Updoc Fri May 22 & Tues May 26

MingLigBrown 2

Spring fever? I dunno, but I was so tired this week I couldn’t come up with any kind of thematic connection so I just programmed a lot of great music on this week’s Updoc—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Random Brooklyn time—and that might work: a lot of Mingus in the first set, also featuring Jocob Do Bandolim (thank you, Brad Maestas), Tinarwien, some atmospheric orchestral Ligeti, Tim Warfield’s new Monk album, and some medium-wacky Tyondai Braxton. Then, for no reason but that the performance by Marta Argerich, Claudio Abbado and the Berliners sounded so effervescently alive, a piano concerto by Prokofiev. After that I just wanted to hear Clifford Brown and some other people remembering Clifford Brown. Will that do?

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