Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri Oct 2 & Tues Oct 6


Here in Brooklyn the leaves have barely started turning color, still less falling to the sidewalk, yet here I am asking myself how many times I have to play Autumn Leaves, or the more complex Josef Kosma original, Feuilles Mortes, before encroaching on my colleague Kip Hanrahan’s triumph of programming Jobim’s Waters of March seventeen times running. On this week’s show—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Prospect Park Maple time—with leaflets from Yves Montand, James Moody, Miles Davis (twice), Miles’ great early love Juliette Greco, Keith Jarrett (once), and of course Edith Piaf, in French and English, recorded live at Carnegie Hall, I’m not all that close, but still I feel a draft, spelled though the leaves are by Eduard Tubin’s Fifth—as thoroughly accomplished a 20th century symphony as anyone has composed—which the Estonian master completed in 1946 about the time he left for Sweden upon the confirmation of the Soviet takeover of his country; and by the exquisitely autumnal Piano Quintet in C Minor, a late work by the devastating and revelatory Gabriel Fauré, as summer into autumn slips. Autumn Leaves or Feuilles Mortes: Johnny Mercer’s English lyric ain’t but a patch on Jacques Prévert’s original, but it’s one of the great songs of the last century however you cut it: la chanson que tu chantais, toujours, toujours je l’entendrai. Ah yes, I remember it well.


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