Tone Science – 09/10/2017

tone science 275

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Mas Lugares (Su Madrigali di Monteverdi) Stefano Scodanibbio/Del Sol String Quartet Dark Queen Mantra
  Transmissions from thr 18th Century/Future Is Extoplasm Girls New Feeling Come
  Skim/Gudi Duot & Andy Moor Food
  Sing Me Some Cry/Glyph Eric Revis Sing Me Some Cry
  Underlight/Hounds of Hades Áine O'Dwyer Gallarais
  Astral Swords (Five-A Past That Folds Over)/Tule Ruse-Tule Mind Andrew Weathers Ensemble Build a Mountain Where Out Bodies Fall
  Axis Legacy/Voice Oval Mario Pavone Vertical
  It Wasn't the Buzz Jeb Bishops & Dan Ruccia Scratch Slice Jag
  Flower for Prashant Tyshawn Sorey Verisimilitude

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