Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Friday 4/18 & Tuesday 4/22

How do you follow the opening choruses of Bach’s St. John and St. Matthew Passions? If you’re doing an Easter-Passover show like Updoc—8PM Friday and noon next Tuesday, East New York time—you turn to Soeur Marie Keyrouz keening the Easter music of the Oriental churches, John Coltrane soliloquizing Love, Elijah the prophet between sips of everyone’s seder wine, Jesse Winchester being Quiet About It, and Robeson and Mingus meditating on Moses; after which Poulenc’s spare, austere Stabat Mater commands the space until the Gloria from the Missa Solemnis sends a skyrocket straight to heaven. The show ends with the last two movements of the B Minor Mass. If that’s the kind of thing you want to listen to this time of year, this is where you’ll find it.

Cliff Furnald’s RootsWorld Radio

On the 99th edition of RootsWorld radio, we’ll wander down the east coast of Africa, hop to the south Atlantic, pop to the Nordic north, and then wrap the globe in one song and unwrap it in another. Artists will include Caetano Veloso, Mlimani Park Orchestra,  Shikamoo Jazz, Eduardo Durão, D. O. Misiani and Shirati Jazz,  Jocelyn Pook, Aalto, NID, Tom Zè, Sacha Silva, Tom Kerstens G Plus and Spiro.  Wednesdays 5pm (Eastern) & Saturdays 8am.  Archived editions: Sundays 6am, Thursdays 2am.

Downhome With Howling Dick

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There’s a regal procession on the porch this week as Howling opens surprise packages, reminisces about school days, DIY  and  the roots of psychedelic pop. Its amazing he still finds time to play an hour of the finest blues ‘n roots on the net – but he does. Well, it is TAINT isn’t it! Sundays 10am (Eastern), Tuesdays 6pm, Thursdays midnight, Saturdays 10pm.


Pink Anderson “One day son, there gonna be flying pigs!”

Did You Ever Love A Woman B.B. King Singin’ The Blues VIDEO
Yonder Wall Freddie King King of the Blues VIDEO
Down Don’t Bother Me Albert King Born Under A Bad Sign VIDEO
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright T-Model Ford Bad Man VIDEO
The Things I Used To Do Thomas Ford Breaking Everything But Even VIDEO
Church, I’m Fully Saved To-day Blind Willie Johnson The Complete Masters VIDEO
In My Time of Dying Shane Speal 12 Stones VIDEO
Face In The Crowd The Bluesbenders Mayfield VIDEO
Yes I Know Sugar Boy and the Sinners All You Can Eat VIDEO
Baby Please Don’t Go Big Joe Williams All The Masterpieces VIDEO
Everyday In The Week Blues Pink Anderson East Coast Blues VIDEO
Land Of The Crossroads Mick Kolassa Michissippi Mick VIDEO
Have Mercy Baby Jelly Roll Kings Not The Same Old Blues Crap VIDEO
Mislead Mother Roosevelt Sykes The Honeydripper VIDEO
Messin’ Around Memphis Slim Rockin’ This House  – 1946-53 VIDEO
Elvis Presley John Ginty / Albert Castiglia Bad News Travels VIDEO

taint town live – 04/13/2014

fri&sat mid-3 (eastern); mon&wed 9-mid; tues 8-11am

Fred Ho And The Afro Asian Music Ensemble, title (The Underground Railroad To My Heart) 1994
Bobby Avey w/Miguel Zenon, Ben Monder, Thomsom Kneeland & Jordan Perlson, Louverture (Authority Melts From Me) 2014

Catherine Russell, I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (Bring It Back) 2014
Frank Wess, It Could Happen To You (Magic 201) 2014
Tom Tallitsch, The Myth (Ride) 2014
Myra Melford, Park Mechanics (Life Carries Me This Way) 2013
Fred Ho, title (Big Red!)

Mark Egan, title (About Now) 2014
Marty Ehrlich Large Ensemble, Rundowns and Turnbacks (A Trumpet in the Morning) 2013

Vijay Iyer, Mutation IX: Descent (Mutations) 2014
Angelica Sanchez & Wadada Leo Smith, Cones of Chrome (Twine Forest) 2013
Albert Ayler, Water Music (Love Cry / The Last Album) 1969
Mary Halvorson, Four Pages of Robots (Illusionary Sea) 2013

Henry Threadgill’s Zooid, Tomorrow Sunny (Tomorrow Sunny/The Revelry, Spp) 2012
Andrew Hill, Plantation Bag (Passing Ships) 1969
Booker Little, Forward Flight (Booker Little And Friend) 1961
Moutin Factory Quintet, Ornette’s Medley (Lucky People) 2013
Herbie Nichols, Argumentative (Love, Gloom, Cash, Love) 1957

Dave Bennett, Goodbye (Don’t Be That Way) 2013
Tim Berne’s Snakeoil, Socket (Shadow Man) 2013

*time is relative

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Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri 4/11 & Tues 4/15

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Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic recorded what is probably the dominant modern interpretation of Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps in one session in Brooklyn at the Hotel St. George in January 1958—just listen to how closely the contemporary go-to recording by Valery Gergiev follows it—and it’s probably still the most exciting version on record (if you want something different, try Fischer/Budapest). No orchestra had sounded anything like Lenny’s Phil—so vigorous and American and bursting with muscle—and Stravinsky himself said “Wow!” when he hard them play his piece (though of course, it being Igor, his single syllable was not unironic). The recording was remastered a couple of years ago, reissued with Gray Foy’s wonderful cover art, and it strips away reverb and reveals fresh detail, perhaps at the price of some harshness. I would have used it on the show—Updoc, 8PM Friday and noon next Tuesday, Hotel St. George time—but the version I have access to had little quarter-second gaps between the fourteen tracks, so I went with the 1993 digitation, which still rocks the house just fine. For the rest of the show I rounded up some usual suspects: seasonal tunes you’d expect from Miles and Brownie, Sarah Vaughan and Julie London both hung up the most, Bill Evans, Astor Piazzolla, Django . . . Then back to Lenny and the Phil, appropriately manic fit to burst on Schumann’s “Spring” Symphony. It’s been a long tall bitch of a winter here in New York and the new season needs all the boosterism it can get.GrayFoyLarge

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Cliff Furnald’s RootsWorld Radio, Wed. 4/9 & Sat. 4/12

The 98th edition will include some new Nordic explorations, 3 traditional works from Azerbaijan, a little jazz and a little folk. We will also feature the world premiere of a new recording by an ensemble we heard perform live on this program just about a year ago. SANS is a quartet with zither and winds player Andrew Cronshaw,  Finnish singer Sanna Kurki-Suonio, reeds player Ian Blake, and Tigran Aleksanyan on the Armenian reed pipe called the duduk. We’ll be featuring an extended performance from their new CD, SANS Live.    Other artists will include Phønix,  Spiro, Ramiz Guliyev, NID, Violons Barbares, Gochag Askarov and Nazaket Teymurova. Wednesdays 5pm (Eastern) & Saturdays 8am.  See taintradio program schedule for other times.
More info at www.RootsWorld.org

New programs, Tuesday, April 8th

taintradio proudly presents two new programs.

Chicago Bound, Tuesdays midnight-1 (eastern), from Chicago-based producer Leslie Keros.

Surplus Value/The History of the Microphone, Tuesdays 7-9pm, from New York-based producer Kip Hanrahan.

More to come…

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taint town live – 04/06/2014

fri&sat midnight-3am (eastern); mon&wed 9-mid; tues 8-11am

Natalie Cressman, Stolen Away (Turn the Sea) 2014
Javon Jackson, One By One (Expression) 2014
Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana, Just Call Me Nige (Mehliana: Taming The Dragon) 2014
John Coltrane, The Late Late Blues (The Heavyweight Champion – The Complete Atlantic Recordings) 1959

Charles Mingus, Fables Of Faubus (Cornell 1964)

John Coltrane, Spring Is Here (The Prestige Recordings) 1958
Tamir Hendelman, Spring Action (Playground) 2008
Dave Douglas, Spring Ahead (Stargazer) 1996
The Residents, Elvis and His Boss (Duck Stab / Buster and Glen) 1978
Steve Lacy, Hornin’ In (Reflections) 1958
Joe Derise, Maybe (The Complete Bethlehem Collection)
Floratone, Mississippi Rising (Floratone) 2007

Tomasz Stanko New York Quartet, title, Var. (Wisława) 2013
Tomasz Stanko Quartet, Suspended Variations 1 (Suspended Night) 2004
Jimmy Giuffre Trio w/Bob Brookmeyer & Jim Hall, Trav’lin’ Light (The Swamp People) 1958
Helen Merrill, La Paloma (Jelena Ana Milcetic A.K.A. Helen Merrill) 2000

Omar Sosa, Dark Tango in the Morning (Senses) 2014
Dave Stryker, Never My Love (8 Track) 2014
Lili Añel, Climb The Wall (I Can See Bliss From Here) 2013
Jane Ira Bloom, Ice Dancing (Sixteen Sunsets) 2013

Mal Waldron & Jeanne Lee, You Got To My Head (After Hours) 1994
Ambrose Akinmusire, Our Basement (Ed) (The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier To Paint) 2014
Billy Hart Quartet, Some Enchanted Evening (One Is The Other) 2014
Janice Borla Group, Some Other Time (Promises to Burn) 2014

*time is relative

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What do you mean, you can’t dance to it? – Hal Russell

taint town live – 04/05/2014

fri&sat midnight-3 (eastern); mon&wed 9-mid., tues 8-11am

Yeahwon Shin, The Moonwatcher And The Child (Lua Ya) 2013
Mark Egan, title (About Now) 2014
Tom Rainey Trio, Strada senza nome (Camino Cielo Echo) 2014
Helen Sung, Brother Thelonious (Anthem For A New Day) 2014
Frank Wess, It Could Happen To You (Magic 201) 2014
Ernie Andrews, Articulated Blues – Parker’s Mood (The Many Faces Of Ernie Andrews)

Omar Sosa, Rojo Changó (Sentir) 2002
Tim Warfield, Monkee See Monkee Do (Inspire Me!) 2013
Takuya Kuroda, Piri Piri (Rising Son) 2014
Jeremy Pelt, Stars Are Free (Face Forward, Jeremy) 2014

William Parker, Face Still Hands Folded (Through Acceptance Of The Mystery Peace) 1974
Charles Lloyd Quartet, Desolation Sound (Canto) 2000
Todd Sickafoose, Pianos Of The 9th Ward (Tiny Resistors) 2008
Wayne Shorter Quartet, UFO (Without A Net) 2013
Angelica Sanchez & Wadada Leo Smith, In the Falls Of (Twine Forest) 2013

Daniel Rosenboom Quintet, The Fifteenth Hour (Fire Keeper) 2014
Oran Etkin w/Ben Allison, Curtis Fowlkes, Lionel Loueke & Nasheet Waits, Gratitude (Gathering Light) 2014
Untempered Ensemble, Politics: Help Me When I Plant The Corn, And I Will Help You During The Harvest (Tribute To Jayne Cortez: Politics) 2013

The Bad Plus, Second Part: The Sacrifice: Sacrificial Dance (The Rite of Spring) 2014
Matt Renzi, Animals, Come Forth (Rise And Shine) 2014
Marty Ehrlich Large Ensemble, Prelude: Agbekor Translations (A Trumpet in the Morning) 2013
Mary Halvorson, Four Pages of Robots (Illusionary Sea) 2013

Lena Bloch, Starry-Eyed (Feathery) 2014
Rudy Royston, Goodnight Kinyah 303 2014
Regina Carter, Hickory Wind (Southern Comfort) 2014
Matana Roberts, Woman Red Racked / Thanks Be You / Humility Draws Down New / Benediction (Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile) 2013

*time is relative

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Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri. 4/4 & Tues. 4/8

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This week’s Updoc—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday—starts out with a trinity and ends up pentagonal; first some Sonny Rollins left out of last week’s love fest, then the most intense bootleg recording of the John Coltrane Quartet with Eric Dolphy I’ve ever heard—an Impressions that must have had a pentecostal flame bright above it for the horns to be speaking in tongues like that—and finishing with a cut from the new Miles Davis release of the complete concerts from the Fillmore East in 1970. After that it was advisable to dial things down a bit, with Tore Takemitsu’s orchestral piece A Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden, a pause for breath and a sip of water. After that a few French songs, a Gypsy improv, and Tony Bennett wandering the Street of Dreams. More Takemitsu, this time on traditional Japanese instruments, until Branford Marsalis restores our heartbeats with The Flaming Sword. This might be one of the rites of spring. Tu-wit, tu-wu.Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 4.14.11 AM

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