Tone Science – 12/07/2014

tone science 189

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Scarcery 1 Arto Lindsay, Paal Nilssen-Love Scarcity
  Shades of Silence (2012) Anna Thorvaldsdottir Aerial
  Rogyapa Jeremiah Cymerman Sky Burial
  Sime Qulestions - Complex Answers konstruKt & Joe McPhee Babylon
  ....And Other Desert Towns Igrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey And Other Desrt Towns
  Eaten By Sharks The Flying Luttenbachers Destroy All Music
  Broken Cycles Peter Evans Zebulon
  Société II (Et Si Le Piano Était Un Corps De Femme) Luc Ferrari Presque Rien No.1, Société II
  Fomentera Lady King Crimson Islands

Tone Science – 11/30/2014

tone science 188

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Lazy Afternoon Among the Crocodiles Terry Riley, Stefano Scodanibbio Lazy Afternoon Among the Crocodiles
  The Memory of Ourselves Thollem McDonas & Stefano Scodanibbio On Debussy's Piano And...
  Easel Joriit Dijkstra Music For Reeds and Electronics
  Waxman Nels Cline & Julian Lange Room
  Coast To Coast Andrwe Cyrille Ode To The Living Tree
  Duo II Julius Hemphill and Peter Kowald Live at Kassiopeia
  Drive Jimmy Giuffre New York Concerts
  Beast James Tenney Postal Pieces
  Xe Zs Xe
  Turiya and Ramakrishna Alice Coltrane Ptah, the El Daoud
  Sunder Tashi Dorji Tashi Dorji

Tone Science – 11/16/2014

tone science 186

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Cell Block Tyshawn Sorey That/Not
  Archiduc 3 Fred van Hove, Peter Jacquemyn, Damon Smith Burns Longer
  February The Thid (parts 1 & 2) Alan Cilva Celestrial Communication Orchestra Desert Mirage
  Aeriality (2011) for orchestra Anna Thorvaldsdottir Aerial
  Food Chain Dialogue Butch Morris Dust To Dust
  London February 3 Ashley Paul Heat Source
  Sun Control Chrome The Visitation
  Advance Upon The Real Perfect Pussy Say Yes To Love

Tone Science – 11/23/2014

tone science 187

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight ••/•••/••••/••••• Darius Jones featuring the Elizabeth-Caroline Unit The Oversoul Manual
  Information National Forest Pauline Oliveros, Timothy Hill, David Rothenberg Cicada Dream Band
  Another Walk In The Park Ashley Paul To Much Togethers
  Metal Machine Music part 1 Zeitkratzer Lou Reed Metal Machine Music
  Via Della Luve MEV United Patchwork
  Love Changes/Compassion/Our Souls Charles Gayle Our Souls
  Lush Life aka Glimpse Into Dream World Can't Private Time (part 2)
  Pyjamarama Lasse Marhaug & Bruce Russell Virginia Plane
  Botanica De Los Angeles Xiu Xiu Angel Guts: Red Classroom
  Root & Branch Alan Silva & Oluyemi Thomas Transmission
  War Criminals Joe McPhee, Dominic Duval, Jay Rose, Mikolaj Trzaska Magic

Tone Science – 11/03/2014

tone science 185

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Golden Surf II / Drag The River Pere Ubu Carnival of Souls
  Our Yoni Kretzmer, Pascal Niggenkemper, Weasel Walter ProtestMusic
  Lake Michigan Wadada Leo Smith The Great Lakes Suites
  Meaning Joe Morris Quartet Balance
  No Nonsense / Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns X Blank X No Nonsense / Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns
  Trio Improvisation Peter Kowald, Gunter baby Sommer, Wadada Leo Smith Discography
  Three Sunbeams Moniek Darge Sounds of Sacred Places
  Into - Second Selg (2012) / Ró (2013) Anna Thorvaldsdottir Aerial
  The Gothic Dances Phillip Corner Satie Slowly
  Threadsuns For String Quartet: I Ha-Yang Kim Threadsuns

Tone Science – 10/26/2014

tone science 184

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Desert Mirage / A D N / After Coda Alan Silva & Celestrial Communication Orchestra Desert Mirage
  Side A: Mosquito Dance, NIght Dance, Flute Song, Eternal Chant, The Bird, The Waiting Jimmy Giuffre 3 Music For People, Birds, Butterflies & Mosquitoes
  Songlines Peter Brotzmann, Rashied Ali, Fred Hopkins Songlines
  Places des Abbesse Luc Ferrari Cellule 75
  Plectra and Percussion Daces Satyr-Play Muisc for Dance Theatre (1952) I. Castor & Pollux - A..... Harry Partch The Harry Partch Collection vol. 1

Tone Science – 10/12/2014

tone science 182

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Two Fingers Please Peter Kowald with Barre Phillips Bass Duets
  Composition 367D Anthony Braxton Quartet (Mannheim) 2010
  Tower of Meaning Arthutr Russell Tower of Meaning

Tone Science – 09/28/2014

tone science 180

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight In Service/The Assurance David Thomas Broughton & Juice Vocal Ensemble Sliding the Same Way
  Home (a capella) Holly Herndon Home
  Cantata for Two Farts and Juan Carlos I Henri Chopin Cantata for Two Farts & Co.
  Red Stream Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group Blood of the Earth
  Aboretum Et Philipp Wachsmann, Peter Ole Jorgensen, Jaokob Riis Expanded Botanics
  Self Portraits My Silence It Only Happens At Night
  Flow Elodie Lauten Transform
  Postcards From The Interior of a Star Death Shanties Crabs
  Colour Of An Eye Half Seen Fred Frith & John Butcher The Natural Order
  Peradam/Cat's Flux 2 Evan Parker & Paul Lytton Collective Calls (Urban) (Two Microphones)

Tone Science – 09/22/2014

tone science 179

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Other Strange Worlds/Celestial Beings/Thence, This and Ethereal Sun Ra & HIs Astro-Infinity Arkestra Other Strange Worlds
  ....Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire - Mvts. 1 & 2 Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack ....Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire
  Sunrise David Shea Rituals
  Ghsots Zeitkratzer & Keiji Haino Zeitkratzer Keiji Haino
  The Agreed Upon Myth Throw Down Your Hammer and Sing Throw Down Your Hammer And Sing / Sheldon Siegel split LP
  Vele Hammen Maken Nog Geen Zwijn — I. maar als we nu allemaal gewoon even Sheldon Siegel Throw Down Your Hammer And Sing / Sheldon Siegel split LP
  Mulberry Raider Mike & Cara Gangloff Black Ribbon of Death, SIlver Thread of Life
  ---- Whatever Brains David Lazer Fundraizer

Tone Science – 09/14/2014

tone science 178

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight The Culture of Gun Violence in the US Wadada Leo Smith, George Lewis, John Zorn Sonic Rivers
  Journey Amongst The Stars Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra Other Strange Worlds
  Lost & Found (for Henry Grimes) Max Johnson Quartet
  Do Death Blues Non-fiction
  Thomas Paine Haunted House Blue Ghost Blues
  Ergodos II with instrumental responses James Tenney Music for Violin & Piano
  Supper for the Swarms/Hive Mind Audrey Chen, Wouter Jaspers Brombron 22: Root and Branch
  Silenzio (1991-2010) Sofia Gubaidulina Chamber Music with Double Bass
  Burned Across the Sky Jeremiah Cymerman Fire Sign