Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, 12/25 & 12/29


If not for the stray mention of 2014 in one of my inter-tune announcements, I probably could have slid this show past you as this year’s Christmas gift—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, overheated New York “winter” time—without you catching me, but there it is and I left it in. The music’s the same—great stuff, assuredly: Bach, Mozart, Soeur Marie Keyrouz, Sam Cooke and other luminaries, though how come no Lester Bowie with the church bells?—and my throttled anguish over the bloody chaos of our present world’s the same, though there’s no mention of recent additions to it in Paris—where a close friend of mine got some paint in his eye, got all swollen up and so didn’t use his free ticket to the Bataclan that night—and San Bernardino, not to mention all over the Eastern Exotic Regions; but I trust the music to effectively reaccomplish such lifting and healing work as it can achieve, under the circumstances. Meanwhile—a purely personal matter—I’m trying to figure out if I sound a trifle drunk or only sleepy while stumbling over a foreign word or two, or over the small print of an artist’s name, or which button to push to find the right bit of info . . . Maybe I sound like that all the time. I listened a second time and it sounded pretty much all right. If you have a take on it, or a diagnosis, please send it to the King of Siam, in memory of Boris Yeltsin, and enjoy the show.

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