Playlist (partial): 02/08/18

02/08/16 (partial)

Atomic, Do It (Feet Music)

Myra Melford & Tanya Kalmanovitch, Three Sisters (Heart Mountain)

Jaimeo Brown, Mean World (Transcendence)

Dingonek Street Band, title (Primal Economics)
Bob Greene, Some Of These Days
John McNeil & Bill McHenry, Batter Up (Chill Morn He Climb Jenny)
Marcio Faraco, Vitrine Carioca (Ciranda)
Lonnie Smith, title (Move Your Hand)
Claire Martin, Better Than Anything (The Waiting Game)
The Splinks, I Promise (Consensus)
Fred Ho, title (Big Red)
Darcy James Argue, You Are Here (Real Enemies)
Dingonek Street Band, Levithan (Primal Economics)
Mike Reed, The Entire State of Florida (Last Year’s Ghost)
Tom Rainey, Bells Are Ringing (Obbligato)
Eric Mingus, Daybreak in Alabama (Langston Hughes: The Dream Keeper)
Johnny Dodds, Bull Fiddle Blues
Art Pepper, Caravan (Friday Night at the Village Vanguard)
Bee Houston, Things Gonna Get Better
Dan Pugach Nonet, Belos Bellow (Plus One)
Muhal Richard Abrams & Anthony Braxton, Charlie In The Parker)
Gerald Wilson, Variation on Claire de Lune (Legacy)
Jimmy Rodgers, No Hard Times
Melissa Aldana, Turning (…& Crash Trio)
Cecilia Sanchietti, Sweet & Bitter (La Terza Via)
Jim McNeely, title (Barefoot Dances…)
Matthew Shipp, Sama 5 (SAMA)
Toshiko Akiyoshi, Dance of the Infidels (Remembering Bud)
JD Allen, Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil (Americana)
T-Bone Walker, The Hustle Is On (Comp. Imperial Recordings, 1950-54)
Bobby Matos, Senor Blues (Ritmo & Blues)
Charles Mingus, Group Dancers (The Black Saint…)
Mette Henriette, Passe (Mette Henriette)
Gene Ess, Trance Chant (Modes of Limited Transcendence)
Jelly Roll Morton, Smokehouse Blues (The Pearls)
Chick Webb, Tain’t What You Do (Strictly Jive)
Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp, Zillo Viala (Cosmic Lieder)
Leslie Pintchik, title (You Eat My Food…)

Lester Bowie, Count On Me (When the Spirit Returns)

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