Tone Science – 08/30/2015

tone science 219

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight untitled (tracks 1 & 2) Pere Ubu The Pere Ubu Moon Unit
  No Shoes Evan Parker & John Wiese C-Section
  The Great Dying Locrian Infinite Dissolution
  Tayari-Teri: Shamans Healing, Pt. 1 David Toop Lost Shadows: In Defence of the Soul (Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual, 1978)
  Après Presque Rien (2004) for 14 instruments and two samplers . Après Presque Rien (2004) for 14 instruments and two samplers - Luc Ferrari/Ensemble Musiques Nouv Madame De Shanghai
  Fossil NIck Mazzarella Ultraviolet
  Little Black Bird/Retreat Masahiko Togashi & Steve Lacy Eternal Duo
  Urban Air Voices John Coxon & Wadada Leo Smith Brooklyn Duos
  Firmament - Schlafos Hans Tutschku Firmament

Tone Science – 08/23/2015

tone science 218

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Symphony for Machines (Ex Orkest, 21-04-2002) The Ex The Ex at Bimuis (1991-2015)
  Adieu Little Man (part 1) Muhammad Ali & Frank Wright Adieu Little Man
  Trittico per G.S. Brian Ferneyhough/Steffano Scodanibbio Fourth String Quartet
  Ko-Tha Giacinto Scelsi/Michael Kiedaisch Suono Rotondo
  Aberration of Light Olivia Block Aberration of LIght
  Silenzio Sofia Gubaidulina/Kremerata Musica Silenzion
  Thing 4 Manas Things of Outtakes

Tone Science – 08/16/2015

tone science 217

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Dance Suite [For Merle Marsicano] (1963) for percussion and piano|celeste Morton Feldman/Glen Freeman, Debora Petrina Strings, Keyboard, Percussion, Voices, Horn
  Annapurna Kid Millions & Jim Sauter Bloom
  Yuunihui'se'ome'yei'nahui, For Violin, Viola Concertante, Violoncello, Double-Bass (1983-1990) Julio Estrada/Arditti String Quartet & Stefano Scodanibbio Chamber Music for Strings
  Shadesof Silence Anna Thorvaldsdottir/Nordic Affect Clockworking
  Deuxième Sonate pour piano [1947-48] I-IV Pierre Boulez/Pi-hsien Chen Notations & Piano Sonatas
  For Balloon and String Quartet I-III Judy Dunaway & Flux Quartet Mother of Balloon Music
  After Dark George E. Lewis & Bertram Turetzky Conversations

Tone Science – 08/2/2015

tone science 216

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight You and Cooke = Happiness Shofar Ha-Huncvot
  Range Jon Mueller Range
  Samuel Beckett-What is the Word, Op. 30b György Kurtág/Ensemble Anton Webern Wien Modern II: Hommage à Tarkovsky
  Bass Clarinet and Percussion Morton Feldman.New Millenium Ensemble For Frank O'Hara - Bass Clarinet and Percussion - De Kooning - Instrumentals 1
  Bohor I Iannis Xenakis Electroc-Acoustic Music
  Tetragrams 1st serie: Quest, Crucificion, Rebirth Dane Rughyar/Steffen Scleiermacher Works for Piano
  Extended Circular Music No. 8 (2014) Jurg Frey Grizzana and othe rpieces 2009-2014

Tone Science – 07/26/2015

tone science 215

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Quartetto per acchi opus 1 György Kurtág/Arditti String Quartet Gubaidulina, Kurtag, Lutoslawski - String Quartets
  Aglais for solo violin Maya Homburger Aglais
  Cloudstreams/Bellweathers Chris Brown Rogue Waves
  I Have Crossed By The Grace Of The Boatman Barry Guy Symmetries
  Naldjorlak III parts 1-3 Eliane Radigue Naldorlak I II III
  No hay caminos, hay que caminar....Andrej Tarkovskij Luciano Berion/Ensemble Anton Webern Wien Modern II: Hommage à Tarkovsky
  untitled Sophie Angel/Phil Minton Tatsing

Tone Science – 07/19/2015

tone science 214

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Temple 1 Seijiro Murayam/Jean-Luc Guionnet Mishima, Day & Night
  Whether Or Why Not Barry Guy Symmetries
  Eppilogue from the ballet Peer Gynt (For cello, piano, tape) Alfred Schnittke Complete Works for Cello and Piano
  By Way of Odessa Joshua Abrams Magnetoception
  Current Trens in Racisim in Moder America part one Butch Morris Current Trends in Racism in Modern American
  Le Loriot (Oriolus Oriolus) Olivier Messiaen/Martin Zhen Catalogu d'Oiseaux

Tone Science – 07/12/2015

tone science 213

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight So sei es (So be it) Sofia Gubaidulina/Nurit Stark, Alexander Suslin, Cedric Pescia, Taiko Saito In Memoriam: Chamber Works
  Galaverna Tiziana Bertoncini, Thomas Lehn Horsky Park
  Improvisation VII Katharina Weber, Barry Guy, Baits Nill Games and Improvsiations, Hommage À György Kurtág
  4th & 5th Movements Joe McPhee & John Snyder To Be Continued
  W.W. (Dedicated to Wilbur Ware) Muhal Richard Abrams and Malachi Favors Sightsong
  Reader, listen: Harmony Series no. 10 Michael Pisaro/Tom Chant, Angharad Davies, Benedict Dre & John Edwards Decentered
  Mobiles for violin solo (1995) I-II Victor Suslin/Nurit Stark In Memoriam: Chamber Works
  9/9/99 with Cards Roscoe Mitchell/Eclipse Quartet Not Yet
  Parlour Games (1988) Meredth Monk/Ursula Oppens and Bruce BRubaker Piano Songs
  A Story of This World Circuit Des Yeux In Plain Speech

Tone Science – 07/05/2015

tone science 212

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Amour 1-5 Karlheinz Stockhausen/Michele Marelli Amour, Der kleine Harlekin, Wochenkreis
  Notes Paul Bley, Paul Motian Notes
  Sires of Titan Triple Point phase/Transitions
  CHRY-PTUS (1971) Eliane Radigue CHRY-PTUS
  Grizzana Jürg Frey Grizanna and other pieces 2009-2014
  Downburst Ellery Eskelin, Susan Alcorn, Michael Formanek Mirage
  Seven Pieces for Trombone Quartet Tyshawn Sorey That/Not

Tone Science – 06/28/2015

tone science 211

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Chronochromie Olivier Messiaen/BBC Symphony Orchestra/Antal Dorati Messiaen: The Anniversary Edition
  Vulcans Play Harry Bertoia Sonambient: Recordings of Harry Bertoia
  Dishonest Dessert Alan Courtis & Aaron Moore Bring Us Some Honest Food
  Part III Franz Hautzinger/Julo Fujak/Zsolt Sores Live in Brussels
  Craftsmen, Pt. 1 Double-Basse This Is Not Art
  Windswept Winterset Bill Dixon November 1981

Tone Science – 06/21/2015

tone science 210

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Soledad Susan Alcorn Soledad
  Canticles of the Sky John Luther Adams/Northwetern University Cello Ensemble The Wind in High Places
  Bells for New Orleans Roscoe Mitchell/William Winant Not Yet
  Cut Outs For Quintet Rocoe Mitchell and The Sound Ensemble 3 X 4 Eye
  Invasion Revolutionary Ensemble The Psyche
  1st, 2nd, 3rd movements Joe McPhee & John Snyder To Be Continued
  Suite for Ahl Susan Alcorn Soledad