Songs on Toast – 09/27/2013

The Secret Alphabets of Song ::: A
Annour El Sahel 4:16 Sidi Touré Alafia
Arc en ciel 4:17 Edgar De L’est Retrouvailles
Abshana 2:18 Jun Miyake Lost Memory Theatre Act-1
Ah Mon Amour 5:32 Rachid Taha Diwan 2
Abaana Bakesa 5:25 Samite Dance My Children, Dance
All Night Long 2:57 Little Isidore & The Inquisitors Inquisition Of Love
Ajali Ya Mombasa 4:19 The Eagles Lupopo 77 ESSENTIAL EAST AFRICAN HITS 1
Alla luce del giorno 3:06 Ennio Morricone Metti, Una Sera a Cena
Aeroporto 77 3:34 Domenico + 2 Sincerely Hot
All Night Long 2:28 Clifton Chenier Zydeco Dynamite
Arte Bella 2:37 Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole Ska Bonanza
Águyuha Nidúheñu 5:14 Andy Palacio Wátina
Are You Glad To Be In America? 3:41 James Blood Ulmer Odyssey
Alley Pang 3:04 The Skatalites Foundation Ska
African Herbsman (Mono) 2:25 Bob Marley And The Wailers The Complete Upsetter Singles
Aunque Me Duela La Vida 5:05 Sidestepper 3am: In Beats We Trust
Arrete Ton Delire 4:33 Dédé Saint-Prix Arrete Ton Delire
Adieu mon rêve 2:30 Gilles Sala Pour toujours…
Abusar 5:49 Ely Guerra Lotofire
Africa Dub 2:53 Augustus Pablo Africa Must Be Free by 1983
Aiye 5:37 Bob Ohiri & His Uhuru Sound Uhuru Aiyee
As The Years Go Passing By Albert King Born Under A Bad Sign
Ağırlama 7:06 Erkan Ogur Bir Ömürlük Misafir
All Your Life 3:45 Nina Nastasia Dogs
All i Had 3:15 The Holmes Brothers The Glenn Sessions
Ali Baba 3:15 Comedian Harmonists Ihre Großen Erfolge
About 3 Little Fishes 2:07 David Moss My Favorite Things
Afraid 3:31 Nico Desertshore
African Jive 2:49 Slim & Slam The Groove Juice Special
Alissa 2:13 Ongo Trogodé Centrafrique : Trompes Banda Linda

Tone Science – 09/29/2013

tone science 135

Time Song Artist Album
8pm The Watcher / The True Meaning of Determination Dave Holland Prism
  Ride My Arrow Bill Callahan Dream River
  Vashkar Carla Bley Trios
  Invisible Kevin Drumm & Jason Lescallet The Invisible Curse
  String Quartet No. 2 Patrick Higgins/MIVOS Quartet String Quartet No. 2 + Glacial
  Stop the Sound of the Big Bell Chicago Sound Map Performs Compositions by Olivia Block and Ernst Karel
  Meat Shovel Dead Neanderthals Meat Shovel

A Schoolboy Crush

This week Howling’s up to his neck in clutter as he works himself up into a melanchony mood and reveals a secret passion for Eurovision singers. Yes, blueshounds, ts another week of suprises on the porch with another hour of the finest blues ‘n roots that only Dick can deliver.

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lulu-1965LULU! – Betcha never thought you’d see HER here, did you?




Foolish Heart

April Verch -Hayes Griffin

Bright Like Gold

Jacob’s Ladder

Taj Mahal

The Hidden Treasures Of Taj Mahal

Can’t Get Enough Of Loving You

The Rides

Can’t Get Enough

Death Letter


Running Man

Mr. Weatherman

Ron Sayer Jr & Charlotte Joyce

Hard To Please

Country Farm Blues

Son House

Delta Blues

The Gospel Train Is Coming

Rev. Edward W. Clayborn

Complete Recorded Works 1926-1928

Voices in Dallas

Mike Zito

Gone to Texas

Blues Is the Truth

Cyril Neville

Magic Honey

Living With The Blues

Hans Theessink

Wishing Well

Just A Feeling

Charlie Musselwhite

Remembering Little Walter

Drown In My Own Tears

Lulu With Jeff Beck

Red White & Blues

All I Could Do Was Cry

Etta James

At Last!

Train Song

Tom Waits

Frank’s Wild Years

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Friday 9/27 & Tuesday 10/1

maryloveHmm, not too much jazz on this week’s show—that’d be Updoc, Friday at 8PM, noon next Tuesday, Flatbush Avenue time—but I hope you’ll drop in anyway: the music’s fine. First Oliver Knussen’s charming Music for a Puppet Court, then some moonscape Ligeti, then some of that Mozart cat. George Szell was the martinet among European emigré conductors and has never been a favorite of mine, but this performance of Mozart’s radiant “Haffner” symphony has a grip on the rhythmic genius of this work—as propulsive as anything Beethoven wrote, and more various—and never lets go. Try not to be exhilirated and you will fail. More Knussen, his fine Violin Concerto—I’ve begun to think there’s more first-rate ‘classical’ music being composed in Britain these days than anywhere else, and I put it down in part to the non-dogmatic and undomineering influence of Benjamin Britten—and then what really seems to be the point of the show: Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23, which I think should be subtitled The Good for What Ails You. Along with all the grace and elegance you expect from Mozart there is something almost infinitely consoling about this music, in a luminous performance here by Maria Joao Pires. Once that merciful note is sounded, Arvo Pärt’s Berliner Messe is a natural: he has lasted when other minimalist-medievalists have not, because in the end spiritual authenticity cannot be faked. Could the show end with anything but Cannonball and the world’s funkiest Austrian ever? Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.

Songs on Toast – 09/20/2013

Pugs 0:08
Preferisco così 1:18 Gianmaria Testa Altre Latitudini
Hommage a leo 1:58 Edgar De L’est Retrouvailles
Tell Mama 3:48 The Civil Wars The Civil Wars
Like A Woman Can 3:30 kim taylor Love’s a Dog
Can’t Hurt Me Anymore 5:17 The Hiders Valentine
Time Takes Time 4:36 Nick Holmes Sonar
Over The Hill 2:52 John Martyn Solid Air
Sweet Mama 2:39 Fred Neil Bleecker And McDougal
I Come From Jamaica 2:40 Clifford Brown Brownie Speaks
Balani 4:24 Neba Solo Mixatac #1: Bamako
Collide The Generations 5:14 Garland Jeffreys Collide the Generations
Pinos 4:44 M.A.S.A. Uno
The Baby, She’s On The Street 2:22 Jona Lewie The Best Of Jona Lewie
Yakar 5:04 Amadou Diagne Yakar
Kaani 7:39 Tal National Kaani
Hero And Princess 5:01 Nick Holmes Sonar
Shaky Girl 3:02 Jacob Miller & Inner Circle Reggae Greats
Angel Baby 2:52 Rosie & The Originals Early Girls, Vol. 1: Popsicles & Icicles
Jungle Drums 2:51 Earl Bostic Mr. Earl
Good Advice 2:44 J.B. Lenoir Vietnam Blues
You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover 3:42 Dion Sit Down Old Friend
Corinne Corinna 4:36 OAMI Day In The City
Bad Boy 2:52 The Jive Bombers Cry-Baby
Echo Sanga 6:49 Ahmed Fofana Mixatac #1: Bamako
Soley bondié 4:00 Kaya Best of Kaya – Mo enkor la…
Non, Non, Non (Feat. Vincent Cassel) 3:51 Zap Mama ReCreation
Jah Calling 2:32 The Bad Brains Bad Brains
The Welcoming 4:00 Jimi zhivago Hits…
Don’t Let Us Get Sick 3:06 Warren Zevon Life’ll Kill Ya
Junk 2:27 The Beatles White Album Alternates, Outtakes & Jams
Here in the Kitchen 1:29 Dan Reeder Dan Reeder
Pugs 0:08

Tone Science – 09/22/2013

tone science 134

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Europium The Thing with Barry Guy Metal
  Bob Wills medley Brian and the Haggards featuring Dr. Eugene Chadbourne Merles Just Want To Have Fun
  Spatialist (for Fred Anderson) Paul Giallorenzo's GitGO Emergent
  Bring Me My Shotgun Bill Orcutt A History of Everyone
  AllSteel John King/Ethel AllSteel
  Second Breath, part 1 Fire Room Second Breath
  Suspicious Farms Dan Haywood Dapple
  Dehumanization Blues Luis Lopez Electricty
  6 Tigersmilk From the Bottle

Only In England

Theres a tear shed on the porch this week but Howling does his best to cheer us up with tales of lucky fellas, aristocratic trumpeters and someone that just crept out the swamp. All in all, its what you expect from Dick – an hour of the finest blues ‘n roots

unknownSwamp Thing – Hang on! Did someone say a NEW Tony Joe White album???




Baby, What’s Wrong

Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmy Vaughn

On The Jimmy Reed Highway

I Was In St Louis

Johhny Wright and Steve Rusin

Single (You Tube )

9 Foot Sack

Tony Joe White


You Ain’t Letting Me Down

Wooden Horse

This Kind Of Trouble

Thirty Eight

Will Wilde

Raw Blues

Hard Time They Never Go Away

Kelly Joe Phelps

Brother Sinner & The Whale

Beams Of Heaven

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Gospel Train

Baby Boy’s Blues

The California Honeydrops

Like You Mean It

Cold Wave Blues

Barbecue Bob

The Essential Barbecue Bob

Bad Penny Blues

Humphrey Lyttelton

Red White & Blues



44 Minutes

Rock ‘n Roll Star


Running Man

Remember Me

The Mighty Mojo Prophets

Flyin’ Home From Memphis

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Friday 9/13, Tuesday 9/17

anatomy-of-a-hit1I’ve been trying to get my hands on a digital copy of Jack DeJohnette and Lester Bowie’s film-score album Zebra for some time so I could play some on the show. Last week I had the good luck to run into Jack at a drum festival in Woodstock and he generously made a copy I could use. That would be Updoc at 8PM Friday and noon next Tuesday, Woodstock time, so tune in for some of Lester Bowie’s loveliest playing on record over Jack’s keyboards and drum programming. After that it’s a set featuring the work of the brilliant songwriter poet cartoonist (see illustration) and surrealist quirkster Peter Blegvad. Come one come all and you’ll get to hear selections from the thirty-year-old and just reissued Kew. Rhone. and another few from Blegvad’s recent collaboration with Andy Partridge, Gonwards. This will bend your mind into strange shapes but you’ll recover. After that it’s the more than hourlong and spectacular Rag Lalit from the Indian flute master Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. Rag Lalit evidently provides the usual sort of pentatonic note selection but also offers the improviser some surprisingly chromatic intervals, and Chaurasia makes use of the contrasts to sustain this long piece to stunning effect. The writer Peter Cherches turned me onto this one and it’s a winner. A couple of weeks ago I ended a show with the Kinks promising Better Things Ahead. This time it’s Blegvad in deep Russian mode prophesying Worse On the Way, probably the best thing in this vein since Tuli Kupferberg’s Nothing, with the Fugs. Come on, I know you can take it.

Tone Science – 09/15/2013

tone science 133

Time Song Artist Album
8pm The Utter Nots Sun Ra and his Solar-Myth Arkestra The Solar-Myth Approach
  side B (1-3) Polly Bradfield Solo Violin Improvisations
  Lonely Woman Joe McPhee The Loneliest Woman
  Ice Swells Pt. II Big Blood Radio Valkyrie 1905-1917
  A Hebredean Dream Richard Youngs No Retreat In Comfort
  Goodbye Oslo Rose Richard Younds Summer Through My Mind
  Armed The Dead C Armed Conflict
  Lanthanum The Thing with Barry Guy Metal
  Black Body\Head Coming Apart

Dave’s The Daddy!

So much going on this week as Howling refuses to explain the noble game,  reveals his inspiration, praises his favourite gal, gets surprised by a legend and then starts blowing cool jazz on his porch in the early hours of the morning. Wow, all this and lots more in an hour of the coolest blues ‘n roots ya can get for free!

Petunia – Everybody loves a yodelling cowboy




Blind Man

Little Milton

We’re Gonna Make It

That’s A Pretty Good Love

The Rides

Can’t Get Enough

House Of Mercy

Bex Marshall

The House Of Mercy

I’m In I’m Out And I’m Gone

Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite

Get Up!

Twist It Baby

Jimmie Lee [Robinson]

Blues And Gospel From Bandera, Laredo And Jericho Road

Tore Down

Freddie King

Getting Ready…

Pain in the Streets

Walter Trout

Luther’s Blues – A Tribute to Luther Allison

Country Boy Down In New Orleans

Snooks Eaglin

15 Country Blues Classics

Outlaw Blues

Bob Dylan

Bringing It All Back Home

All Night Long

Chris Rea

Blue Guitars Vol 6 (Chicago Blues)


Petunia & the Vipers

Petunia & The Vipers

You can’t be Told

Valerie June

Pushin’ against a Stone

C Jam Blues

Duke Ellington

Blues In Orbit

Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky)

Robert Plant