Tone Science – 02/07/2016

tone science 238

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Dogon A.D. Julius Hemphill Trio Live From The New Music Cafe
  Holographic - intro/Holographic Daniel Wohl Holographic
  Broken Record Fugue Chicago Reed Quartet Western Automatic
  Slip Knot Alison Blunt/Benedict Taylor/David Leahy Making Rooms
  Norcet Kristof Knittel/Zeitkratzer Zeitrakters Plays PRES
  Big Basin Harris Eisenstadt Old Growth Forest
  Tenor Solo Joe McPhee Zurich (1979)
  Spica Mazzarella/Haker-Flaten/Ra Azimuth (Live at Constellation)
  Licker Gate Saturday Night Fever

Tone Science – 01/31/2016

tone science 237

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight 2 Alice Hui-sheng Chang & Jason L Khan Voices
  Dolmen Music (side B) Meredith Monk Dolmen Music
  What! No Soap? Evan parker, John Russel, John Edwards Making Rooms
  Illustrationer I-IV Else Marie pade Electronic Works 1958-1995
  Faces of Fear Transformed Melt Brian Chippendale, Mats Gustafsson, Masimo Pupillio Melt

Tone Science – 01/24/2016

tone science 236

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Nine Pieces of Light Jan Pusina Clouds In An Emerald Sky
  String Quartet No. 3 I-III Jacob Druckman/Group for Contemporary Music String Quartet & Reflections on the Nature of Water
  I'll See You On The Dark Side Of The Earth Ches Smith, Craig Taborn, Mat Maneri The Bell
  Apparition Du Christ Glorieux/La Constellation Du Sagittaire Olivier Messiaen/Wiener Philharmoniker Éclairs Sur L'Au-Delà...
  Shimmer Magda Mayas Terrain
  Module Modulations Carl Ludwig Hübsch's Longrun Development Of The Universe The Creators Bend A Master Plan
  [EXPLOSIVE HAZARD] Ted Hearne The Source

Tone Science – 01/10/2016

tone science 235

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight When Will the Blues Leave?/Vashkar Paul Bley Footloose!
  Paragraph One AMM Uncovered Correspondence: A Postcard from Jaslo
  Big Horn/Sand Creek Scott Clark 4tet Bury My Heart
  Whimwhams Frederic Rzewski/The Eclipse Quartet + William Winant Music for String Quartet & Percussion
  Usclatx The Offshoot Charybdis
  Berlin 1-5 Alteratuibs Voila Enough!

Tone Science – 01/03/2016

tone science 234

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Cognate Canons James Tenney/The Eclipse Quartet + William Winant Parkins, Rzewski & Tenney: Music for String Quartet & Percussion
  For Sorrow Salt Tears Laura Cannell Beneath Swooping Talons
  The Return Heather Leigh I Abused Animal
  Reflections on the Nature of Water Jacob Druckmna/Dan Druckman String Quartet & Reflections on the Nature of Water
  Faust Suite Else Marie Pade Electronic Works 1958-1996
  Oleo #1 Sonny Rollings Quartet with Don Cherry Complete Live at the Village Gate 1962

Tone Science – 12/27/2015

tone science 233

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Duo for Baroque Violin & Bass Buxton Orr/Maya Homburger, Barry Guy Chamber Music for Strings
  Light Cuts Shadow/States of Being Barry Guy, Ken Vandermark Occaional Poems
  Rainbow Gladiator Billy Band Quartet Rainbow Gladiator
  Wolken/Katzen und Pfauen/Karawane Jaap Blonk, Damon Smith Hugo Ball: Sechs Laut-und Klanggedichte 1916 (Six Sound Poems, 1916)
  Hotel Grief Tom Rainy Trio Hotel Grief

Tone Science – 12/20/2015

tone science 232

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Blues No. 7 Loren Connors Blues: The Dark Paintings of Mark Rothko
  Side A Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt Live at Various
  Accretion Dave Seidel ~60Hz
  The Dream Machine Roscoe Mitchell Sound Songs
  The People United Will Never Be Deated! Parts 1 & 2 Frederiz Rzewski The People United Will Never Be Deated!
  Dichotomy Jimmy Giuffre & Steve Swallow Free Fall
  Mu Keeril Makan/Eric Carlson Afterglow
  Quintet for Piano and Strings Ann Southam/Stephen Clarke, Marie Berard, Dominique Laplante, Rene Regehn, Marianne Pack Glass Houses
  The Descent of the Holy Ghost Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber/Rachel Podger, David Miller, Marcin Świątkiewicz Rosary Sonatas
  Thug Swans Cop
  Untitled (track 4) Takehisa Kosugi Violin Solo 1980 N.Y.C.
  Incision 3 Evan Parker, Barry Guy Incision
  Morishige - Gebbia 4 Gianni Gebbia & Yasumune Morishige Cello Meetings Vol. 1
  Canal Michel Doneda Everybody Digs
  1981: Stormfugle Moniek Darge Soundies (selected work 1980-2001)

Tone Science – 11/29/2015

tone science 230

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight String Trio (1985) Alfred Schnittke, Maetja Marinkovic, Paul Silverthorne, Tim Hugh Violin Sonata, String Trio
  (I) Michael Pisaro A Mist Is A Collection of Points
  Qualities of Consonance Ann Southam/Eve Egoyan Returnings
  Strangers by Midday Mette Henriette Mette Henriette
  Streichquartet II (1998-2000) Jurg Frey/Quator Bozzini String Quartets
  Love's Dream BObby BRadford & John Carter Quintet NoUTurn

Tone Science – 11/22/2015

tone science 229

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Piano Sonata No. 2 in G sharp minor, Op. 19 Alexander Scriabin/Vladimir Sofronitsky Complete Piano Sonatas
  Toneburst (Piece for 3 Trombones Simultaneously) George Lewis The Solo Trombone Record
  Magus Boris Hauf's Next Delusion Next Delusion
  Dante's Joynetee (1966) Kenneth Gaburo Tape Play
  Luminous Machine (for solo percussion) Nathaniel Bartlett/Michael Carp Luminous Machine
  Komposition für Violine [1986/87]. symmetries on aleph zero 2 Jakob Ullman/Nicolaus Richter de Vroe Komposition Für Streichquartett / Komposition Für Violine / Disappearing Musics
  Ghosts Charles Gayle Trio Christ Everlasting
  Number 4 Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet Book II
  Stele Op. 33 (1994) György Kurtág/Berlin Philharmoniker Stockhausen: Gruppen - Kurtág: Grabstein Für Stephan Etc.

Tone Science – 11/15/2015

tone science 228

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Kush Art Ensemble of Chicago The Alternative Express
  FF4 Peter Kowlad/Kent Kessler/Fred Lonberg-Holm Fixed Flats
  De Profundis, for bayan Sofia Gubaidulina/Elsbeth Moser Seven Words, Ten Preludes, De Profundis
  Portrait of Robin Croziere Bob Cobbing Text-Sound Compositions: A Stockholm Festival
  Franz Biberkopf RöD/BLå Franz Biberkopf
  Late Metal Birgit Umher & Leonel Kaplan Stereo Trumpet