Playlist (partial) – 12/13/18

12/13/18 (partial)
John Blevins’ Matterhorn,Kerrick (Uzumati)
Wayne Horvitz + Geoff Harper + Eric Eagle, Northampton (The Snowghost Sessions)
Brooklyn Rider, Qi: 1. Lucid Flight (Spontaneous Symbols)
Miguel Zenón, Villa Coope (Esta Plena)
Joris Roelofs w/Matt Penman & Ted Poor, Eleventhly (Aliens Deliberating)
Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble, Beast (Monk Dreams Halluciations And Nightmares)
Mal Waldron & Jeanne Lee, Fire Waltz (After Hours)
Chris Dingman, Indian Hill (Waking Dreams)
Matt Mitchell, Wearing The Wig Of Atrophy (Vista Accumulation)
Ethan Iverson Trio, Mystique (Construction Zone)
Ronnie Cuber, Bluesette (Live at Jazzhus Montmarte – September 2017)
Gene Ess, Same Sky (Apotheosis)
Silvia Perez Cruz, Memoria de pez (11 De Novembre)
William Parker, Flower Song [Tk 1] [from Vermeer] (For Those Who Are, Still)
Charlie Haden & Brad Mehldau, What’ll I Do (Long Ago And Far Away)
Eric Mingus, In Time Of Silver Rain (Langston Hughes: The Dream Keeper)
Horace Tapscott Quintet, For Fats (West Coast Hot)
Kate McGarry, Mercy Street (Mercy Streets)
Jack Mouse Group w/ Scott Robinson, Art Davis, John McLean & Bob Bowman,Adament Inventory (Intimate Adversary(
Hamiet Bluiett, Precious Moments for Right Now (Young Warrior, Old Warrior)
Invisible Bird [Scott Amendola, Shane Endsley, Dave Devine], Cello Song (Flutter to Fuzz)
Nicole Mitchell’s Ice Crystal, Expectation (Aquarius)
Eric Dolphy & John Lewis, Afternoon In Paris (Play Kurt Weill)
Jeanne Lee & Wadada Leo Smith. Beauty Is a Rarity – Jeanne Lee and Wadada Leo Smith (A Confederacy of Dances, Vol. 1)
Dmitri Baevsky & Jeb Patton, Fools Rush In (We Two)
Roscoe Mitchell & The Sound And Space Ensembles, Linefine Lyon Seven (Roscoe Mitchell And The Sound And Space Ensembles)
Robert Osborne, 11 Intrusions: VI. The Wind (Harry Partch.: New Band)
Roosevelt Sykes, Number Nine (The Bluesville Years Volume 4: In The Key Of The Blues)
Gary Burton, Como En Vietnam (Take Another Look: A Career Retrospective)
Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet, Waltz for H (Red’s Blues)
Roscoe Mitchell and the CMS Orchestra, Untitled (Creative Music Studio Archive Selections, Vol. 1)
Michika Fukumori, The Seasons: The Answer Is…[Winter] (Piano Images)
Kate McGarry Keith Ganz Gary Versace, She Always Will / The River ()The Subject Tonight Is Love)
Jack Mouse Group w/ Scott Robinson, Art Davis, John McLean & Bob Bowman, Three Heads Are Better Than One (Intimate Adversary)
Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake, title (From the River to the Ocean)
Henry Threadgill 14 or 15 Kestra: Agg, And More Dirt – Part III (Dirt… And More Dirt)
Julius Hemphill, The Painter (Marty Ehrlich’s Dark Woods Ensemble: Live)
Roberto Magris w/Dominique Sanders, Brian Steever & Pablo Sanhueza, Stella By Starlight (World Gardens)
Rua Das Pretas, Home Before Dark (Rua Das Pretas [Wine Album])
Mal Waldron & Jeanne Lee, Caravan (After Hours)
Mike Rinta, North Beach Millie (Wide Hive Records 10)
John Hollenbeck, title (All Can Work)
Jane Ira Bloom, Blue Poles (Sometimes the Magic)
Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo, Ah Dadada (Kikoeru)


Other programs 12/13/18

Sounds of Blue – Bob Putignano
Tone Science – David Menestres
Jazz Worldwide – Michael Stone
One Man’s Jazz – Maurice Hogue

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