Tone Science – 09/24/2017

tone science 277

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight God's Own Dibber (Cannabis Sativa and enivornment recorded in BRussels, August 1998) Michael Prime L-fields
  jacques and brice like people brice catherine and jacques meierre bimo
  And Then There Were Four with a Whispering Woman Straytone, Yui Nakamura, Takashi Masubuchi, & Masahide Tokunaga A Crescent and Moonflowers
  Bauxtime Ore Belatedly
  Scilence Mat Maneri, Evan Parker, & Lucian Ban Sounding Tears
  Stillness Satoko Fuji Aspiration
  Unearth (excerpt) Tony Buck Unearth

Tone Science – 09/17/2017

tone science 276

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Ecerit I Roland Kayn A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound
  Es War Einmal Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza Azioni
  sontainta no. 1: lento sognante Eva-Maria Houben/Carson Cooman Organ Sonatinas and Drones
  FRont 1-3 John Chantler, Steve Noble, Serymour Wright Front and Above
  Zodiacal William Hooker & Damon Smith Triangles of Force
  Exercise 18 Christian Wolff Ten Exercises
  untitled (track 6) Jason Kahn, Tomas Korber, Christian Weber Zürcher Aufnahmen

Tone Science – 09/10/2017

tone science 275

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Mas Lugares (Su Madrigali di Monteverdi) Stefano Scodanibbio/Del Sol String Quartet Dark Queen Mantra
  Transmissions from thr 18th Century/Future Is Extoplasm Girls New Feeling Come
  Skim/Gudi Duot & Andy Moor Food
  Sing Me Some Cry/Glyph Eric Revis Sing Me Some Cry
  Underlight/Hounds of Hades Áine O'Dwyer Gallarais
  Astral Swords (Five-A Past That Folds Over)/Tule Ruse-Tule Mind Andrew Weathers Ensemble Build a Mountain Where Out Bodies Fall
  Axis Legacy/Voice Oval Mario Pavone Vertical
  It Wasn't the Buzz Jeb Bishops & Dan Ruccia Scratch Slice Jag
  Flower for Prashant Tyshawn Sorey Verisimilitude

Tone Science – 09/3/2017

tone science 274

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Above 1 John Chantler, Steve Noble, Seymour Wright Front and Above
  Assemblage Daniel Levin Living
  Ornedaruth Art Ensemble of Chicago The Complete Live in Japan
  Reis C-Schulz Frühre Jahre
  What the Birds Tell Me Angelica Sanchez Trio Float the Edge
  13. Juni 1979 Im Kölnischen Kunstverein - 2 Hans Otte On Earth
  At The Stone Thollem McDonas, Pauline Oliveros, Susie Ibarra At The Stone (2012)