Tone Science – 04/08/2018

tone science 300

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Circles, Spots, and Fantasy Cecil Taylor & Han Bennink Spots, Circles, and Fantasy
  Xatax Roland Kayn A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound

Tone Science – 04/1/2018

tone science 299

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Whirl Swirly/The GHost of Your Previous Fuckup Kris Davis Infrasound Save Your Breath
  Shadow of the Sun Suite Parts 1-5 & Aftermath Plan B From Outer Space
  I'll Wait For You Sun Ra Of ABstract Dreams
  II Brandon Lopex, Chris COrsano, Sam Yulsman The Mess/Holy Holy
  Endless Sky A John Chantler & Johannes Lunds Endless Sky
  duo II Erik Carlson and Greg Stuart Eva-Maria Houben: Duos
  Soma/Pirol Georgre Cremaschim, Irene Kepl, Peter Vrba Resonators

Tone Science – 03/25/2018

tone science 298

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Terrafish Lavatone Lavatone
  Vermillion Pink Mind Over Mirrors Bellowing Sun
  [G] John Wall, Mark Sanders, John Edwards FGBH
  Mitochondrial Ballet Robert Dick Our Cells Now
  Oh no...not again! Ben LaMar Gay Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun
  Song of an Aeropteryx 1&2 Gunter Christmann, Torsten Muller, LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams White Earth Streak
  Bordertown Julius Hemphill Trio Live from The New Music Cafe
  Thee Pinups Carl Ludwig Hubsch's Longrun Development of the Universe The Creators Bend A Master Plan
  Compostions no. 377 Anthony Braxton 3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011

Tone Science – 03/18/2018

tone science 297

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight part 1 John Chantler Logiv Being the Lowest Form of Magic
  Calm the Shadows Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon Leave No Trace: Live in St. Louis
  Soon All Cities/New Blank Document The Ex 27 Passports
  Franie Teardrop Suicide Suicide
  Open Andrew Lisle, Alex Ward Doors
  Born Obbligatio George E. Lewis/ICE The Will to Adorn
  Far From Shore (2010) Linda Catlin Smith/Apartment House Drifter

Tone Science – 03/11/2018

tone science 296

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Memory Game/Sensing Light Susie Ibarra Perception
  Oh My! Barre Phillips & Motoharu Yoshizawa Oh My, Those Boys!
  Conduction #31: Angelica Butch Morris Conduction #31, Conduction #28
  Opostomias Micripnus Daniel Levin, Chris Pitsiokis, Brandon Seabrook Stomiidae

Tone Science – 02/25/2018

tone science 295

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight The Answer Is.... Alvin Curran From the Alvin Curran Fakebook (The Biella Sessions)
  Des Corps Eve Risser, Benjamin Duboc, Edward Perraud En Corps - Generation
  In the Light of Air Anna Thorvaldsdottir/ICE In the Light of Air
  Inference Tim Berne & Marilyn Crispell Inference

Tone Science – 02/18/2018

tone science 294

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight ein-toning Erik Carlson & Greg Stuart Eva-Maria Houben: Duos
  First, Second, and Third Polypoems for a Great Man: Genghis Khan Enzo Minarelli Fame
  Haut-Satur 1-3 Francois Dufrene Revue OU
  Whisper Piece No. 4"Whississippi"/As Easy Bob Cobbing Text-Sound Compositions - A Stockholm Festival
  Mix B David Tudor Microphone
  A Thollem McDonas & Daniel Carter Thollem's Traveling Sessions Series with Daniel Carter

Tone Science – 02/11/2018

tone science 293

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Parker Melodies Anthony Braxton Sextet (Parker) 1993
  Unhinged Trio of Uncertainty Unlocked
  Not I Scott FIelds Ensemble Samuel
  What Where Scott Fields Ensemble Beckett
  Expansions/In A Breeze/Happiness Abdul Wadud By Myself

Tone Science – 02/4/2018

tone science 292

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Part 2 Sarah Hennies Fleas
  What Where Scott Fields Ensemble Beckett
  The End, The Afternoon, The Light/Against Myself, Against the Sky Loren Mazzacane Connors A Possible Dawn
  untitled Joe McPhee & Bryan Eubanks My Undocumented Alien Clarinet
  Fall Christopher Butterfield/Quatuor Bozzini Trip
  Glass Shleves and Floor (studio) Alex Ward Quintet Glass Shelves and Floor

Tone Science – 01/28/2018

tone science 291

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Oasis/Kaleidoscope/Camille Abdul Wadud By Myself
  Berths 1-3 John McCowen Solo Contra
  Omaggio a Giacinto Scelsi Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consananza Musica Su Schemi
  To Pianists Eve Risser & Kaja Draksier To Pianos
  Mermaids on the Golf Course Craigt Taborn & Ikue Mori Highsmith
  at iklectic John Edwards, Ollie Brice at iklectic
  Part 1 Sarah Hennies Fleas