Lawyer Food

Looks like its getting kinda legal on Taint this week, but Judge Howling is on hand to bring justice as he goes into outer space, avoids the obvious and rejects the Wombles. During the proceedings, amongst all this nonsense, you’ll also get to  hear an hour of the finest blues ‘n roots on the net.


Junior Parker, Bobby Bland and Unknown

Let Me Walk, Lord, By Your Side The Stanley Brothers Good Old Camp Meeting Songs VIDEO
Fancy Man Blues The Rolling Stones Rarities: 1971-2003 VIDEO
Don’t Treat Me Like That Duke Robillard You Got Me VIDEO
People of the Land Lincoln Durham The Shovel Vs. The Howling Bones VIDEO
Rollin’ And Tumblin’ Richard Ray Farrell & Steve Guyger Down Home Old School Country Blues VIDEO
Drifting From Town To Town Robert Bland with Little Junior Parker The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions VIDEO
Broke and Hungry Sleepy John Estes & The Tennessee Jugbusters Broke and Hungry VIDEO
Sally Ride Howlin Smurf Human Zoo VIDEO
Moonlight Blues Mark Cook Blue Voodoo VIDEO
Doggin Me Around Blues Jenny Pope Peabody Blues VIDEO
No Ghosts In This House Kris Dollimore No Ghosts In This House VIDEO
If I Could Live My Life All Over Again Homesick James & Snooky Pryor The Big Bear Sessions VIDEO
Sweet Home Chicago Eddie ‘Blue’ Lester Funky Basement Blues VIDEO

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri June 13 (!) & Tues June17

A couple of weeks ago Updoc gave a few quintessential American symphonies a run for their money and now, after last week’s Miles Davis binge , the show gives the Opposition a shot—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Moscow-on-Hudson time—in what looks like a Mostly Miaskovsky Festival, starting with his ironbound, brutalist 10th Symphony from the larky Soviet year of 1926, although Yevgeny Svetlanov’s probably definitive performance also gives the music’s lyrical impulse free enough rein. Stick around and you’ll also hear Miaskovsky’s last symphony, his 27th, written shortly before the composer’s death in 1950. His mastery of every element of symphonic form and orchestral composition is so assured that you may not even notice it, and you’d be excused for finding it merely pretty. For me it’s a masterpiece whose rapprochement with a pretty brutal stretch of Soviet century, including denunciation in the recent Zhdanovschina, is deeply and spiritually achieved. It’s also conducted by Svetlanov, who does seem to be the Miaskovsky Man. Between Miaskovskys, Mieczyslav Weinberg sounds about as much like his friend Shostakovich as usual, but in this 6th String Quartet, of 1946, he may well surpass his master’s work in that medium at the time, achieving a depth of expressive texture Shosta’s rigorous simplicity may have denied him. Yes, the Updoctor does eventully call in the A-team, with Stravinsky’s Symphony in Three Movements and Shostakovich’s juggernaut passacaglia from Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk, but even without them the Oppos would have won that Cold War had there been one. Don’t worry, children, I’ll bring the Ives 4th Symphony to the rally on the July 4th show, along with Louis Armstrong and Count Basie, and all will be well, om Shantih.FutureBikeLarge

Martian Gardens – 06/10/2014

Martian Gardens for June 8 & 11, 2014


Sundays live broadcast/webcast
9:00 p.m. — 12:00 a.m. EDT
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
June 8, 2014

webcast: Wednesdays 6:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m. EDT
Webcast date: June 11, 2014
Host: Max Shea

online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

hour one

Current 93:
a. Those Flowers Grow
b. Stone Witness I
I Am The Last of All The Field That Fell
The Spheres/2014
vocals: David Tibet; piano: Reinier Van Houdt; saxophone: John Zorn; bass: James Blackshaw; guitar: Tony McPhee; organ: Jack Barnett; hurdy gurdy: Ossian Brown; drums: Carl Stokes; bass clarinet: Jon Seagrott; lyrics: David Tibet, Norbert Knox; total time: 8:43

J.K. Randall: Mudgett: Monologues by a mass murderer*
a. Electronic Prelude (3:00)
b. Toronto (6:57)
Computer Music (Randall/Vercoe/Dodge)
(for electronics and voice) soprano: Melinda Kessler; realized at the Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center; composition year: 1965; time: total time: 10:02
*SET TWO TAINT RADIO and WMUA recurrent versions

In memory of James K. Randall (June 16, 1929 – May 29, 2014)

J.K. Randall: selections from 1st Gathering*
a. The Shadow knows (1:21)
b. Into a Stiff Wind (3:41)
c.Tintinnabulation (2:04)
A Garland of C-Sound
Open Space/2004
(for C-Sound software and synthesizer); recorded at Princeton University, 2004; total excerpts time: 7:05
*SET ONE TAINT Radio and WMUA recurrent versions

Gordon Mumma: Music from the Venezia Space Theatre
Studio Retrospect
Lovely Music, Ltd./2000
(electronic music for theater); composed and recorded in 1964 for the 27th Venezia Biennale of Teatro dell Spazio, September, 1964; time: 11:55

Musica Elettronica Viva: New Music America Festival (excerpt)
MEV 40 (1967 — 2007)
New World Records/2008
soprano saxophone: Steve Lacy; trombone: Garrett List; digital synthesizer, sampler, MAX/MSP software, Crackle Box: Richard Teitelbaum; sampler, MIDI keyboard, flugelhorn: Alvin Curran; piano: Frederic Rzewski; recorded at the Knitting Factory, New York City, November 15, 1989; excerpt time: 12:00

Melody Sumner Carnahan & Out of Context ensemble:
a. Mask (5:42)
b. Luggage (6:54)
One Inch equals 25 Miles
Burning Books/2005
words: Melody Sumner Carnahan; music: J.A. Deane; Out of Context (cornet: Jon Baldwin; sampler, live sampling: C.K. Barlow; oud, electronics: Stefan Dill; voice, acting: John Flax; cello: Katie Harlow; bassoon: Sam Rhodes; vocalist: Molly Sturges; viola: Alcia Ultan; drums, percussion: Jefferson Voorhees; sampler, uniflute, conductor: J.A. Deane); recorded at Outpost Recording Space, Albuquerque, December 10, 2004; time: 12:46

Brigitte Robindoré: L’Autel de la Perte et de la Transformation
CCMIX Paris — Xenakis/UPIC/Continuum [various artists]
Mode Records/2001
(electronic music); Brigette Robindoré: UPIC/CCMIX; Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis, Alford, France; composition year: 1993; time: 8:33

Horacio Vaggione: TILL
Musiques pour Piano et Electroacoustique
Mnémosyne Musique Media/1995
(for piano and electroacoustic music); piano: Philip Mead; realized at the IMEB, Bourges, France; composition year: 1991; time: 12:45

Elodie Lauten: Cat Counterpoint
Piano Works
Unseen Worlds/2010
piano, sequencer, sound loops: Elodie Lauten; composed and recorded in New York City, 1983; time: 3:23

Elodie Lauten: Heaven
Tronik Involutions
O.O. Discs/1996
(improvised/composed electronic music); time: 6:18

In memory of Elodie Lauten 1950 — 2014

David Borden: The Continuing Story of Counterpoint, Part Twelve A
The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Parts 9-12
Cuneiform Records/1988
Performed by Mother Mallard (composer, synthesizers: David Borden; wind instruments: Les Thimming; voice: Ellen Hargis); recorded at Calf Audio, Ithaca, New York, composition year: 1987; time: 7:21

Laurie Spiegel: Folk Study
The Expanding Universe
Unseen Worlds/2012 (orig. LP Philo/1980)
synthesizer: Laurie Spiegel; recorded at Bell Labs, February 1975; time: 2:03

Yver Mickhashoff: two pieces by La Monte Young
a. Study No. 2 (0:46)
b. Sarabande (3:14)
Panorama of American Piano Music [various artists]
from Antheil to Zappa: 1911 to 1991
Mode Records/2013
(composer: La Monte Young) piano: Yvar Mikhashoff; recorded at Slee Hall, Buffalo, New York, 1991-1992; composition years: a. 1959; b. 1959, revised 1989; total time: 4:00

Bernard Rands: selections from Preludes for piano
a. Ricercare (3:28)
b. Ostinato (2:49)
c. Bordone (1:44)
Piano Music (1960 — 2010)
Bridge Records/2013
piano: Robert Levin; recorded at SUNY Purchase, March — October, 2013; composition year: 2007; time: 8:00

Lions Gate Trio: Nocturne (from Angel Chant) (A. R. Thomas)
Piano Trios
Centaur Records/1999
composer: Augusta Read Thomas; Lions Gate Trio (piano: Florence Millet; violin: Katie Landsdale; cello: Scott Kluksdahl; recorded at Patrych Sound Studios, New York City, November, 1997; composition year: 1991, revised: 1994; time: 7:28

Ken Thomson: Perpetual
a. Underlying (6:21)
b. Bad Idea (4:18)
c. Don Pullen says it’s OK (4:42)
Cantaloupe Music/2013
(string quartet); the JACK Quartet (violins: Christopher Otto, Ari Streisfeld; viola: John Pickford Richards; cello: Kevin McFarland); bass clarinet: Ken Thomson; recorded at Flux Studios, New York City, August 2012; composition year: 2010; total time: 16:22

Peter Zummo:
a. Fresh Batteries (6:57)
b. Rocket Scientist (9:45)
Experimenting with Household Chemicals
XI Records/1995
trombone, voice: Peter Zummo; amplified cello, keyboard bass, voice: Arthur Russell; marimba, voice: Bill Ruyle; recorded at various locations 1987-1991; total time: 16:43

*TAINT RADIO version only

— FIN —

Dave’s Not Here

This week, someones trying desperately get on to the porch but Howling’s more interested in musical families, how many shoes one woman needs and changing his mind about iPhones! Oh, and as you would expect here on TAINT he’s also playing an hour of the best blues ‘n roots you’ll find on the net.


Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell – “Er, who’s taken the piano Scrapper??”

Sue Cow Bo Carter St. Charles Blues VIDEO
World Blues Royal Southern Brotherhood Heartsoulblood VIDEO
Don’t Break a Leg Mike Zito Gone to Texas VIDEO
Little Boy Blue Walter Horton Live at the Knickerbocker VIDEO
Stuck in Philly Richard Ray Farrell Shoe Shoppin’ Woman VIDEO
Big Four Blues Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell Midnight Hour Blues VIDEO
Brownskin Woman Sunnyland Slim/Mike Bloomfield I Blueskvarter – Chicago 1964 VIDEO
I’m Wild And Crazy As Can Be Yank Rachell ft Sonny Boy Williamson 11 Legendary Country Blues Artists VIDEO
Shotgun Blues Ritch Del Grosso A Tribute To James “Yank” Rachell VIDEO
Rock Me Mama Bernie Pearl Take Your Time VIDEO
Ball & Chain Tullie Brae TB VIDEO
Last Kind Words Karen Lovely Prohibition Blues VIDEO
Night Time Is The Right Time Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated The Blues Scene VIDEO
I Want Some Alabama Junior Pettis The Chicago Blues Box VIDEO

Songs on Toast – 06/06/2014


Soul Rattler 2:33 Wilbert Harrison Let’s Work Together
Black Soul 3:27 Burning Spear Chant Down Babylon: The Island Anthology
Family Full Of Soul 2:59 Marc Benno Marc Benno
Heal My Soul 3:11 Willis Come Get Some
Jack Soul Brasileiro 4:04 Lenine Na Pressão
I Believe To My Soul 3:03 Ray Charles Genius & Soul: The 50th Anniversary Collection
Hurtin’ Soul 4:36 Muddy Waters After The Rain
Mr. Soul 3:14 Neil Young Sugar Mountain – Canterbury House 1968
Soul Stew 2:19 Moby Grape The Place And The Time
O My Soul (Demo/1973) 3:40 Big Star Nothing Can Hurt Me
Ooh! My Soul 2:07 Little Richard The Essential Little Richard
She’s My Soul 3:38 Little Isidore & The Inquisitors No One Gets Hurt
New-Born Soul 2:15 The Staple Singers Great Day
The Soul of Carmen Miranda 3:24 John Cale Words for the Dying
Soul Kitchen 3:35 The Doors The Doors
Soul of Sadness 3:24 Tracy Nelson The Best of Tracy Nelson/Mother Earth
God Rest His Soul 3:53 Duane And Gregg Allman Delta Swamp Rock – Sounds From The South
The Soul Of Man 3:16 Blind Willie Johnson Sweeter As The Years Go By
Soul Of A Man 3:59 Ollabelle Ollabelle
The Soul Of A Man 3:34 Fontella Bass A Decade Of Chicago’s Finest
Hot Runnin’ Soul 2:23 Paul Kelly Hot Runnin’
Soul Shake 3:09 Delaney & Bonnie To Bonnie From Delaney
Satisfy My Soul 4:32 Bob Marley & The Wailers Kaya Reggae
Soul Finger 2:22 The Bar-Kays Beg, Scream & Shout!: The Big Ol’ Box Of 60’s Soul
She Shot A Hole In My Soul 2:27 Clifford Curry Night Train to Nashville
Soul Candy 3:26 Jim Keller Soul Candy
Stoned Soul Picnic 3:49 Laura Nyro Time And Love
Rock My Soul 2:30 Alphabetical Four Alphabetical Four (1938-1943)
Woman’s Got Soul 2:26 The Impressions Definitive Impressions
Soul City 3:04 Jan & Dean Surf City And Other Swingin’ Cities
Soul 2 2:17 Chus Martínez Sensacional Soul Vol 2
Body And Soul 2:59 Billie Holiday Lady Day – The Best Of Billie Holiday
Where The Soul Never Dies 1:52 Hank Williams Unreleased Recordings
Soulville 2:26 Aretha Franklin Sunday Morning Classics
Troubled ‘Bout My Soul 2:53 Frank Palmes Goodbye, Babylon
Soul Country 2:10 Duke Ellington The Intimacy Of The Blues
Soul Strokes 2:41 Sidney Pinchback & The Schiller Street Gang Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation
Rock My Soul 0:54 Elvis Presley I’ll Remember You

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri. June 6 & Tues. June 10

Got some rare Miles and Coltrane for this week’s Updoc—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Birdland time—starting with two dates issuing from New York’s Café Bohemia in 1957, the first one broadcast just before Miles fired Trane and Philly Joe Jones for being such irresponsible junkies, each in his own way, though it sounds like it’s Red Garland rather than Miles who’d had enough of Trane, bombing one of his solos with fortissimo block chords. On the next set from the same venue about a year later, Trane has cleaned up, graduated from the school of Thelonious Monk, and you can hear the difference, even though he experiments with mixed results. Miles is strikingly consistent and inspired, and continues being so on the live sextet broadcasts that follow. By the time of the better-known TV show on which Miles and Trane play So What, the tenorist has achieved full awesomeness. After all that it’s Julius Eastman’s composition for four pianos he entitled Evil Nigger. Eastman was African-American, gay, transgressive, and in at the birth of minimalism, which he inflected in original ways. His life ended tragically at the age of fifty in 1990, and he should not be forgotten; I think you’ll remember him after this. After that it’s Miles from the Isle of Wight in 1971, more intense and focused than his official releases at the time, followed by seven piano haikus from John Cage and some keyboard noodling by salt-water otters at a couple of American zoos. That’s right, otters. You got a problem with that?Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 8.12.13 PM

Doff My Cap

This week Howling’s questioning the accuracy of encyclopaedias, taking recommendations from peers, blushing at innuendos  and getting as raw as he possibly can. All of this means that you’re about to listen to an hour of the finest blues ‘n roots on – where else? – Taint!

T Bone Walker – ” Double Entendre Blues- Texas style”

I’m Gonna Write And Tell Mother Robert Hill St. Charles Blues VIDEO
Where I Belong Kris Dollimore No Ghosts In This House VIDEO
John Henry Staple Singers Ultimate Staple Singers VIDEO
Got My Mojo Working TJ Norton TJ Norton Demos VIDEO
The Getaway Fenton Robinson Stormy Monday VIDEO
Kissing In The Dark Katie Bradley & Dave Ferra EP VIDEO
Gimme A Pigfoot Karen Lovely Prohibition Blues VIDEO
You Don’t Know My Name Homesick James & Snooky Pryor The Big Bear Sessions VIDEO
Bright Lights Big City Eddie ‘Blue’ Lester Funky Basement Blues VIDEO
Walking boogie Edwin “Buster” Pickens Edwin “Buster” Pickens – The 1959 to 1961 Sessions VIDEO
Double Up In A Knot Bo Carter St. Charles Blues VIDEO
Papa Ain’t Salty T-Bone Walker T-Bone Blues VIDEO
Crazy Country Fool Rob Heron And The Tea Pad Orchestra Talk About The Weather VIDEO
I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town Rod Stewart The Blues Scene VIDEO
Are You Out There? Percy Mayfield The Chess Story 1947-1975 VIDEO
The Dark End Of The Street Ry Cooder & The Chicken Skin Band Live In Hamburg 1977 VIDEO


Tone Science – 06/01/2014

tone science 165

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight György Ligeti Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Saschko Gawriloff & Ensemble Intercontemporain Complete Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon
  Bells Marc Ribot Trio Live at the Village Vanguard
  PIeces of Red, Green and Blue Peter Brotzmann, Joe McPhee, Kent Kessler, Michael Zerang Tales Out Of Time
  untitled [aka Provocative Celestials] / untitled [aka Disguised Gods in Skullduggery] Sun Ra Sunrise In Different Dimensions
  George Crumb: Music for a Summer Evening (Makrokosmos III) Musica Viva Madrigals, Books I-IV; Music For A Summer Evening (Makrokosmos III)