Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri June 1 & Tues June 5

I know, three mid-century American Third Symphonies, all premiered by Koussevitsky and definitivised by Bernstein, it seems like a gimmick, but they relate. William Schuman’s postwar 3rd is full of imperial American thrust, a New York City of symphonies, skyscrapingly virtuosic; Roy Harris’ wonderful prewar 3rd takes somewhat Sibelian developmental strategies out into prairie air and cowboy light; and Aaron Copland’s 3rd is iconic Americana, incorporating the famous Fanfare for the Common Man into its last movement. Why, together they’re like . . . um, how about an American tapestry! Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic put their brand on this music’s flanks, and that’s who plays them for us on this week’s Updoc—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Lincoln Center time—with their original recordings of the first two and the update of the Copland. After that I wanted to give the conductor some, with one of Lenny’s best classical pieces, the Serenade based on Plato’s Symposium, a violin concerto in all but name, but it wouldn’t fit into the two-hour show and the Symphonic Dances from West Side Story slotted right in, so we’ll have to Symposiate on some future Updoc. In the meantime, drop by and get all American if you’re in the mood.LargeFlagStripes

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