taint town live, ep. 566

taint town live, ep. 566
fri&sat mid-3am (eastern); wed 9pm
Hans Ludemann, Blaue Kreise (Das Reale Klavier: Ein Kolner Konzert)
St. Germain, Real Blues (St Germain
Sam Sadigursky, Do The Dance (Follow The Stick)
Geof Bradfield Quintet, Mbira Song (Our Roots)
Amadou Jarr, [untitled]-July, 1981] (Creative Music Studio (Archive Selectiond, Vol. 2)
Jen Shyu, Song of Kwan Wen (Sounds & Cries of the World)
Roscoe Mitchell Quartet, The Velvet Lounge (Celebrating Fred Anderson)
JD Allen, Sonny Boy (Graffiti)
Jerry Granelli, Another Place (What I Hear Now)
Christian Finger, Truth Waltzed In (Ananda-The World Is Bliss)
John Coltrane, title / Afro Blue (Live At The Half Note)\
Aaron Irwin, Matthew McDonald, Thomson Kneeland & Pete McCann, The Mark (A Room Forever)
Garden District Trio (You Don’t Know What Love Is) Then and Now
Luciana Souza, Free At Last (Speaking In Tongues)
Romero Lubambo, title Setembro (A Brazilian Under The Jazz Influence)
Joyce Moreno & Kenny Werner, Mad About The Boy (Poesìa)
Rajiv Halim, Baby Bop (Foundatio)
Tim Berne’s Snakeoil, Small World In A Small Town (You’ve Been Watching Me)
Wadada Leo Smith & Jack DeJohnette, The Masnavi: The Falcon And The Owls (America)
*time is relative
Bob Rogers
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