Tone Science – 03/08/2015

tone science 199

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Condensation Andres Bosshard, Hans Anliker, David Gattiker, Conny Bauer, Johannes Bauer, Butch Morris, Phil..... Selected Soundscape No. 1: Klangbrücke Bern - A Sonic Architecture
  Zett Ute Wassermann, Richard Barrett Pollen
  Phoné (1980-81) John Chowning Turenas · Stria · Phoné · Sabelithe
  Vivente - non vivente Sofia Gubaidulina Electroshock Presents Electroacoustic Music Volume IV • Archive Tapes Synthesizer ANS 1964-1971
  Primate Travel by Train Luc Ex Assemblée Assemblée
  White Dirt Daunik Lazro, Jean-François Pauvros, Roger Turner Curare
  Beckett (sam) Aaron Bennet, Jerome Bryerton, John Butcher, Danielle DeGruttola, Henry Kaiser, Damon Smith Sextessense - A Tribute To John Stevens And The SME
  Stereo Electronic Music No. 1 Bulent Arel Columbia=Princeton Electronic Music Center
  songbirds John Luther Adams/Callithumpian Consort songbirds

Tone Science – 03/01/2015

tone science 198

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Out Right Now Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, Mat Maneri Out Right Now
  The Woman Who Loves to Make Ballisters Happy Ballister The Ballister Monologues
  Slake Nate Wooley, Dave Rempis, Pascal Niggenkemper & Chris Corsano From Wolves to Whales
  The Darn Squid Henry Kaiser & Ray Russell The Celestial Squid
  Kayanda Sekinomu Opika Pense: Africa at 78 RPM
  Five Etudes (1965) for percussion, harp, and bass Sofia Gubaidulina Chamber Music with Double Bass
  Cave and Basin Myra Melford and Tanya Kalmanovitch Heart Mountain
  Analyse Aki Takase & Roger Turner Hotel Zauberg
  Photic Zone Lotte Anker, Jacob Riis Squid Police
  Fulcrum John Russell & Roger Turner The Second Sky
  Salute Flying Jessica Pavone Knuckle Under
  We Had a Vision O'Death Out of Hands We Go
  Getting Richer Rev. Louis Overstreet An Evening With Reverend Louis Overstreet - His Guitar, His Four Sons & The Congregation At St. Luke

Tone Science – 02/22/2015

tone science 197

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Astral Fluid on the Earth: Looking into the Universe/Emerging From the Cosmic Eternal Cecil Taylor, William Parker, Masashi Harada The Dance Project
  Oliver Messiaen’s Morning Conjugal Death Waltz/The Queen is Always Pregnant Susan Alcorn Concetration
  Heptane Icepick Hexane
  Ebony Fantasty William Parker Clarinet Trio Bob's Pink Cadillac
  Glove Etiquette/Diamon Urge Microkingdom Smooth Tendencies

Tone Science – 02/08/2015

tone science 196

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Patriotic Poem Number One Forty Years After Harmut Geerken, John Tchicai, Famoudou Don Moye Cassava Balls
  Grimes, Henry Grimes Michael Bisio Undulations
  Chrome Dynasty/Zero To Negative Diggity Microkingdom Smooth Tendencies
  The Heart and The Bones Peter Brotzmann, William Parker, Hamid Drake Never Too Late But Always Too Early
  On the DL Rduresh Mahanthappa Bird Calls
  Bells Marc Ribot Spiritual Unity
  Four Jack Wright, Ben Wright, Kris Tiner For Instance
  Metamorphosis 1962-66 Bill Dixon Intents and Purposes
  stained tissues Morten Rasz Microbiotics
  fractured barnacles Caroline Park Less Than Human

Tone Science – 02/01/2015

tone science 195

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Ishi Gary Peacock Voices
  The Flow of (u) Kenneth Gaburo/Elinor Barron, Phillip Larson, Linda Vickerman Five Works for Voices, Instruments, and Electronics
  All Is Written Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter Three: Rive Run Thee
  untitled (side B) Eli Keszler & Joc McPhee Ithaca
  Where the Cities Gleam in Darkness Fred Frith & Barry Guy Backscatter Bright Blue
  Cafe OTO - Desk Recording John Chantler Cafe OTO Janaury 2015
  Motioning/Regular Step on Snake River Mind Over Mirrors The Voice Calling

Tone Science – 01/25/2015

tone science 194

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Bob's Pink Cadillac William Parker Clarinet Trio Bob's Pink Cadillac
  Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace/Rattles and Bells and the Light of the Sun William Parker Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace
  Hat and Beard Aki Takase & Alexander von Schlippenbach So Long, Eric! Homage to Eric Dolphy
  Incision 4 Evan Parker, Barry Guy Incision
  Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys Jemeel Mondoc Vtet Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys
  Battaille/Scelsi Morning Marc Ribot Scelsi Morning
  The Surveyors Architeuthis Walks On Land The Surveyors
  Bud II Akira Sakati & Giovanni di Do Iruman
  Starless King Crimson Live At The Orpheum

Tone Science – 01/18/2015

tone science 192

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Turenas (1972) John Chowning Turenas/Stria/Phone/Sabelithe
  Ich mache einen Spiegel - Dream Part 4 Popol Vuh Affenstunde
  scatter 2.0 Katharina Rosenbergn/Wet Ink Ensemble Texturen
  4 Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright About Trumpet and Saxophone
  The Speculators Architeuthis Walks On Land The Surveyors
  Variations of Weeds 15 Ueno Variations of Weeds
  Fizzle 5 Barry Guy Five Fizzles for Samuel Beckett
  connecting with the divine Alan Silva, Oluyemi Thomas Transmissions
  Harmonium #2 Zeitkratzer [Old School] James Tenney
  Fukushima No Ima Akira Sakata, Johan Berhtling, Paal Nilssen-Love Arashi
  improvised piece iii David Holland, Derek Bailey Improvisations For Cello and Guitar

Tone Science – 01/11/2015

toine science 192

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Intersection Poems/Children At Play Wayne Horvitz, Ron Samworth, Peggy Lee, Bill Clark, Dylan Van Der Schyff Intersection Poems
  Will to Power Cactus Truck Seizures Palace
  Corps Zs Xe
  side A Brian Chippendale and Greg Saunier Brian Chippendale and Greg Saunier
  Akhroda I Jamie Drake/Kevin Volans Night
  Elephant Trees Riverloam Trio Inem Gortn
  Song For A Small Space Charity Chan, Damon Smith, Weasel Walter Improvised Music and Tentacles
  Cyanide Magda Mayas, Christine Abdelnour Myriad
  Movement Tyshawn Sorey Alloy
  Akrohda II Jamie Drake/Kevin Volans Night

Tone Science – 12/21/2014

tone science 191

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Love and Ghosts Farmers By Nature Love and Ghosts
  A Love Song Tyshawn Sorey Alloy
  Mythos / Eyto Mario Pavone Street Songs
  Elixir / Red Shift Rashied Ali, Louis Belogenis, Wilbur Morris LIve at Tonic
  Full CIrcle Suite Joe Fonda Quintet Full CIrcle Suite
  It's Good to Know You Joe Fonda Quintet Full CIrcle Suite

Tone Science – 12/14/2014

tone science 190

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight White Dhal Red Dhal Sextet Red Dhal Sextet
  The Other Edge Ivo Perelman The Other Edge
  The Warriors #8 Toshinori Kondo, Eugene Chadbourne, Andrea Centazzo The Warriors
  Ptah, the El Daoud Jemeel Moondoc The Zookeeper's House
  One for Monk & Trane Jemeel Moondoc The Zookeeper's House
  Montreal 1 Paul Lytton, Nate Wooley, Ken Vandermark Nine Ways To Reach A Bridge
  Pinch Can Ege Bamyasi
  Daughters of the Desert Ikue Mori & Maja S.K. Ratkje Sceumptios Sabotage
  Afterglow Keeril Makan/Cory Smythe Afterglow
  The Feast of Fools Aine O'Dwyer Music for Church Cleaners Vol. I & II
  ∆••∆/∆•∆ Darius Jones featuring the Elizabeth-Caroline Unit The Oversoul Manual