Useless Information

This week Howling is restoring the reputation of a depressing poet, questioning that of an outlaw piano player and risking his with the establishment of  Tearjerker Corner. As usual, its a lot of nonsense mixed up with some of the finest blues you’ll find on the net.


Homesick James – “Better with a guitar than first aid”

Lonesome Day Blues Jesse James Broadcasting the Blues VIDEO
Get Out of Town Original Legends Of The Blues Still Carrying the Flame VIDEO
Ain’t That A Shame Ann Rabson Music Makin’ Mama VIDEO
Whoa, Back, Buck Jayme Stone Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project VIDEO
Lemon Squeezin’ Daddy Nappy Brown With The Heartfixers Tore Up VIDEO
Gotta Move Homesick James Blues On The South Side VIDEO
She Lived Her Life Too Fast Forrest City Joe I Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down VIDEO
Peggy Lee Otis Taylor Hey Joe Opus Red Meat VIDEO
Darkness Leonard Cohen Old Ideas VIDEO
06 Bloodstained Vodka Cécile Doo-Kingué Anybody Listening Pt.1: Monologues VIDEO
Going Down South Martin McNeill Lately I’ve Let Things Slide VIDEO
She’s Got You Rhiannon Giddens Tomorrow Is My Turn VIDEO
I Won’t Never Make You Cry Roger Washington Deep Soul Moments
 Sweet Sixteen BB King  Live In Africa VIDEO


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