Tone Science – 05/11/2014

tone science 162

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Colors In Crystal Joe McPhee and John Snyder PIeces of Light
  Prolegomenon / These Words Make Up The Lyrics Of The Song People 3xaWomana
  Flower Trane Sunny Murray Sunshine
  Wormhole 2 Hild Sofie Tafjord Breathing
  Bound Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell Streaming
  Dawn is Evening, Afternoon Ronnie Boykins The Will Come, Is Now
  Distress Richard Youngs Calmont Breakdown
  Iodine Leonard Cohen Death Of A Ladies' Man
  Green Line Steve Marcus, Miroslav Vitous, Sonny Sharrock, Daniel Humair Green Line
  Sometimes the Sword of Seven Chas SMith Cold Blue Two
  Something Else Pauline Oliveros No Mo

Her Little Rubber Ducky

Howling’s relaxing in the bath  this week and whilst he’s soaking up the steam he’s  raving about a troubadour and wishing he was older!! One things for sure, life’s never dull here at Taint with Dick and his merry cast of blues hounds serving up the finest hour of blues and roots on the net!

Rushing + Gal

Jimmy Rushing “Who could resist one of his ribs?”

Somebody’s Spoiling These Women Jimmy Rushing Two Shades Of Blue VIDEO
Busted Harmonicadave Box Full of Blues VIDEO
Keep the Love a Comin’ John Nemeth Memphis Grease VIDEO
Graveyard Dead Blues Lisa Biales Belle of the Blues VIDEO
T’aint Nobody’s Business Ian Siegal Man & Guitar VIDEO
Mean Black Cat Blues Charley Patton Blues Images VIDEO
Blue Spirit Blues Bessie Smith Blues Images VIDEO
Little Red Rooster Eric Ranzoni The Blues Of Eric Rannzoni VIDEO
Everything Gonna Be Alright Big Mama Thornton Everythings Gonna Be Allright VIDEO
Bourbon Street Bex Marshall Live + Solo VIDEO
Pay to Play Eddie Cotton Here I Come VIDEO
Deathly Blue Half Deaf Clatch Deathly Blue VIDEO
Keep Your Nose Out Of My Business Johnny Young Chicago Blues VIDEO
Cant You Hear The Wind Howl Mick Simpson Hard Road VIDEO


Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Friday May 9 & Tues. May 13

Yes, it’s another Sonny day, or evening, depending when you tune in—Friday at 8PM or noon next Tuesday on, Williamsburg Bridge and Woodstock time. When the first two Road Shows albums came out I picked a few cuts and surrounded them with a bit of history-minded Sonny Rollins tutorial. This time I thought it best to put this entire CD of 21st century concert selections on the show, and filled the rest with our hero in Copenhagen in 1965 with a trio: the contrasts and similarities might surprise even longtime listeners. As for this new concert compilation, I’d recommend buying the CD: Sonny Rollins is too big to fit inside a download or a computer, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard his massive, sometimes craggy saxophone sound captured anything like this well on record. Play it on something large if you can. The first two tunes had me smiling broadly, then laughing out loud, once in the middle of a rapidly scrambled stretch of Sonny’s solo, and the second time in the middle of an extraordinary wrong-note passage, one more definite case of Wonders Never Cease. Eighty-three years old, surrounded by love and best wishes and grateful listeners trying to convey how much he has meant to us and how he has helped light up our world: Hello, Sonny.BigSONNY

Martian Gardens – 05/07/2014

Martian Gardens for May 4 & 7, 2014


Sundays live broadcast/webcast
9:00 p.m. — 12:00 a.m. EDT
(Live version returns to three hours, May 4, 2014)
webcast: Wednesdays 6:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m. EDT & Saturdays 3:00 a.m. (Eastern)
Webcast date: May 7, 2014
Host: Max Shea

online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

hour one

George Crumb: Sun and Shadow
(Spanish Songbook II)
A cycle of five songs on the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca
I. Lazy River (Corriente Lenta) [3:53}
II. The Fly (Mosca) [2:29}
III. The Interrupted Concert (El Concertieto Interrumpido) [2:33]
IV. Dance of the Moon in Santiago (Danza da Lua en Santiago) [2:33]
V. Farewell (Despedida] [3:15}
Complete Crumb Edition Volume 16
Bridge Records/2014
soprano: Ann Crumb; amplified piano: Marcantonio Barone; texts: Garcia Lorca; recorded at Swarthmore College, July 2013; composition year: 2009; total time: 15:24

Arthur Levering: Drinking Songs
a. A Drinking Song [1:59]
b. Potatores exquisiti [3:57]
c. Le Vin Perdu [2:47]
d. Dronken [3:18]
Parallel Universe
New World Records/2014
mezzo-soprano: Krista River; harps: Franziska Huhn, Amanda Romano; pianos: Donald Berman, John McDonald; conductor: Scott Wheeler; texts: a. W.B. Yeats, b. Anon.(13th c. Bavaria), c. Paul Valéry, d. Anon. (14th c. England); recorded at Distler Performance Hall, Tufts University, May 29, 2009; composition year: 2005; time: 12:13

Ben Johnston: I Concentrate on You (C. Porter)
from Revised Standards
MicroFest Records/2014
composer: Cole Porter, 1940, arr. Ben Johnston, 1987; Eclipse String Quartet; time: 2:28

Elizabeth Brown: Three Arias from “A Bookmobile for Dreamers”
a. Bookmusic
b. Swamp Aria
c. Lullaby
New World Records/2013
theremin, tapes: Elizabeth Brown; recorded at the Liguria Study Center, Bogliasco, Italy, March 2012; composition year: 2011 (music to accompany animation by Lothar Osterburg); time: 6:55

Anne LeBaron: Concerto for Active Frogs
Rana, Ritual & Revelations
Mode Records/1992
(for frog sounds, male soloist, chorus, and ensemble) The New Music Consort, conductor: Anne Lebaron; tenor sax, animal calls: George Cartwright; trombone: Jim Stanley; percussion, tape: William Trigg; baritone voice: David Shea; chorus: Rodney Thomaston, Susan Botti, Adam Weisman, Julie Marti, Christina Wheeler, David Anthony, Debra Degenhardt, Michael Rosensky; originally recorded in 1975; composition year: 1975; time: 10:44

hour two

Eve Beglarian: Testy Pony
Songs from the River Project II
EVBVD Music/2012
voice: Eve Beglarian, text: Zachary Schomberg; violin: Ron Blessinger; cello: Hamilton Chaifetz; composition year: 2011; time: 3:53

Twisted Tutu: Touchtone Tony
Play Nice
O.O. Discs/1999
telephony, processing: Eve Beglarian, Ben Rubin; phone message: Touchtone Tony, the Hotline Homeboy; composition year: 1994; time: 1:43

David Hahn: Apocalypse Cow
Apocalypse Cow/Chernobyl
Fin Records/2011
sampling (Bush, Rumsfeld, aircraft, bombs, cows, pornografische Klänge): David Hahn; composition year: 2010; time: 1:39

Phillip Kent Bimstein: A Little Bit About My Cows
Garland Hirschi’s Cows
sampler: PKB, sampled voice: Garland Hirschi; sampled lowing: Garland Hirschi’s cows, Springdale, Utah; composition year: 1990; time: 2:47

Polly Moller: Cold Blood
60 x 60: 2004/2005 [various artists]
Vox Novus/2007
electronics, flute, voice, text: Polly Moller; time: 1:00

Annie Gosfield: Daughters of the Industrial Revolution (excerpt)
Almost Truths and Open Deceptions
sampling keyboard: Annie Gosfield; electric guitar: Roger Kleier; cello: Felix Fan; drums, percussion: Ches Smith; percussion: Alex Lipowski; recorded at the Kitchen, New York City; composition year: 2011; time: 5:35

Secluded Bronte: Pistacchio (sic.)
Secluded in Jersey City
Pogus Productions/2013
found sounds, microphones, laptop: Adam Bohman, Jonathan Bohman, Richard Thomas; recorded at WFMU, New Jersey, November 7, 2002; time: 4:31

John Luther Adams: Sky with Four Suns
Cold Blue Two (various artists)
Cold Blue Music/2012
ETHEL (violins: Cornelius Dufallo, Jennifer Choi; viola: Ralph Farris; cello: Dorothy Lawson); recorded at Kaleidoscope Sound, Union City, New Jersey, July 2011; composition year: 2010; time: 4:25

James Tenney: Mallets in the Air
Cold Blue Two (various artists)
Cold Blue Music/2012
Partch diamond marimba (in just intonation): Erin Barnes; Formalist Quartet (violins: Andrew McIntosh, Andrew Tholl; viola: Mark Menzies; cello: Ashley Walters); recorded at Architecture Studios, Los Angeles, 2010; composition year: 2002; time: 4:40

James Tenney: Percussion Response (with Ergodos I)
Melody, Ergodicity and Indeterminacy
Mode Records/2007
(for computer music and percussion); percussion: Tobias Liebezeit; recorded in the Netherlands, 2007; composition year: 1964; time: 8:42

Peter Batchelor: Nebula (from Kaleidoscope: Cycle)
Pogus Productions/2013
(electroacoustic music); realized at the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, composition year: 2012; time: 13:17

hour three

Maggi Payne: Electric Ice
Experimental Music Studios 1958 — 2008 [various artists]
In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of
the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios [boxed set]
U. of Ill. EMS/2008
electronics, synthesizers: Maggi Payne; recorded at the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios, Urbana-Champaign, 2008; time: 6:31

Barbara Golden & Melody Sumner Carnahan:
At the Corner of Alive & Jesus (2nd 1/2)
At the Corner of Alive & Jesus
Burning Books/2001
music, narration: Barbara Golden; text: Melody Sumner Carnahan; vocals: Barbara Golden, Sheila Davies, Barney Jones; keyboards: Barbara Golden; percussion: William Winant; guitar: Larry Polansky; flute: Maggi Payne; viola, violin: Mary Oliver; saxophone: George Brooks; additional voice: K. Atchley; additional narration: Robert Ashley, David Cremin; remasterering: Maggi Payne, ABC, Sydney, Australia; premiered at The Lab, San Francisco, 1988; excerpt time: 18:00

Eduardo Reck Miranda: Le Jardin de Jérôme
Mother Tongue
computer music composed and recorded at the Bourges Institute of Electroacoustic Music Studios, France; composition year: 2001; time: 111:50

Xenia Pestova: On the Impossibility of Reflection (S. Wilson)*
Shadow Piano
Innova Recordings/2013
(for piano and electronics, composer: Scott Wilson); piano: Xenia Pestova; recorded at Elgar Concert Hall, University of Birmingham, UK; composition year: 2011; time: 12:40

Ikue Mori: Kaleidoscope*
computer, drum machine: Ikue Mori; recorded in Brooklyn, December 2000; time: 3:10

*TAINT Radio and WMUA automated versions only

— FIN —

This Girl Gets

This week Howlings indulging himself in childhood memories, getting frustrated at lack of information and balancing out the morality factor on the show. Once again, its high jinks on the porch at Taint with Dick and his cast of blues hounds in another hour of the best blues ‘n roots you’ll find on the net.


Roy Rogers  & Trigger – Which ones stuffed?

Yellow Rose Of Texas Roy Rogers A Cowboy Has Sing VIDEO
Black Cat Bone Roy Rogers Blues On The Range VIDEO
Last Will And Testament J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton The Road To Escondido VIDEO
It’s A Mystery To Me Eddie Martin Blues Took Me By The Hand VIDEO
You’re My Only Girl Will Wilde Raw Blues VIDEO
John Henry John Jacob Niles …I Listen to the Wind That Obliterates My Traces VIDEO
Mean Florida Blues Macon Ed & Tampa Joe Complete Recordings
The Feeling Is Gone J.B. Hutto & His Hawks With Sunnyland Slim Hawk Squat VIDEO
Didn’t Mean No Harm Frank Frost The Very Best Of Frank Frost VIDEO
Shushie Chuck E. Weiss Red Beans and Weiss VIDEO
Her Mind Is Gone Professor Longhair Crawfish Fiesta VIDEO
Stubborn Woman Mercy Dee Dust My Rhythm & Blues The Flair Records R&B Story 1953-55 VIDEO
Hey Little School Girl Tabby Thomas Going To New Orleans VIDEO
Lily Of The Valley Elder R. Wilson The History Of Black Gospel VIDEO
Sweet Brown Sugar Robert Belfour Pushin’ My Luck VIDEO
Rock Me Baby Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater The Chicago Blues Box VIDEO

Songs on Toast – 05/02/2014

When Everything Was What It Was 3:33 The Belle Brigade Just Because
Bonnie Portmore 2:33 The Rails Fair Warning
Bird On the Wire 2:58 Rosemary Standley, Dom La Nena Birds On a Wire
Monsters 3:27 Lucius Wildewoman
Try to Make a Fire Burn Again 1:58 Dawn Landes UNCUT 05.2014
Duerme Negrito 2:42 Rosemary Standley, Dom La Nena Birds On a Wire
January Girls 3:02 Lord Kitchener King Of Calypso
Respect 2:10 The Vagrants The Great Lost Album
Your Lips 4:01 Olu Dara In The World: From Natchez To New York
Bandrowski’s Turban 3:11 Royal Fingerbowl Greyhound Afternoons
Warranted Queen 3:14 Arum Rae Warranted Queen
Guitar Beat 4:09 The Raybeats Guitar Beat
I Cannot Make It 3:17 Sly & The Family Stone Higher!
El Watusi 2:39 Ray Barretto The Latin Soul Man
Ruby Baby 2:28 The Drifters Let The Boogie Woogie Roll: Greatest Hits
Make A Little Love 2:52 Elmore James The Best Of Elmore James – The Early Years
Personal Manager 4:31 Albert King Born Under A Bad Sign
Midnight 3:02 Memphis Slim & Terry Timmons The Come Back
Since I Lost The One I Love 2:35 The Impressions Definitive Impressions
Queen Jane Approximately 3:44 The Four Seasons Sing Big Hits By David-Bacharach-Dylan & New Gold Hits
Mystery Train 3:52 Bob Dylan Shot of Love Outtakes, May 1981
Good Rockin’ Tonight 2:21 Elvis Presley The Nashville Outtakes
Baron Of Love, Part Ii 4:12 Alex Chilton Like Flies On Sherbert
Don’t Bother Me 2:59 Kami Thompson The Bad Marriage EP
Michelle 3:20 Cuarteto De Saxofones Cuarteto De Saxofones De Santiago
True Love 6:03 Mia Doi Todd The Ewe and the Eye
To Moiroloi Tis Zelistas 1:49 Tasos Halkias Ta Ipeirotika
Kratissa Ti Zoi Mou – I Kept Hold Of My Life 6:00 Charles Lloyd Athens Concert
Exodus 6:39 Eddie Harris Exodus To Jazz
Down On Me 3:05 Mary Pickney Been In The Storm So Long
Down On Me 2:05 Big Brother & The Holding Company Love, Janis
I Want To Know What Love Is 5:32 New Jersey Mass Choir I Want To Know What Love Is
Father Blues 3:32 Olu Dara In The World: From Natchez To New York

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri May 2 & Tues May 6

Yep, this week’s show is pretty much what it looks like in the picture, just another unbridled-joy-of-music Blakey-Mahler show, with Art Blakey bucked up by a great but underrecorded version of the Jazz Messengers—my fellow Lee Morgan fans will leap to their feet, whooping, at a few prime moments—and Gustav Mahler mightily assisted by Claudio Abbado and the Lucerne Festival Orchestra in what might be the best single performance in the live Mahler cycle that might be the best such cycle anywhere ever. Even though the Mahler Seventh is long, and could probably get by with one less movement, it still fits, along with Buhaina’s Gretches and Turkish K Zildjians, into two hours—Friday at 8PM, noon next Tuesday, live at Birdland time—on good old Between Bu and Gus there’s a piano set featuring Eric Reed on his sterling Monk and gospel cycles, so all in all it’s a good night for music, and if you last till the closing movement of the Mahler 7th and you hear the way the orchestra rises up and plays for smilin’ Claudio Abbado, if you turn off the lights you might well find yourself glowing in the dark.BlakeyAbbadoYes