Tone Science – 02/28/2016

tone science 240

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Off Duty Dryad Leory Jenkins/The Soldier String Quartet with Lindsey Horner Themes & Improvisations on the Blues
  Coelacanth Bathysphere Bathysphere
  Alupa-Pappa Waclaw Zimpel Lines
  Bending to the Lash Horse Lords Interventions
  Magwaza Johnny Dyani Witchdoctor's Son
  Turtle Dreams (Waltz) Meredith Monk Turtle Dreams
  Is There Anybody Out There? Shiela Booth Is There Anybody Out There?
  String Quartet Earle Brown/Cornelius Dufallo, Ariana Kim, Kenji Bunch, Yves Dharamraj Tracer
  Moonless Night Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg Dialogue
  O Space Heater! My Space Heater! Mette Rasmussen, Chris Corsano All the Ghosts at Once
  For Ed Blackwell (excerpt) Hamd Drake, Michael Zerang For Ed Blackwell

Tone Science – 02/21/2016

tone science 239

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Setz die Segel zur Sonne Zeitkratzer + Keiji Haino Stockhausen: Aus den sieben Tagen
  KORE Part 2.2 Zeitraktzer Reinhold Friede: KORE
  String Quartet No. 3, SZ 85 Bela Bartok/Juilliard Quartet Bartok: String Quartets
  Fearless Charles Gayle Trio Live at Jazzwerkstatt Peitz
  Five Knots Rhodri Davies Five Knots/Assay
  Nature PIeces I-V Morton Feldman/Siegfried Mauser Palais De Mari
  For O, For O, The Hobby-Horse is Forgot Harrison Birtwistle/Netherlands Wind Ensemble Music for Wind and Percussion

Tone Science – 02/07/2016

tone science 238

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Dogon A.D. Julius Hemphill Trio Live From The New Music Cafe
  Holographic - intro/Holographic Daniel Wohl Holographic
  Broken Record Fugue Chicago Reed Quartet Western Automatic
  Slip Knot Alison Blunt/Benedict Taylor/David Leahy Making Rooms
  Norcet Kristof Knittel/Zeitkratzer Zeitrakters Plays PRES
  Big Basin Harris Eisenstadt Old Growth Forest
  Tenor Solo Joe McPhee Zurich (1979)
  Spica Mazzarella/Haker-Flaten/Ra Azimuth (Live at Constellation)
  Licker Gate Saturday Night Fever

Tone Science – 01/31/2016

tone science 237

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight 2 Alice Hui-sheng Chang & Jason L Khan Voices
  Dolmen Music (side B) Meredith Monk Dolmen Music
  What! No Soap? Evan parker, John Russel, John Edwards Making Rooms
  Illustrationer I-IV Else Marie pade Electronic Works 1958-1995
  Faces of Fear Transformed Melt Brian Chippendale, Mats Gustafsson, Masimo Pupillio Melt

Tone Science – 01/24/2016

tone science 236

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Nine Pieces of Light Jan Pusina Clouds In An Emerald Sky
  String Quartet No. 3 I-III Jacob Druckman/Group for Contemporary Music String Quartet & Reflections on the Nature of Water
  I'll See You On The Dark Side Of The Earth Ches Smith, Craig Taborn, Mat Maneri The Bell
  Apparition Du Christ Glorieux/La Constellation Du Sagittaire Olivier Messiaen/Wiener Philharmoniker Éclairs Sur L'Au-Delà...
  Shimmer Magda Mayas Terrain
  Module Modulations Carl Ludwig Hübsch's Longrun Development Of The Universe The Creators Bend A Master Plan
  [EXPLOSIVE HAZARD] Ted Hearne The Source

Tone Science – 01/10/2016

tone science 235

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight When Will the Blues Leave?/Vashkar Paul Bley Footloose!
  Paragraph One AMM Uncovered Correspondence: A Postcard from Jaslo
  Big Horn/Sand Creek Scott Clark 4tet Bury My Heart
  Whimwhams Frederic Rzewski/The Eclipse Quartet + William Winant Music for String Quartet & Percussion
  Usclatx The Offshoot Charybdis
  Berlin 1-5 Alteratuibs Voila Enough!

Tone Science – 01/03/2016

tone science 234

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Cognate Canons James Tenney/The Eclipse Quartet + William Winant Parkins, Rzewski & Tenney: Music for String Quartet & Percussion
  For Sorrow Salt Tears Laura Cannell Beneath Swooping Talons
  The Return Heather Leigh I Abused Animal
  Reflections on the Nature of Water Jacob Druckmna/Dan Druckman String Quartet & Reflections on the Nature of Water
  Faust Suite Else Marie Pade Electronic Works 1958-1996
  Oleo #1 Sonny Rollings Quartet with Don Cherry Complete Live at the Village Gate 1962

Tone Science – 12/27/2015

tone science 233

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Duo for Baroque Violin & Bass Buxton Orr/Maya Homburger, Barry Guy Chamber Music for Strings
  Light Cuts Shadow/States of Being Barry Guy, Ken Vandermark Occaional Poems
  Rainbow Gladiator Billy Band Quartet Rainbow Gladiator
  Wolken/Katzen und Pfauen/Karawane Jaap Blonk, Damon Smith Hugo Ball: Sechs Laut-und Klanggedichte 1916 (Six Sound Poems, 1916)
  Hotel Grief Tom Rainy Trio Hotel Grief

Tone Science – 12/20/2015

tone science 232

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Blues No. 7 Loren Connors Blues: The Dark Paintings of Mark Rothko
  Side A Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt Live at Various
  Accretion Dave Seidel ~60Hz
  The Dream Machine Roscoe Mitchell Sound Songs
  The People United Will Never Be Deated! Parts 1 & 2 Frederiz Rzewski The People United Will Never Be Deated!
  Dichotomy Jimmy Giuffre & Steve Swallow Free Fall
  Mu Keeril Makan/Eric Carlson Afterglow
  Quintet for Piano and Strings Ann Southam/Stephen Clarke, Marie Berard, Dominique Laplante, Rene Regehn, Marianne Pack Glass Houses
  The Descent of the Holy Ghost Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber/Rachel Podger, David Miller, Marcin Świątkiewicz Rosary Sonatas
  Thug Swans Cop
  Untitled (track 4) Takehisa Kosugi Violin Solo 1980 N.Y.C.
  Incision 3 Evan Parker, Barry Guy Incision
  Morishige - Gebbia 4 Gianni Gebbia & Yasumune Morishige Cello Meetings Vol. 1
  Canal Michel Doneda Everybody Digs
  1981: Stormfugle Moniek Darge Soundies (selected work 1980-2001)

Tone Science – 11/29/2015

tone science 230

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight String Trio (1985) Alfred Schnittke, Maetja Marinkovic, Paul Silverthorne, Tim Hugh Violin Sonata, String Trio
  (I) Michael Pisaro A Mist Is A Collection of Points
  Qualities of Consonance Ann Southam/Eve Egoyan Returnings
  Strangers by Midday Mette Henriette Mette Henriette
  Streichquartet II (1998-2000) Jurg Frey/Quator Bozzini String Quartets
  Love's Dream BObby BRadford & John Carter Quintet NoUTurn