Tone Science – 07/23/2017

tone science 269

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Necrophilia Griot Galaxy Opus Krampus
  The Owl Steve Lacy Torments: Solo in Kyoto
  Grey on Black Over Maroon Daniel Barierio & Ken Moore Frequency Drift
  M.J. Annette Peacock & Paul Bley Dual Unity
  Jitterbug Annea Lockwood/David Behrman, John King, William Winant In Our Name
  Crisis & Overcoming I-IV Dane Rudhyar/Kronos Quartet Advent/Crisis & Overcoming

Tone Science – 07/16/2017

tone science 268

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight The Queen of Ra John Tchicai, Charlie Kohlhase, Garrison Fewell, Cecil McBee, Billy Hart Tribal Ghost
  Whistler Vanished in Wind 7 Graham Lambkin & Taku Unami The Whistler
  E5150/Body Transport Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet The Breadwinner
  Poppy Cock Johannes Bauer & Peter Brötzmann Blue City
  Lonely Woman Bill Orcutt Bill Orcutt
  Sunrise in East Harlem In Order to Survive Meditation/Resurrection
  Proprietary Mythologies Michael Zerang & Jim Baker The Earth Sessions Vol 1: Music for Piano and Drum Kit
  String Quartet No. 2 Buxton Orr Chamber Music for Strings
  Postmortem Chris Brown, Larry Ochs, William Winant Room
  If You Could See Me Now Paul Motian Trio One Time Out

Tone Science – 07/09/2017

tone science 267

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Below the Walls of Jericho Paul Dolden The Threshold of Deatfening Silence
  Meister C-Shulz Frühre Jahre
  First Movement: Quantum Singularity/Second Movement: If I Had Drunk an Entire Bottle of Scotch, I St Joe McPhee Seattle Symphony
  Loose Cannon Wolter Wierbos, Jasper Stadhouser, Tim Daisy Sounds in a Garden
  Never Explain Benedict Taylor A Purposeless Play
  Sisters on Saturn Joëlle Leanre & Nicole Mitchell Sisters Where
  Before and After/Dawn of a New Life Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble Xenogenesis Suite: A Tribute to Octavia Butler

Tone Science – 07/2/2017

tone science 266

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight 17 Jacques Demierre/Laurent Estoppey & Anne Gillot 17
  1-5 Nakatani/Nanna/Schoofs/Woods Nakatani/Nanna/Schoofs/Woods
  Solo to Anthony Cirone Lou Harrison/William Winant Five American Percusion Pieces
  Static in the Attic Leroy Jenkins Leroy Jenkins Live!
  Ditch School Paul G. Smythe, John Russell Ditch School
  Synaptic Island" Excerpt "VM3 From 'The Levi-Montalcini Variations'" Maryanne Amacher Sound Characters (Making the Third Ear)