Tone Science – 10/25/2015

tone science 226

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Border Dissolve in Audiospace Liam O'Gallagher 10 + @: 12 AMerican Text Sound Pieces
  Erotic Apocalypse Patrick Higgins Social Death Mixtape
  Every Sunday Jason Roebke Every Sunday
  Memoire, horizon Jurg Frek/Konus Quartet Chamber Music
  Chamber Music Bob Cobbing Text-Sound Compositions - A Stockholm Festival
  Komposition Für Streichquartett [1985] akob Ullman/Streichquartett des Ensemble UnitedBerlin Komposition Für Streichquartett / Komposition Für Violine / Disappearing Musics

Tone Science – 10/11/2015

tone science 225

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Just Charles Amirkhanian 10 + 2: 12 American Sound Pieces
  Fat Millie's Lament (1965) Kenneth Gaburo Tape Play
  Otto Sees Anna Brigit & Leonel Kaplan Stereo Trumpet
  Points d'Aube Betsy Jolas/Serge Collot, Ensemble Ars Nova Stances, B for Sonata, J.D.E., Points d'Aube d'un Opéra de Voyage -
  Spacecraft (1967) Musica Elettronica Viva MEV 40
  Praying Mantis Paul Flaherty, Steve Swell, C. Spencer Yeh, Weasel Walter Dragonly Breath
  From Assent To Refusal Dikeman Noble Serries Trio Obscure Fluctuations

Tone Science – 10/04/2015

tone science 224

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Untitled No. 1 Matana Roberts Always.
  VIsion One Stone Quartet Live at Vision Festival
  Reconnaissance Bertram Turetzky, George Lewis, Vinny Golia Triangulation II
  Echoes of Other Times Harry Bertoia Sonambient: Recordings of Harry Bertoia
  Cannones Incerti (2010) Jürg Frey/ More or Less

Tone Science – 09/27/2015

tone science 223

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight EliminatedArtist Yarn/Wire and Pete Swanson Eliminated Artist
  A Jon Mueller A Magnetic Center
  Fourth Part Keith Rowe/John Tilbury enough still not to know
  Quatuor à cordes n° 3 (1963) Giacinto Scelsi/Arditti Quartet
  Forbidden Generosity Mythic Birds The Name By Which The World Knows Them
9pm Concerto for Piano Four Hands & Chamber Orchestra Alfred Schnittke Concerto for Piano Four Hands, Concerto for Piano & Strings

Tone Science – 09/20/2015

tone science 222

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Blood Mary Halvorson Meltframe
  The Witch Sarah Kirkland Snyder Unremembered
  Assigned #15 James Saunders/Apartment House Assigned #15
  Inflections I Robert Hall Lewis/Bertram Turetzky New Music for Virtuosos 2
  For Bass Koto with Balloons Judy Dunaway Mother of Balloon Music
  Dirt Foot Jon Mueller & Martijn Tellinga Bowl, Helicopter
  Universal Translator Darius Jones Quartet Le bébé de Brigitte (Lost in Translation)
  Rune James Tenney/Maelström Percussion Ensemble Pika-Don
  Some Are Wise Baby Copperhead Strings for Color

Tone Science – 09/13/2015

tone science 221

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Trio Wroclove William Parker For Those Who Are, Still
  Avant Canal Michel Doneda Everybody Digs
  Corrections Yarn/Wire & Pete Swanson Eliminated Artist
  Music for Everyman George Maciunas/Apartment House Musical Scoring Systems
  String Quartet No. 1 Peter Garland/Apartment House String Quartets [1 & 2]
  A Memory of Perfection Jurgy Frey Grizzana and other pieces 2009-2014

Tone Science – 09/06/2015

tone science 220

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Pika-Don Part 1: Almagordo/Part 2: Hiroshima James Tenney/Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble Pika-Don
  Transitions Anna Thorvaldsdottir/Michael Nicolas In the Light of Air
  For Fannie Lou Hammer William Parker For Those Who Are, Still
  Tangovariables on the word TANGO Udo Kasemets/Stephen Clarke Pythagoras Tree
  Three Modulators, for Basses Martijn Tellinga Positions
  Dissimulation Mythic Birds The Name By Whivh The Worls Knows Them
  The Stars Would Be Different/Crazy Tin/Bag The Stars Would Be Different

Tone Science – 08/30/2015

tone science 219

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight untitled (tracks 1 & 2) Pere Ubu The Pere Ubu Moon Unit
  No Shoes Evan Parker & John Wiese C-Section
  The Great Dying Locrian Infinite Dissolution
  Tayari-Teri: Shamans Healing, Pt. 1 David Toop Lost Shadows: In Defence of the Soul (Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual, 1978)
  Après Presque Rien (2004) for 14 instruments and two samplers . Après Presque Rien (2004) for 14 instruments and two samplers - Luc Ferrari/Ensemble Musiques Nouv Madame De Shanghai
  Fossil NIck Mazzarella Ultraviolet
  Little Black Bird/Retreat Masahiko Togashi & Steve Lacy Eternal Duo
  Urban Air Voices John Coxon & Wadada Leo Smith Brooklyn Duos
  Firmament - Schlafos Hans Tutschku Firmament

Tone Science – 08/23/2015

tone science 218

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Symphony for Machines (Ex Orkest, 21-04-2002) The Ex The Ex at Bimuis (1991-2015)
  Adieu Little Man (part 1) Muhammad Ali & Frank Wright Adieu Little Man
  Trittico per G.S. Brian Ferneyhough/Steffano Scodanibbio Fourth String Quartet
  Ko-Tha Giacinto Scelsi/Michael Kiedaisch Suono Rotondo
  Aberration of Light Olivia Block Aberration of LIght
  Silenzio Sofia Gubaidulina/Kremerata Musica Silenzion
  Thing 4 Manas Things of Outtakes

Tone Science – 08/16/2015

tone science 217

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Dance Suite [For Merle Marsicano] (1963) for percussion and piano|celeste Morton Feldman/Glen Freeman, Debora Petrina Strings, Keyboard, Percussion, Voices, Horn
  Annapurna Kid Millions & Jim Sauter Bloom
  Yuunihui'se'ome'yei'nahui, For Violin, Viola Concertante, Violoncello, Double-Bass (1983-1990) Julio Estrada/Arditti String Quartet & Stefano Scodanibbio Chamber Music for Strings
  Shadesof Silence Anna Thorvaldsdottir/Nordic Affect Clockworking
  Deuxième Sonate pour piano [1947-48] I-IV Pierre Boulez/Pi-hsien Chen Notations & Piano Sonatas
  For Balloon and String Quartet I-III Judy Dunaway & Flux Quartet Mother of Balloon Music
  After Dark George E. Lewis & Bertram Turetzky Conversations