Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, 2/28 & Tues 3/4

Some of the old Romanov Tsars were so heavily into Sonny and Trane that they couldn’t abide Stan Getz at all, but most of us keep a warm place in our hearts for the man whose name, allegedly, was Dizzy Gillespie’s two-word answer to the question Can an evil person make beautiful music? I myself was present at a Birdland table Getz visited to chat with John Coltrane, who, after Getz was modest about his own playing—“I’m not doing much, John, what are you doing here?”—told him, “I always love what you do.” Then Alice Coltrane poked Getz in the belly and told him he was getting fatter. Everyone in the club was staring our way. I was eighteen years old, there by chance and speechless, and didn’t see any Romanov tsars or usurpers, but can offer on this week’s show—Updoc, 8PM Friday and noon next Tuesday, Birdland offstage table time—a suite from the Eddie Sauter-Stan Getz score for the cult classic film Mickey One, also Stokowski’s orchestral suite from Moussorgsky’s Boris Godunov, Christopher Rouse’s Oboe Concerto, some small band Getz and a Terry Riley piano suggestion that we should be kind to each other. Including saxophone players and Russians and the rest of us.BorisGetzColor

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