Martian Gardens – 01/22/2014


Daniel Goode: Annbling
New World Records/2014
The Flexible Orchestra, Tara Simoncic, conductor; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, May 22, 2013; composition years: 2006, revised 2007; time: 22:53

Lou Harrison: Suite No. 1
a. Avalokiteshvara (2:20)
b. Music for Bill & Me (3:48)
c. Sonata in Am (3:07)
d. Tandy’s Tango (3:19)
e. Sonata in Ishartum (1:31)
Por Gitaro
Mode Records/2008
guitars, National Steel Guitar: John Schneider; percussion: J.T. Troy, Gene Sterling (Just Strings group); recorded at Harrison House, Joshua Tree, California, July 5, 2004; composition years: 1972, 1992; total time: 13:05

Lou Harrison: Song of Quetzalcoatl
Drums Along the Pacific
New Albion Records/2003
William Winant Percussion Group (5 glasses, 5 woodblocks, 5 dragon’s mouths, sistrums: William Winant; 5 cowbells, 5 suspended and muted brake drums, wooden rattle: Todd Manley; snare drum, guiro, windglass, triangle, gong, tam-tam: David Rosenthal; 5 tom-toms, contrabass drum: Daniel Kennedy); recorded at Bay Records, Berkeley, California, August 1993; composition year: 1941; time: 6:32

Harry Partch: Ring Around the Moon — A Dance for Here and Now
a. Phase One: Well, bless my soul! (Well, bless my soul!) (2:48)
b. Phase Two: One, two, three, four — X,Y, Zee (2:12)
c. Phase Three: Shake hands now, boys,
and at the sound of the bell come out fighting! (2:55)
d. Phase Four: Mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus, hoit toity…(Look out! He’s Got a gun!) (1:26)
[Movement II from Plectra and Percussion Dances —
Satyr-Play Music for Dance Theater]
The Harry Partch Collection Volume 1
New World Records/2004 (orig. CRI/1997)
Gate Five Ensemble (Sausalito), conductor: Horace Schwartz; recorded in Sausalito, California, 1953 (Instrumentation for Ring Around the Moon: Intoned speaking voice, Adapted Guitar II, Kithara, Harmonic Canon, Chromelodeon I, Chromelodeon Sub-bass, Cloud-Chamber Bowls, Marimba Eroica, Diamond Marimba, Bass Marimba), composition year: 1952; time: 9:21

Harry Partch: June 15 — Harrington Ranch, San Joaquin Delta
Bitter Music
Bridge Records/2012
narration: John Schneider; recorded at Second Story Studios, Venice, California, summer 2010; Bitter Music, Harry Partch’s hobo diary, written in 1935; excerpt time: 9:46

Iannis Xenakis: Palimpsest
Ensemble Music 3
Mode Records/2013
(for piano & ensemble) International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), conductor: Steven Schick; piano: Cory Smythe (ICE); recorded at Conrad Prebys Hall, University of California San Diego, January 2010; composition year: 1979; time: 12:11

Yvar Mikhashoff: Suicide in an Airplane (L. Ornstein)
Panorama of American Piano Music
from Antheil to Zappa 1911 to 1991
Mode Records/2013
composer: Leo Ornstein; piano: Yvar Mikhashoff; recorded at Slee Hall, SUNY Buffalo, 1991-1992; composition year: 1916; time: 4:42

Mary Ellen Childs: from Wreck
a. First Wave (part 1) (2:04)
b. First Wave (part 2) (3:26)
Innova Recordings/2013
clarinets: Pat O’Keefe; violin: Laura Harada; cellos: Michelle Kinney, Jacqueline Ultan; percussion: Peter O’Gorman; recorded at Wild Sound Studio, Minneapolis, 2011; composition year: 2011; total time: 5:30

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay: Le tombeau des fondeurs
La marée
empreintes DIGITALes/2013
(for piano Baschet-Malbos, processing, interactive system, and tape) piano Baschet-Malbos: Sarah Nicholls, electroacoustic music realized at the composer’s studio and the studios of the University of Huddersfield, UK, 2008; piano Beschet-Malbos recorded at Studio 4’33”, Paris, November 24 and 25, 2012; time: 17:02

Dead Voices On Air: Castered Carts
Piss Frond
Invisible Records/1999
electronic music: Mark Spybey, Darryl Neduorf; vocals: Tracy “Sugarpill” Pillsworth; recorded at Miller Block studio, Vancouver, BC, 1998; time: 3:53

Åke Parmerud: Substring Bridge
Cultures électroniques 18 — Bourges 2005 [various artists]
Mnemosyne Musique Media/2005
(for interactive guitar and computer) guitar: Mats Bergström; realized at the Swedish Institute for National Concerts (IRK), Stockholm, 2002; time: 8:53

Juan Blanco: Espacios V
Nuestro Tiempo (Our Time)
Innova Recordings/2013
electronic music: Juan Blanco; saxophones: Neil Leonard; recorded at the Laboratorio Nacional de Música Electroacústica, Havana, 1993; composition year: 1993; time: 11:41

Ken Thomson: Perpetual
a. Underlying (6:21)
b. Bad Idea (4:18)*
c. Don Pullen says it’s OK (4:42)*
Cantaloupe Music/2013
The JACK Quartet; bass clarinet: Ken Thomson; recorded at Flux Studios, New York City, August 2012; composition year: 2010; time: 6:21
* TAINT Radio version only

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