Updoc 316: Rollin’ Kirk, 1/30/15

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys: Nice Guys

Roland Kirk: I’ve Got Your Number: “Rahsaan” The Complete Mercury Recordings of Roland Kirk

Charles Mingus: Eccusiastics: Passions of a Man

Roland Kirk: Rip, Rig and Panic (title tune)

Roland Kirk: A Quote from Clifford Brown: I Talk With the Spritis

Roland Kirk: A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square: “Rahsaan” The Complete Mercury Recordings of Roland Kirk


Jean Sibelius/Minnesota Orchestra/Osmo Vânska: Symphony No. 4: Sibelius Symphonies Nos. 1 & 4


Lee Konitz: Blues for Bird: Charlie Parker Memorial Concert

Uri Caine: Raindrop Prelude: Callithump

Barry Guy/Marilyn Crispell/Paul Lytton: Ithaca (title tune)

Ra-Kalam Bob Moses/David Liebman: Prayer Song (From the Great Hall): Music from a Parallel Dimension

Matana Roberts: Was the Sacred Day: Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile


Out theme: Uri Caine: Two Blue Eyes: The Drummer Boy

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri Jan 30 & Tues Feb 3

Without a doubt, the carnivalesque aspects of Roland Kirk’s presentation—playing two or three horns simultaneously, singing through his flute while sometimes accompanying himself on nose flute, punctuating the end of a solo with his siren, and not incidentally his blindness—had a lot to do with his popularity when he hit the scene in the 1960s, but he wouldn’t have lasted if he hadn’t been such a great and fearless example of a jazz musician who dared all limits down and could blow the bell off any of his horns even when he played them one at a time. I used to see him at the Five Spot when he rotated long gigs with Charles Mingus and Sonny Rollins in his pre-Rahsaan days, before he changed his wildly original but still fairly straight jazz idiom into something more theatrical still, and I found programming about 45 minutes of this music on this week’s Updoc—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Five Spot time—a bout of pure listening pleasure. The pace changes with Sibelius’ 4th Symphony. I’ve been programming the wintry music of Allan Petterson lately, and it seemed time to head for the season’s frozen heart, this time in Osmo Vänskä’s re-recording of it with the Minnesota Orchestra: having done it definitively, once, with the Lahti Orch, he tried to give it something extra this time, and he succeeded. I know the piece well, and seem to be hearing passages that had never crossed my ears before. Updoc chases it with the stunning Lee Konitz Blues for Bird I couldn’t get hold of last week, and chases that with music from Uri Caine, Marilyn Crispell in virtuoso thunder-mode, free improv from Dave Liebman and Bob Moses, and goes to church for a minute with a pentecostal Matana Roberts. The first time I played drums in front of an audience was opposite Roland Kirk’s quartet on a Monday ‘talent night’ at the Village Vanguard, and I remember the noise getting a lot more joyful when he joined us at the end. The tune was Well, You Needn’t, but I was oh so glad we did.RolandKirk

Jazz Worldwide 068 26 January 2015

Song Title Artist Album Title Composer Name Record Label
The Other Side of Town Julian Joseph The Language of Truth Curtis Mayfield Atlantic Jazz
Foreclosure Jimmy Bosch ¡A Millon! Jimmy Bosch JRGR Records
The Story Rebel Tumbao Rebel Tumbao Matt Jenson Sacred Rhythm
1492 Hip Hop Hoodíos Carne Masada Vélez-Fong-London-Sanchez-Norek Jazzheads
Suite for the Americas Part II Danilo Pérez Motherland Danilo Pérez Verve
Buscando América Rubén Blades Buscando America Rubén Blades Elektra
America the Beautiful René Marie Voice of My Beautiful Country Samuel A. Ward-Katharine Lee Bates Motéma
An American Tune Kurt Elling 1619 Broadway The Brill Building Project Paul Simon Concord Jazz
A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964 Sam Cooke ABKCO
A Change Is Gonna Come Anat Cohen Notes from the Village Sam Cooke Anzic
Is This America? Matt Slocum Black Elk’s Dream Pat Metheny Chandra
A Change Is Gonna Come Bill Frisell History Mystery Sam Cooke Nonesuch
Distant Sounds of Change Oran Etkin Gathering Light Oran Etkin Motema
You Have Changed My Life Jane Bunnett Radio Guantánamo Jane Bunnett Blue Note
Comme Tu As Changé Maurice El Médioni and Roberto Rodríguez Descarga Oriental Maurice El Médioni Piranha
The Tide Has Changed Gilad Atzmon and The Orient House Ensemble The Tide Has Changed Gilad Atzmon World Village
You’ve Changed Charles Lloyd and Jason Moran Hagar’s Song Carl Fischer ECM
Things Have Changed Curtis Stigers Let’s Go Out Tonight Bob Dylan Concord Jazz
I Know I’ve Been Changed John Hammond Wicked Grin Traditional Virgin
Shalom Rebbe Soul Change the World with a Sound Rebbe Soul 33rd Street
Benséma (Change) Afrocubism Afrocubism Kasse Mady Diabaté World Circuit

Tone Science – 01/25/2015

tone science 194

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Bob's Pink Cadillac William Parker Clarinet Trio Bob's Pink Cadillac
  Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace/Rattles and Bells and the Light of the Sun William Parker Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace
  Hat and Beard Aki Takase & Alexander von Schlippenbach So Long, Eric! Homage to Eric Dolphy
  Incision 4 Evan Parker, Barry Guy Incision
  Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys Jemeel Mondoc Vtet Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys
  Battaille/Scelsi Morning Marc Ribot Scelsi Morning
  The Surveyors Architeuthis Walks On Land The Surveyors
  Bud II Akira Sakati & Giovanni di Do Iruman
  Starless King Crimson Live At The Orpheum

Almost Fluent In English

This week Howling examines a record companies bad business plan, ponders on the Norwegian mafia and has to rely on a talking horse! So there you go… the usual rubbish mixed with an hour of the finest blues ‘n roots on the net.


 J.W.Warren – “another bad investment”

Wrong Road Blues Tommy Duncan & His Western All Stars That Devilin’ Tune VIDEO
I Need A Woman Joachim Tinderholt You Gotta Do More VIDEO
Selfish Man Jim Liban & The Joel Paterson Trio I Say What I Mean VIDEO
House in the Field HowellDevine Modern Sounds of Ancient Juju VIDEO
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing Chris Isaak LIlyhammer VIDEO
Jack, That Cat Was Clean Dr Horse Get On The Right Track: Compilation VIDEO
Daddy Rollin’ Stone Otis Blackwell Get On The Right Track: Compilation VIDEO
Hoboing Into Hollywood J.W. Warren The George Mitchell Collection VIDEO
You Hurt Me (Featuring Tia Carroll) Igor Prado Band Blues & Soul Sessions VIDEO
Bring Her Back to Me Big Boy Bloater Loopy VIDEO
One Mo’s Blues Raphael Wressnig True Blue VIDEO
Pink dream cadillac Eric Bibb Blues people VIDEO
Blues Can’t Even Find Me John Hiatt Here To Stay VIDEO
Temporary Ian Siegal One Night In Amstrerdam VIDEO

Updoc 314: “The Barronetcy” 1/23/15

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, The Ninth Room, Tutankhamun

Dizzy Gillespie: The Cup Bearers; Something Old, Something New

Charlie Haden/Kenny Barron: Body and Soul; Night and the City

Freddie Hubbard: Take it to the Ozone; Super Blue

Kenny Barron/Dave Holland: In Your Arms; The Art of Conversation

Kenny Barron: One Finger Snap; Wanton Spirit

Charlie Haden Quartet West/Shirley Horn: Lonely Town; The Art of the Song

Allan Pettersson/Nörkopping Symphony Orchestra/Leif Segerstam; Symphony No. 8

Dewey Redman/Cecil Taylor/Elvin Jones: Nine; Momentum Space

Elvin Jones: Anthropology; Dear John C.

The New Elvin Jones Trio: Village Greene: Puttin’ it Together

Out theme: Louis Hayes: Village Greene: Return of the Jazz Communicators

Updoc 314: Wayfaring Dukish: 1/16 & 1/20/2015

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago – Nice Guys (title tune)

Duke Elllington – Toot Suite – Ellington Jazz Party

Allan Pettersson/Nörkopping Symphony Orchestra/Leif Segerstam – Symphony no. 7 (title tune)

John Coltrane – Sun Ship (multiple takes) – Sun Ship

Claude Debussy/Cleveland Orchestra/Pierre Boulez/Franklin Cohen – Clarinet Rhapsodie – La Mer

Bobby Lapointe – La Framboise – Tirez sur le Pianiste

Duke Ellington – A Tone Parallel to Harlem – Ellington Uptown

Out theme: Charlie Haden – Wayfaring Stranger – The Art of the Song

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri Jan 23 & Tues Jan 27

Time flies when you’re having fun. At the party after the great Charlie Haden memorial concert I found myself telling Lee Konitz about the unaccompanied alto solo he’d played at a star-studded Charlie Parker memorial comcert—Gillespie, Stitt, JJ, a tragic Bud Powell very near the end—at Carnegie Hall in 1965. It was the knockout piece that night and I remembered it well enough to sort of sing the opening. Konitz didn’t recall it, but was struck that I was telling him about a solo he’d played fifty years ago, and that is pretty strange. I wish I had a copy I could play on the show; it was on an LP once. Anyone out there have one? Kenny Barron played at the Haden concert too, and I remembered first hearing him in 1963 with Dizzy Gillespie’s classic band of the period, not yet 20 years old and right up there with Dizzy and James Moody. I was underage at Birdland myself and have got a digital copy of some of that, which leads off this week’s show—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Carnegie Hall Tardis time—and a long Kenny Barron set. He is something like the Tommy Flanagan de nos jours, invincibly brilliant no matter the setting, a paragon of invention and a summitry of taste. That decants us into Allan Petterson’s 8th Symphony, following last week’s 7th: another obsessive troll through layers of light and dark, accompanied by the sound of a distant hammer. Elvin Jones to the rescue with his skyful of thunder and blaze, a wealth of invention overstorming Cecil Taylor, a trio, and a bebopping quartet. Check out Kenny Barron, though, back in ’63, taking his solo after Gillespie and Moody, showing off his incredible chops without seeming to, unassumingly brilliant and sly. Some things never get old, only better, and Kenny Barron is one of them for sure.DaveKenCharlieLarge

Tone Science – 01/18/2015

tone science 192

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Turenas (1972) John Chowning Turenas/Stria/Phone/Sabelithe
  Ich mache einen Spiegel - Dream Part 4 Popol Vuh Affenstunde
  scatter 2.0 Katharina Rosenbergn/Wet Ink Ensemble Texturen
  4 Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright About Trumpet and Saxophone
  The Speculators Architeuthis Walks On Land The Surveyors
  Variations of Weeds 15 Ueno Variations of Weeds
  Fizzle 5 Barry Guy Five Fizzles for Samuel Beckett
  connecting with the divine Alan Silva, Oluyemi Thomas Transmissions
  Harmonium #2 Zeitkratzer [Old School] James Tenney
  Fukushima No Ima Akira Sakata, Johan Berhtling, Paal Nilssen-Love Arashi
  improvised piece iii David Holland, Derek Bailey Improvisations For Cello and Guitar

This Mortal Coil

This week Dick’s surrounded  by academics, collectors, raucous ladies and a good ‘ol grandpa! All this means theres a party on the porch with an hour of the finest blues ‘n roots on the net.


Bettye Lavette ” A slow starter”

Have You Seen My Baby? Choker Campbell Right Now: Atlantic Deep Cuts VIDEO
No More Alcohol Jim Liban & The Joel Paterson Trio I Say What I Mean VIDEO
Hard Way Big Harp George Chromaticism VIDEO
Black Mattie Teddy Williams George Mitchell Collection VIDEO
Big Road Blues Houston Stackhouse George Mitchell Collection VIDEO
Scratch the Kitty Liz Mandville Greeson Red Top VIDEO
I’m In Deep Altered Five Blues Band Cryin’ Mercy VIDEO
Getting My Divorce Eddie Boyd Rockin’ This House – 1946-53 VIDEO
Feel So Worried Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson The Sun Blues Story VIDEO
Let Me Tangle In Your Patato Vines Orville Johnson A Tribute To James “Yank” Rachell VIDEO
Last Fair Deal Dave Ray Legacy VIDEO
I Don’t Know Mississippi Heat Warning Shot VIDEO
The Sun Is Shining Rusty Jacks Holler ‘n’ Howl VIDEO
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Danny White Cracking The Cosimo Code VIDEO
My Man – He’s A Lovin’ Man Bettye LaVette Right Now: Atlantic Deep Cuts VIDEO
Way Down In The Hole Hans Theessink Jedermann Remixed – The Soundtrack VIDEO