Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri 4/15 & Tues 4/19


Yes, it’s another Sonny Rollins love-fest here on Updoc—8PM Friday and noon next Tuesday, Live at the Five Spot time. At the drop of a hat, or rather the release of Road Shows Vol. 4, I couldn’t resist devoting another two full hours to this unequalled bringer of joy to those of us who love this music. So, four songs from the new compilation, three of them probable classics and the fourth, well, also a probable classic, and for a middle act two tracts of retrospective from earlier decades. As for the new release of live recordings, Mr. Rollins said that he tried to choose performances that didn’t make him want to shoot himself. We hope he succeeded, and that one of these days he will get it right. Which brings us to the fresh joy of the news that he’s going to try to play again. It’s been a semi-open secret for a few years that the saxophone colossus was having trouble with his wind, probably due to his exposure, at his downtown studio, to the fumes and debris of 9/11—he was close to it, stuck indoors, with shut but not sealed windows, and being who he was he did a lot of playing, which may not have helped. Now he’s expressed a willingness to try some medication that may help put him back in playing condition, and this man, who could not be more loved by those who know his music, and therefore to some degree know him, can only wish Sonny Rollins the very best luck and healing and a return if he can manage it. He wants to play again and we all want to hear it, whenever this living national treasure feels ready.

Jazz Worldwide 128 11 April 2016

Song Title Artist Album Title Composer Record Label

Song Of The Phoenix Pt. 1 Anat Fort with Gianluigi Trovesi Birdwatching Anat Fort ECM
Song Of The Phoenix Pt. 2 Anat Fort with Gianluigi Trovesi Birdwatching Anat Fort ECM
Modul 8 11 Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile Continuum Nik Bärtsch ECM
This Is the Movie Jon Balke Warp Jon Balke ECM
Undergrunn Nils Økland Kjølvatn Nils Økland ECM
Ochun’s Road (El Camino De Ochun) Michael Spiro and Wayne Wallace Canto América Traditional Cuban Patois
I’ll Remember April Bill Charlap Trio Notes from New York Gene DePaul-Patricia Johnston-Don Raye Impulse-Verve
April in Paris Brother Jack McDuff Brotherly Love Vernon Duke-E. Y. Harburg Concord Jazz
April Come She Will Karrin Allyson ‘Round Midnight Paul Simon Concord Jazz
April Child Muiza Adnet with Moacir Santos As Canções de Moacir Santos Moacir Santos-Jay Livingstone-Ray Evans Adventure Music
Desert Song Itamar Erez and the Adama Ensemble Desert Song Itamar Erez Magda
Songs of Parting (Furaaqiyyaat) Reem Kelani Live at the Tabernacle Traditional Palestinian Fuse Records
Ya Safwati Jon Balke and Amina Alaoui Siwan Jon Balke ECM
Nava Lloyd Miller and The Heliocentrics OST Lloyd Miller Strut
Once Upon a Time Musaner Once Upon a Time Ara Sarkissian Lucent
Le Silence de l’Exode 8 Yom Le Silence de l’Exode Guillaume Humery (Yom) Buda Musique
Improbable Day Anouar Brahem Souvenance Anouar Brahem ECM

Tone Science – 04/10/2016

tone science 245

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight New World Pygmies Jemel Moondoc & William Parker New World Pygmies
  Rejoicing New Dreams Sunny Murray with Sabir Mateen We Are Not At The Opera
  Seraphic Light Rashied Ali, Louie Belongenis Rings of Saturn
  V Alan Silva & Williamn Parker A Hero's Welcome: Pieces for Rare Ocassions
  Wien 2 Werner Dafeldecker, Cristof Kurzmann, John Tilbury & Stevie Wishart Dafeldecker, Kurzmann, Tilbury & Wishart
  lens D. Edward Davis/Erik Carlson Music from Violin
  Ziyrab Pat Thomas Making Rooms
  Return to the East Charles Tyler Ensemble Voyage from jericho
  First Things First Ned Rothenberg, Catherine Jauniaux, Barre Phillips While You Were Out

Beyond the Groove Yard – 04/10/2016

Beyond the Groove Yard 4/10/16 & 4/14/16, ep 069 Often overlooked Blue Note artists.

Hour One:
Tina Brooks: Minor Move Minor Move Blue Note
Tina Brooks: The Ruby and the Pearl Back to the Tracks Blue Note
Tina Brooks: Theme for Doris True Blue Blue Note
Freddie Redd: The Thespian Shades of Redd Blue Note
Freddie Redd: Time to Smile Music From The Connection Blue Note
Freddie Redd: Theme for Sister Salvation Music From The Connection Blue Note
Ike Quebec: B.G’s Groove Two Congo Lament Blue Note
Ike Quebec: Congo Lament Congo Lament Blue Note
Ike Quebec: Easy Living Easy Living Blue Note

Hour Two:
Bennie Green: Melba’s Mood Back on the Scene Blue Note
Bennie Green: Soul Stirrin’ Soul Stirrin’ Blue Note
Bennie Green: Hoppin’ Johns Walkin’ and Talkin’ Blue Note
Don Wilkerson: Jeanie-Weenie Preach Brother Blue Note
Don Wilkerson: Blues for J Shoutin’ Blue Note
Don Wilkerson: San Antonio Rose Elder Don Blue Note
Baby Face Willette: Stop and Listen Stop and Listen Blue Note
Baby Face Willette: Soul Walk Stop and Listen Blue Note
Baby Face Willette: Whatever Lola Wants Face to Face Blue Note

George Klein
Beyond the Groove Yard
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Rafi Zabor’s Updoc Fri 4/8 & Tues 4/12


For starters there’s a new opening theme this week, and you’ll have to tune in to believe it—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Statue of Liberty time. After that? Three tunes from Noah Preminger’s new CD of Delta Blues updates, and then I couldn’t, after all the recent Rites and Springing, get loose from Igor “Slam” Stravinsky, so here’s the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra performing his 1947 ballet score . . . wait for it . . . Orpheus: a breath-of-fresh-air sort of thing, surprisingly pretty. What else is in store? Well, I remain unconvinced by Vijay Iyer as a jazz musician, but the further he gets from idiomatic jazz the brighter his pianistic gifts shine, so here are three tunes from his new album of duets with trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith: a spacious free-music idiom in which swing is not a factor and the blues can be a passing fancy suits him well. The title, however, might be the most pretentious or do I mean presumptuous title ever: A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke. A break please give me. For swing, though, we’re if anything overcompensated by Ralph Peterson’s new live piano-trio record with Zaccai and Luques Curtis, already getting picked as album of the month around the circuit and probably the swingingest new thing you will hear for a while (full disclosure: I wrote the liner notes). As for Stravinsky, the really interesting piece is saved for last: his 1957 ballet score Agon, the first work in which he joined the opposition and employed tone rows. The composer’s own recording was conducted by the man who insisted that music was incapable of expressing anything: the piece as he renders it is almost vehemently devoid of subjective expression. It’s an impersonal or suprapersonal gleaming, but I found a recording by the great Soviet conductor Yevgeny Mravinsky, who sails into it as if it’s by Shostakovich, full of dramatic and ironic oppositions and collisions. Mravinsky finds a dramatic and rhythmic through-line dynamic in this music that Stravinsky might have objected to but which might just bowl you over. Updoc finishes with a suitelet from Gato Barbier’s keening, romantic score for Last Tango in Paris, probably the best thing about the film aside from the . . . oh never mind. It’s hard to believe Barbieri was 83 years old: once heard, never forgotten: hail and farewell.

Death Valley Radio Program 885

Death Valley Radio is a format-free program for the musically curious.

In this age of bland radio programming (both commercial and non-) and automated music services, DVR is still built by hand, non-algorithmically — one set at a time.

Death Valley Radio can be heard here at taintradio on Saturdays at 10:00 PM ET and Wednesdays at 10:00 AM ET.

DVR program 885 features cowboy songs (Bill Frisell, Cyril Pahinui and Bob Brozman, Sonny Chillingworth, Buddy Miller’s Majestic Silver Strings); character studies of Fancy, Delta Dawn, the Old Laughing Lady, Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold, the Meanest Man in the World, Slow Driving Man and the Wichita Lineman; flamenco rhythms (Chango Spasiuk, Alfredo Rodríguez with Antonio Lizana, Jerry González with Diego el Cigala); songs by and about Cuban bassist, composer and arranger Israel López, better known as Cachao; and new music from Oğuz Büyükberber and Tobias Klein, a clarinet duo based in Amsterdam.

Each week’s playlist will be archived until the end of time at deathvalleyradio.org.

Jazz Worldwide 127 4 April 2016

Song Title Artist Album Title Composer Record Label

Mali Nils Økland Kjølvatn Nils Økland ECM
Manzè Wesli Ayiti Étoile Nouvelle Wesley Louissaint Web Urban Productions
Mumuration Anat Fort with Gianluigi Trovesi Birdwatching Anat Fort ECM
The Porters’ Anthem (Lahn el-Shayyaalin) Reem Kelani Live at the Tabernacle Sayyid Darwish-Badi Khayri Fuse Records
Witch Hunt Gabriela Martina No White Shoes Wayne Shorter gabrielamartina.com
No White Shoes Gabriela Martina No White Shoes Gabriela Martina gabrielamartina.com
Amazon Farewell Camila Meza Traces Djavan-Brock Walsh-Mark Vieha Sunnyside
Ritual Mallet Dance Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica Quartet Where Here Meets There Brian O’Neill-Miguel de Falla-Chano Pozo-Dizzy Gillespie Tiki Jazz
Part 2 Ferenc Snétberger In Concert Ferenc Snétberger ECM
I Should Care Marcos Varela San Ygnacio Sammy Cahn-Axel Stordahl-Paul Weston Origin
Thirsty Flower Gabriela Martina No White Shoes Gabriela Martina gabrielamartina.com
Charade Leslie Pintchik True North Henry Mancini Pintch Hard
Friday at the Thursday Club Danny Green Trio Altered Narratives Danny Green OA2 Records
Contemplation Kirk MacDonald Symmetry Kirk MacDonald Addo Records
Tiny’s Tempo Bill Charlap Trio Notes from New York Tiny Grimes Impulse-Verve
This is Yarmouk (Huna al-Yarmouk) Reem Kelani Live at the Tabernacle Reem Kelani-Iyad Hayatleh Fuse Records
Youssef’s Song Anouar Brahem Souvenance Anouar Brahem ECM

Tone Science – 04/03/2016

tone science 244

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Exoskeleton Pts. I-III Michael Formanek & Ensemble Kolossus The Distance
  A Cosmic Rhythm with Each Stroke 1-3 Vijay Iyer & Wadada Leo Smith A Cosmic Rhythm with Each Stroke
  Ana PNL Large Unit Ana
  Enrichment Systems Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Noid, Tamara Wilhelm I Hope It Doesn't Work
  The Border William Fowler Collins & James Jackson Toth Under Stars and Smoke
  Verbindung Zeitkratzer + Keiji Haino Stockhausen: Aus Den Sieben Tagen
  This Happens Antoine Berger/Erik Carlson Music for Violin

Beyond the Groove Yard – 04/03/2016

Beyond the Groove Yard 4/3/16 & 4/7/16, ep 068 Soulful organ combos, and a feature on Don Patterson.

Hour One:
Jimmy Smith: Messsin’ Around Home Cookin’ Blue Note
Shirley Scott: Travelin’ Light Stompin’ Prestige
John Patton: One Step Ahead Let ‘em Roll Blue Note
Richard “Groove” Holmes-Gene Ammons: Morris the Minor Groovin’ with Jug Pacific Jazz
Charles Earland: More Than Yesterday Black Talk! Prestige
Lonnie Smith: See Saw Think! Blue Note
Jack McDuff: East of the Sun Hallelujah Time Prestige
Sonny Phillips: Mobile to Chicago Sure ‘Nuff Prestige

Hour Two:
Don Patterson: Good Bait Donny Brook Prestige
Don Patterson: Just a Lucky So and So Goin’ Doown Home Cadet
Don Patterson: Sandu Four Dimensions Prestige
Don Patterson: Music to Think By Mellow Soul Prestige
Don Patterson: Oh Happy Day Oh Happy Day Prestige
Don Patterson: Just Friends Tune Up Prestige
Don Patterson: Now’s the Time Boppin’ & Burnin’ Prestige
Don Patterson: Sentimental Journey Patterson’s People Prestige

George Klein
Beyond the Groove Yard
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Downhome with Howling Dick (Ep 137 “Spot The Cliffords”)

Howling’s on the porch again at Taint, this time asking us to listen and learn, whilst he plays with a tennis racquet and waits for a pedant to call. Sounds like nonsense? Well it is! BUT he also plays an hour of some damn fine roots, blues, jazz and beyond – so listen in!

If you enjoy the show, you can download the podcast from www.howlingdick.com  or subscribe at iTunes or by RSS feed  . In the meantime check out the links not only to the artists  down below but also to some great videos – check ‘em out.

And don’t forget to let Dick know how ya liked it at howlingdick@gmail.com – he’ll thank ya!

Wanda Jackson SB 56898Wanda Jackson – “First Lady Of Rockabilly”

Bossman Dean Hawley New Breed Workin’: Blues with a Rhythm VIDEO
Shake Em On Down Gooch and The Motion Comin’ Home VIDEO
Early In The Morning Al Brown Scufflin’ VIDEO
Everyday I Have The Blues Pinetop Perkins Down In Mississippi VIDEO
Jimmy Page Jason Vivone My Roaring Twenties VIDEO
You Shook Me Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin I VIDEO
Blues For Junior Herb Ellis Nothing But The Blues VIDEO
Old Europe Robert Wyatt Cuckooland VIDEO
Brand New Companion Steve Earle Townes VIDEO
Shake Em’ On Down Mississippi Fred McDowell The George Mitchell Collection VIDEO
Honey Don’t Wanda Jackson Queen Of Rockabilly VIDEO
That’s Allright Mama Glen Glenn Missouri Rockabilly 1955-1965 VIDEO
Guitar Man Lee Hazlewood Look At That Woman VIDEO
When You Wore A Tulip Michael Woods Bottleneck Ahead VIDEO
Ain’t No Backdoor Man Benjamin Bassford Songs From The Blue Door VIDEO
Drive Joe Bonamassa Blues Of Desperation VIDEO