taintradio’s 128k stream is now operating 24/7.  The first version of taintradio began in June 2008 and ended in June 2016. Since then, we’ve reorganized and simplified our organizational structure and how we do things.

We remain a noncommercial, international alliance of independent producers. Each member of the taintradio collective is dedicated to presenting music unencumbered by the limitations of genre-based music presentation {formats}.

Each member of taintradio is completely independent. We have no salaries to pay, very low expenses and no financial goals other than paying our bills, which mostly consist of music licensing and performance rights fees and broadband costs.

We do not accept advertising on our website and we don’t try to raise money on the programming stream. We do not accept corporate support nor do we apply for grants. Listener support is our only source of income.

As we begin taintradio’s 9th year of operation, our plan is to have fun and share that experience with whoever wants to hear it.

We hope you enjoy taintradio. We’d love for you to hear us and we’d love to hear from you.


Bob Rogers

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