Tone Science – 01/12/2014

tone science 146

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Coffee Beans Moondog Moondog 2
  Invisible Rules Sunny Murray Even Break (Never Give A Sucker)
  I-IV Perfect Pussy I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling
  Radio Stars Kraftwerk Radio-Activity
  Mercury Songbirds International Contemporary Ensemble/Keeril Makan Afterglow
  Perpetual I-III Ken Thomson with JACK Quartet Thaw
  Elastic - Chicago Mikołaj Trzaska, Devin Hoff, Michael Zerang Sleepless in Chicago
  Way Out West Ikue Mori / Maja S.K. Ratkje Scrumptious Sabotage
  Smothering Instinct / Barely Regal Cellular Chaos Cellular Chaos
  Scratch There Jooklo Duo with Bill Nace Scratch
  Lithonia / Some Day Circuits Des Yeux Overdue
8pm The Ship Is At The Landing Babe Stovall Sorrow Come Pass Me Around: A Survey of Rural Black Religious Music

Tone Science – 12/29/2013

tone science 144

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight 2 Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright About Trumpet and Saxophone
  Sand Paul Flaherty & Bill Nace An Airless Field
  Seismic Waves Ikue Mori & Steve Noble Prediction and Warning
  In a Drunken Topor, My Love Struck Me Thrice Frank Rosaly Frank Rosaly's Vicious
  Holy Family Albert Ayler Spirits Rejoice
  Standing on a Rabbit Fire! (Without Noticing)
  Carnival Bikini Kill The C.D. Version of the First Two Records
  Wasted Time Can't Private Time (part 2)
  Implosion - 73 (second version) Rudolph Grey Mask Of Light
  The Junlge IS A Skyscraper Ornette Coleman Science Fiction
  untitled (track 5) Robert Beatty Soundtracks for Takeshi Murata
  Mind On Lonnie Holley Keeping A Record Of It
  Alien To Be The Dead C Eusa Kills
  Birdman Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble Conspiracy Nation
  Lipstick in Hi-Fi [for Jean-Luc Goddard] The Resonance Ensemble Head Above the Water/Feet Out of the Fire
  Feel the Teal Drug Yacht Way Up Firm and High
  Trio I Kidd Jordan, Alvin Fielder, Peter Kowlad Trio and Duo in New Orleans
  One For Earthworm Jim Body/Gate/Head Glare Luring Yo

Tone Science – 12/22/2013

tone science 143

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Showroom Dummies Kraftwerk Trans-Europe Express
  untitled (track 1) The Blue Humans Live - NY 1980
  In a Dream-Home Lasse Marhaug & Bruce Russell Virginia Plane
  The Third I Ronnie Boykins The Wil Come, Is Now
  Mila's Song In The Rain Eliane Radigue Songs of Milarepa
  You Go To My Head Chet Baker & Paul Bley Diane
  Spirits Rejoice Albert Ayler Spirits Rejoice
  Strange Uhuru Charles Tyler Ensemble Charles Tyler Ensemble
  Blue Dove Jim Hall & Red Mitchell Jim Hall & Red Mitchell
  The Mermen of Poetry C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee, Lasse Marhaug Wake Up Awesome
  One More Red Nightmare King Crimson Red

Tone Science – 11/17/2013

tone science 141

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight War Criminals / Sex Toys Joe McPhee, Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen, Mikołaj Trzaska Magic
  String Quartet No. 4 New Hellenic Quartet Nikos Skalkottas: String Quartets 3 & 4
  Foramen Magnum Olivia Block Karren
  Movement Two: Fields Nuts Symphony for Old and New Dimensions

Tone Science – 11/10/2013

tone science 140

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Fifth Child Burning Lonnie Holley Just Before Music
  Little Man Toddlers Toddlers
  Floating Coffin Thee Oh Sees Floating Coffin
  Original Blimp Mary Halvorson, Kirk Knuffke, Matt Wilson Sifter
  Smothering Instinct Cellular Chaos Cellular Chaos
  Song For A Small Space Charity Chan/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter Improvised Music and Tentacles
  The ueblog tide Huebsch-Van Bebber-Blonk Improvisors
  Hall Of The Mountain King/Louie Louie Half Japanese Our Solar System
  Angelic Brain Cell Matthew Shipp Piano Sutras
  Inuksuit John Luther Adams Inuksuit

Tone Science – 10/20/2013

tone science 138

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Hyperspace NRG Ensemble This Is My House
  Our Father The Monster Wooden Wand & World War IV Wooden Wand & World War IV
  The Circumlocution Office Julian Priester & Sam Rivers Hints on Light and Shadow
  Harmonie de Pontarlier: The Dream of Rhonabwy Rhys Chatham Harmonie du soir
  Dancing On The Sun Daniel Lentz The Complete 10-Inch Series From Cold Blue
  Opening Night Olivia Block Karren
  Action Field Matt Mitchell Fiction
  Molting Slowly (Without Notice) Fire! (Without Notice)
  Symbols Christina Carter Imaginee
  Heavensend Brainstun Brainstun
  Re-make/Re-model Cellular Chaos Cellular Chaos

Tone Science – 10/13/2013

tone science 137

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight 6th Floor Walk-up Waiting John Zorn & Thurston Moore
  Back to the Blues Mary Lou Williams & Cecil Taylor Embraced
  Dances 1-6 Peter Garland The Complete 10-Inch series from Cold Blue
  Composition №347+ Anthony Braxton Echo Echo Mirror House
  Alban Stands There Richard Youngs Festival

Tone Science – 10/06/2013

tone science 136

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Stations Steve Lacy Estilhaços (Live in Lisbon)
  Deep Inspiration of Nothingness Richard Youngs Calmont Breakdown
  Side A Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile
  Open The Necks Open

Tone Science – 09/29/2013

tone science 135

Time Song Artist Album
8pm The Watcher / The True Meaning of Determination Dave Holland Prism
  Ride My Arrow Bill Callahan Dream River
  Vashkar Carla Bley Trios
  Invisible Kevin Drumm & Jason Lescallet The Invisible Curse
  String Quartet No. 2 Patrick Higgins/MIVOS Quartet String Quartet No. 2 + Glacial
  Stop the Sound of the Big Bell Chicago Sound Map Performs Compositions by Olivia Block and Ernst Karel
  Meat Shovel Dead Neanderthals Meat Shovel

Tone Science – 09/22/2013

tone science 134

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Europium The Thing with Barry Guy Metal
  Bob Wills medley Brian and the Haggards featuring Dr. Eugene Chadbourne Merles Just Want To Have Fun
  Spatialist (for Fred Anderson) Paul Giallorenzo's GitGO Emergent
  Bring Me My Shotgun Bill Orcutt A History of Everyone
  AllSteel John King/Ethel AllSteel
  Second Breath, part 1 Fire Room Second Breath
  Suspicious Farms Dan Haywood Dapple
  Dehumanization Blues Luis Lopez Electricty
  6 Tigersmilk From the Bottle