Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, final taint 1.0 show


Is it really time for the last roundup? Yes, it seems so: taintradio is moving from the tubes of the interwebs to the akashic downloads of, take your pick, the aether or the realms of dark matter and energy. Never mind that I’ve been off the digital air for a couple of months of purgatorial drubbing in a dayjob that left me without the time or energy to put a show together. But on this week’s Updoc, the last Updoc for the moment—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Times Square Time—I’ve managed to lash together a series of musical statements that might add up to a profession of faith in what music can do for us, here in the mortal world, while we’re gazing up at the stars. Bracketed by two monuments of visionary uplift from John Coltrane and Charles Ives, I’ve brought some old friends and usual suspects into the frame. Originally I’d intended Updoc to live up to its name by being so wide-ranging as to be unpredictable, but as longtime listeners will know, I ended up mostly yo-yo’ing back and forth between jazz and so-called classical music, obeying an irresistible personal gravity: I was always more hedgehog than fox, and so it went. And now it goes, with thanks to Bob Rogers for creating taintradio and inviting a bunch of us in, and in gratitude to those of you who thought it worthwhile to tune in. I’m no fan of Friedrich Nietzsche, but he got at least one thing right: “Without music life would be a mistake.” Thanks for joining this piece of the ride, one and all.

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