taint town live – 09/29/2013

fri&sat mid-3am (EasternRandomTime); mon&wed 9pm-mid; tues 8-11am


Fumio Yasuda & Theo Bleckmann, Camptown Races (Mother Goose’s Melodies) 2013
Kobo Town, Tick Tock Goes the Clock (Jumbie in the Jukebox) 2013
Black Host, Hover (Life in the Sugar Candle Mines) 2013

Bill Withers, World Keeps Going Around (…Live At Carnegie Hall) 1973
Trombone Shorty, Vieux Carre (Say That To Say This) 2013
Phillip Johnston’s Big Trouble (Mr. Crocodile (Flood At The Ant Farm) 1996
Ljova, Karnavale 2 (Lost in Kino) 2011
Hazmat Modine, title (Cicada) 2011
Phillip Johnston, The Further Adventures of Slap and Tickle: Tango (Rub Me the Wrong Way) 2004

Jim Black AlasNoAxis, Sun San (Antiheroes) 2013
Kneebody, title (The Line) 2013
Derrick Hodge, Still The One (Live Today) 2013
Tarbaby, When (Ballad of Sam Langford) 2013
Richard Bliwas, Witch Track (Carob Tempered Variations) 2013

Imer Santiago, title (Hidden Journey) 2013
Gregory Porter, No Love Dying (Liquid Spirit) 2013
Ljova, Bagel on the Malecon (World on Four Strings) 2011
Stephen Riley, After You, Who? Lover 2013
Lou Caimano And Eric Olsen, Nessun Dorma (Dyad Plays Puccini) 2013

Joe Morris, William Parker & Gerald Cleaver, Expsphere (Altitude) 2013

Craig Taborn Trio w/Thomas Morgan & Gerald Cleaver, All True Night / Future Perfect (Chants)
Ku-umba Frank Lacy, Kevin Ray & Andrew Drury, [Henry Threadgill’s} Midnight Sun (1032k – That Which is Planted: Live in Buffalo & Rochester) 2013

*time is relative

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