the doors and let the light in, he says Don’t do that! and she insists and it works out badly. Classic performance by Christa Ludwig, Walter Berry, Istvan Kertesz and the LSO. If it doesn’t make your hair stand on end it’s because you’re sweating too much or have a hat on. Actually, I picked the Bartók first, and the hook to putting some songs on was Mose Allison’s odd Meade-Lux-Lewis-by-way-of-Bartók piano style, and it’s always good to hear from the sage of Tippo, Miss. Béla “Blue” Bartók’s Ba-Lues Are! belamose

Tone Science – 07/14/2013

tone science 126

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Tanking / Foster Mural Jeb Bishop & Tim Daisy Old Shoulders
  Absolute Zero / Refraction Ellery Eskelin, Susan Alcorn, Michael Formanek MIrage
  Boom Goes The Moon Joshua Abrams Quartet Unknown Known
  Ayler Children Black Host Life In The Sugar Candle Mines
  I launch an attack.... / HARD LOVE Marina Rosenfeld P.A. - Hard Love
  Insext Daniel Wohl, Transit Corps Exquis
  When Under Ether PJ Harvey White Chalk
  yes is a pleasent country Susanne Abbuehl April
  Harry Partch Laments the Dying Of the Moon... and Then Laughs Eric Revis, Kris Davis, Andrew Cyrille City of Asylum
  Planet The Engines, John Tchicai Other Violets
  Elephant Gun Whatever Brains LP 3
  The Space Beneath My Grey Heart Okkyung Lee Ghil
  Part IV Konstruckt, Peter Brotzmann Ekilisa Sunday
  Chimay Blues Desert Heat Cat Mask at Huggie Temple
  Art Decade David Bowie Stage

Lumberjacks & Lumberjills

Howling proves he is a man of his word,  languishes in memories of days gone by when genres hadnt been invented and proves that there is bad humour in the blues. Once again folks its a fun filled hour of blues, roots and other stuff comin’ at ya straight from Dick’s porch.


Creedence – fashion victims?




Roll And Tumble Blues

Hambone Willie Newburn

The Return Of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

I’m A King Bee

Watermelon Slim & The Workers

Bull Goose Rooster

Mississippi Fred McDowell Blues

Thomas Ford

Breaking Everything But Even

Frisco Line

Mississippi Fred McDowell

15 Country Blues Classics

Thunder & Lightning

Brown Bird

Salt For Salt

School House Blues

Eugene Hideaway Bridges

Roots And Vines

Why Did Our Love Go

Claude Huey

Bad, Bad Whiskey

Mythological Blues

Ernest Rogers

Turn Me Loose: Outsiders of Old-Time Music

The Devil

L.R. Phoenix

The Hollow Log Of Captain Richar

Run Through The Jungle

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Cosmo’s Factory

Rainy Day Man

Doug Dickens


No One Can Forgive Me But My Baby

John Hammond

Got Love If You Want It

I Got A Mind To Give Up Living

Paul Butterfield Blues Band


Hard Day Blues

Muddy Waters

If You Take Me Back

Lonesome River

Wooden Horse

You’re In My Heart

Songs on Toast – 07/12/2013

Lead Me On 2:06 Bobby “Blue” Bland Two Steps From The Blues
I Have Become A Stranger To This World Dietrich Fischer-Diskau Mahler lieder
Blues On The Ceiling 3:57 Tim Hardin This Is Tim Hardin
The Red Wall 5:10 Rebecca Martin Thoroughfare
Shenandoah (Master Take)1:44 Johnny Smith Chip Stern collection
Too Much Between Us 3:43 Procol Harum A Salty Dog
It Never Fails 2:16 Ron Sexsmith Other Songs
Taqsîm Maqâm ‘Ajam, pt. 2 3:12 Omar Bashir Taqâsîm (Luth arabe, Arab Lute)
Striggio: Ecce Beatam Lucem 9:17 Paul Van Nevel: Huelgas Ensemble Utopia Triumphans
Lago De Almovar 3:06 Pepe Marchena Grands Cantaores Du Flamenco Vol. X
Ambasel 3:49 Hailu Mergia Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument: Shemonmuanaye
My Town 3:13 Paul Siebel Woodsmoke & Oranges
If the Law Don’t Want You 2:51 Norah Jones KIN: Songs by Mary Karr & Rodney Crowell
Richmond 3:05 Faces Stay With Me – Anthology
Until The Real Thing Comes Along The Ravens Greatest Group Of Them All
Sueño Mama 3:24 Roberto Poveda Son Electrico
Satisfied Fool 3:52 Nathaniel Mayer I Just Want To Be Held
How Much Can A Man Take 2:31 Big John Hamilton Big John Hamilton
Soulin 2:32 Sir Stan And The Counts The Rustler Presents: Because You’re Funky
Tennessee Blues 5:34 The Sir Douglas Band The Best Of Doug Sahm’s Atlantic Sessions
Oo Debut 1:09 Moondog Moondog, The Viking Of 6th Avenue
Chegada 4:40 Joyce, Nana Vasconcelos, & Mauricio Maestro Visions Of Dawn
Aranis 4:00 Soap Kills/Yasmine Hamdan Cheftak
Divertissement Des Bergers 4:23 Peuhls Bergers Jeux De Flûtes Des Bergers Peuhls
The Devil Bush 2:20 Pell Mell Flow Rock
Life is Funny 0:16 The Fugs It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest
Soré ga mo The Tree of Peace 1 3:08 Arone Singa, Bernard Barbu Centrafrique: Musique pour sanza en pays gbaya
Soré ga mo The Tree of Peace 2 4:51 Arone Singa, Daniel Ngda’dikè Centrafrique: Musique pour sanza en pays gbaya
Tumbalalaika 1:57 Trio Klezele Freylekh from Vladivostok
Patria 5:07 Ruben Blades The World & His Sister
World 4:53 Julia Holter World
Schumann: Fantasiestücke, Op. 12 2:04 Martha Argerich Schumann: Fantasie In C

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, July 12 & 16

About fifty years ago today the John Coltrane Quartet recorded the best of its middle-period tour dates, one that has been released several times as Live in Stockholm 1963, sometimes featuring tracks unattributedly lifted from other times and places. The band would play some still more scarifying concerts two years later—anyone remember Impressions, Part 2, from what is sometimes said to be Paris and other times Antibes and featuring, wherever it actually hailed from, Elvin Jones’ menacing impression of a huge oncoming storm?—but the Stockholm set’s virtues are its own, less radical reward, with a striking I Want to Talk About You and a long Traneing In in which you can hear the band struggling to get the thing off the ground and finally doing it, bigtime. There also seems to be a vocal mic on Jimmy Garrison, who sounds like an asthmatic trying to run a marathon.
Meanwhile, in galaxy far, far away—all right, Vienna 130 years ago—Anton Bruckner premiered his Fourth Symphony and for a change the audience liked this one. I heard a radiant and vital performance by Simon Rattle and the Berliners on the radio and decided to put it on the show until I checked out the far more amazing Fürtwangler 1951; but I’m not a dyed in the wool Brucknerian, and although I’m one of Wilhelm F’s most ardent fans, Fürtwangler’s Bruckner is Bruckner squared, or cubed, even. Eugen Jochum’s great recording with the 1960s Berlin Phillies (performing an 1881 revision of the score) squares the circle: no one can say of it, as was cuttingly said of Bruckner’s giants in general, that they have massive limbs but muscles too weak to lift them. It is one of the greatest symphonic performances on record. There are a couple of other things on the show, but that’s pretty much it: two great and different visions of the vasty depths and spaces above us and within. You could bring a telescope or an X-ray machine, but your ears work best of all.

Tone Science – 07/07/2013

tone science 125

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Phantasia Jessica Rylan Interior Designs
  Cool Copy / Looking The Engines, John Tchicai Other Violets
  Vadim / Egon Eric Revis, Kris Davis, Andrew Cyrille City of Asylum
  Hana Joni Mitchell Shine
  Berlin Ballad John Tchicai, Vitold Rek Satisfaction: Art of the Duo
  Waltz After David M Gary Peacock, Marilyn Crispell Azure
  Moss Garden David Bowie
  Schtyx (1991) Alvin Curran/Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio Schtyx
  Contrasts, Sz 111 Bela Bartok, Joseph Szigeti, Benny Goodman Contrasts for Violin, Clarinet & Piano