Tone Science – 10/04/2015

tone science 224

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Untitled No. 1 Matana Roberts Always.
  VIsion One Stone Quartet Live at Vision Festival
  Reconnaissance Bertram Turetzky, George Lewis, Vinny Golia Triangulation II
  Echoes of Other Times Harry Bertoia Sonambient: Recordings of Harry Bertoia
  Cannones Incerti (2010) Jürg Frey/ More or Less

Tone Science – 09/27/2015

tone science 223

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight EliminatedArtist Yarn/Wire and Pete Swanson Eliminated Artist
  A Jon Mueller A Magnetic Center
  Fourth Part Keith Rowe/John Tilbury enough still not to know
  Quatuor à cordes n° 3 (1963) Giacinto Scelsi/Arditti Quartet
  Forbidden Generosity Mythic Birds The Name By Which The World Knows Them
9pm Concerto for Piano Four Hands & Chamber Orchestra Alfred Schnittke Concerto for Piano Four Hands, Concerto for Piano & Strings

Tone Science – 09/20/2015

tone science 222

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Blood Mary Halvorson Meltframe
  The Witch Sarah Kirkland Snyder Unremembered
  Assigned #15 James Saunders/Apartment House Assigned #15
  Inflections I Robert Hall Lewis/Bertram Turetzky New Music for Virtuosos 2
  For Bass Koto with Balloons Judy Dunaway Mother of Balloon Music
  Dirt Foot Jon Mueller & Martijn Tellinga Bowl, Helicopter
  Universal Translator Darius Jones Quartet Le bébé de Brigitte (Lost in Translation)
  Rune James Tenney/Maelström Percussion Ensemble Pika-Don
  Some Are Wise Baby Copperhead Strings for Color

Tone Science – 09/13/2015

tone science 221

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Trio Wroclove William Parker For Those Who Are, Still
  Avant Canal Michel Doneda Everybody Digs
  Corrections Yarn/Wire & Pete Swanson Eliminated Artist
  Music for Everyman George Maciunas/Apartment House Musical Scoring Systems
  String Quartet No. 1 Peter Garland/Apartment House String Quartets [1 & 2]
  A Memory of Perfection Jurgy Frey Grizzana and other pieces 2009-2014

Tone Science – 09/06/2015

tone science 220

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Pika-Don Part 1: Almagordo/Part 2: Hiroshima James Tenney/Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble Pika-Don
  Transitions Anna Thorvaldsdottir/Michael Nicolas In the Light of Air
  For Fannie Lou Hammer William Parker For Those Who Are, Still
  Tangovariables on the word TANGO Udo Kasemets/Stephen Clarke Pythagoras Tree
  Three Modulators, for Basses Martijn Tellinga Positions
  Dissimulation Mythic Birds The Name By Whivh The Worls Knows Them
  The Stars Would Be Different/Crazy Tin/Bag The Stars Would Be Different

Tone Science – 08/30/2015

tone science 219

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight untitled (tracks 1 & 2) Pere Ubu The Pere Ubu Moon Unit
  No Shoes Evan Parker & John Wiese C-Section
  The Great Dying Locrian Infinite Dissolution
  Tayari-Teri: Shamans Healing, Pt. 1 David Toop Lost Shadows: In Defence of the Soul (Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual, 1978)
  Après Presque Rien (2004) for 14 instruments and two samplers . Après Presque Rien (2004) for 14 instruments and two samplers - Luc Ferrari/Ensemble Musiques Nouv Madame De Shanghai
  Fossil NIck Mazzarella Ultraviolet
  Little Black Bird/Retreat Masahiko Togashi & Steve Lacy Eternal Duo
  Urban Air Voices John Coxon & Wadada Leo Smith Brooklyn Duos
  Firmament - Schlafos Hans Tutschku Firmament

Tone Science – 08/23/2015

tone science 218

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Symphony for Machines (Ex Orkest, 21-04-2002) The Ex The Ex at Bimuis (1991-2015)
  Adieu Little Man (part 1) Muhammad Ali & Frank Wright Adieu Little Man
  Trittico per G.S. Brian Ferneyhough/Steffano Scodanibbio Fourth String Quartet
  Ko-Tha Giacinto Scelsi/Michael Kiedaisch Suono Rotondo
  Aberration of Light Olivia Block Aberration of LIght
  Silenzio Sofia Gubaidulina/Kremerata Musica Silenzion
  Thing 4 Manas Things of Outtakes

Tone Science – 08/16/2015

tone science 217

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Dance Suite [For Merle Marsicano] (1963) for percussion and piano|celeste Morton Feldman/Glen Freeman, Debora Petrina Strings, Keyboard, Percussion, Voices, Horn
  Annapurna Kid Millions & Jim Sauter Bloom
  Yuunihui'se'ome'yei'nahui, For Violin, Viola Concertante, Violoncello, Double-Bass (1983-1990) Julio Estrada/Arditti String Quartet & Stefano Scodanibbio Chamber Music for Strings
  Shadesof Silence Anna Thorvaldsdottir/Nordic Affect Clockworking
  Deuxième Sonate pour piano [1947-48] I-IV Pierre Boulez/Pi-hsien Chen Notations & Piano Sonatas
  For Balloon and String Quartet I-III Judy Dunaway & Flux Quartet Mother of Balloon Music
  After Dark George E. Lewis & Bertram Turetzky Conversations

Tone Science – 08/2/2015

tone science 216

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight You and Cooke = Happiness Shofar Ha-Huncvot
  Range Jon Mueller Range
  Samuel Beckett-What is the Word, Op. 30b György Kurtág/Ensemble Anton Webern Wien Modern II: Hommage à Tarkovsky
  Bass Clarinet and Percussion Morton Feldman.New Millenium Ensemble For Frank O'Hara - Bass Clarinet and Percussion - De Kooning - Instrumentals 1
  Bohor I Iannis Xenakis Electroc-Acoustic Music
  Tetragrams 1st serie: Quest, Crucificion, Rebirth Dane Rughyar/Steffen Scleiermacher Works for Piano
  Extended Circular Music No. 8 (2014) Jurg Frey Grizzana and othe rpieces 2009-2014

Tone Science – 07/26/2015

tone science 215

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Quartetto per acchi opus 1 György Kurtág/Arditti String Quartet Gubaidulina, Kurtag, Lutoslawski - String Quartets
  Aglais for solo violin Maya Homburger Aglais
  Cloudstreams/Bellweathers Chris Brown Rogue Waves
  I Have Crossed By The Grace Of The Boatman Barry Guy Symmetries
  Naldjorlak III parts 1-3 Eliane Radigue Naldorlak I II III
  No hay caminos, hay que caminar....Andrej Tarkovskij Luciano Berion/Ensemble Anton Webern Wien Modern II: Hommage à Tarkovsky
  untitled Sophie Angel/Phil Minton Tatsing