Jazz In The A.M. – 07/03/2014 – Ep. 230


Artist – Song Title – CD Title – Label – Year

Noon (Eastern)
Elias Haslanger – One For Daddy O – Live At The Gallery – Cherrywood Records – 2014
Kris Berg & The Metroplexity Big Band – Time Management – Time Management – Summit Records – 2014
Jared Gold – No Moon At All – JG 3+3 – PosiTone Records – 2014
Marianne Matheny-Katz – You Taught My Heart To Sing – Somewhere In Paradise – Jazzway – 2014
Triology – If I Love Again – Triology – Cellar Live Records – 2014
David Weiss – Lullaby For A Lonely Child – When Words Fail – Motema Music – 2014
John Coates Jr. & Nancy Reed – East Of The Sun – At The Dear Head Inn – Deer Head Records – 2007
Jimmy Cobb – Nobody Else but Me – The Original Mob – Smoke Sessions Records – 2014
Sonny Rollins – Biji – Road Shows, Vol. 3 – Sony Masterworks – 2014

Fred Lipsius – Where At – Rhythm, Catch 4 – Fred Lipsius – 2014
Ted Rosenthal Trio – I Loves You Porgy – Rhapsody In Gershwin – Playscape Recordings – 2014
Bobby Hutcherson – Hey Harold – Enjoy The View – Blue Note – 2014
Patrice Jegou – From This Moment On – Speak Low – Prairie Star Records – 2014
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra – Yes or No – American Adventure – Spartacus Records – 2014
Adrian Cunningham – The Odd Couple – Ain’t That Right! The Music Of Neal Hefti – Arbors Records – 2014
Gregory Porter, Donald Smith, Mansur Scott, Paul Zauner´s Blue Brass – Stella By Starlight – Great Voices of Harlem – PAO Records – 2014
Manhattan School Of Music Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra – Mood Indigo – The Symphonic Ellington – Jazzheads – 2014
Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden – Everything Happens to Me – Last Dance – ECM – 2014

Craig Wuepper – Blues For The Piano Players – Storytelling – Cellar Live Records – 2014
Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band – Does This Chart Make Me Look Phat? – Life In The Bubble – Concord Music Group – 2014
Camille Thurma – Kindred Minds – Origins – Hot Tones Music – 2014
Diane Schuur – I Remember You – I Remember You – Jazzheads – 2014
Louis Hayes – Lush Life – Return Of The Jazz Communicators – Smoke Sessions Records – 2014
Hiromi/上原 ひろみ – Wanderer – ALIVE – Telarc – 2014
Dena Derose – Sunday in New York – We Won’t Forget You…An Homage to Shirley Horn – Highnote Records – 2014
JC Stylles – Pensativa – Blakey Grease – American Showplace Music – 2014
Moutin Factory Quintet – A Busy Day – Lucky People – Plus Loin Music – 2013

Elio Villafranca  – Last Train To Paris – Caribbean Ting – Motema Music – 2014
Fred Hersch Trio – Let’s Cool One – Floating – Palmetto Records – 2014
Mike LeDonne – Put On a Happy Face – I Love Music – Savant Records – 2014
Theo Croker – Moody’s Mood for Love – AfroPhysicist – Sony Masterworks – 2014
Joshua Redman – Soul Dance – Trios Live – Nonesuch – 2014
Peter Brendler – Lawn Darts – Outside the Line – PosiTone Records – 2014
Rebecca Kilgore – Goldfinger – I Like Men – Arbors Records – 2014
Steve Kaldestad With The Mike LeDonne Trio – Warm Valley – Straight Up – Cellar Live Records – 2014
Steve Khan – Infant Eyes – Subtext(’14) – Tone Center – 2014

FCC clears the way for nationwide wireless web

FCC engineers say they have found no technical reason not to move forward on a proposed plan for a nationwide, free wireless Internet service . T-Mobile, which uses spectrum adjacent to the bands in question, had argued against the proposal, suggesting the new services signals would interfere with the companys 3G wireless network.

The report clears the way for the FCC to move forward with a plan to auction off airwaves to a bidder who agrees to offer free, national wireless Internet service. The FCC is expected to finalize rules this year and could begin auctioning off airwaves in early-to-mid 2009.

T-Mobile has fought FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s proposal to encourage development of free Web access by raising concerns that the service would disrupt the company’s 3G wireless network, for which it charges customers. But FCC engineers said recent tests in Seattle showed the airwaves could be used for a wireless broadband service “without a significant risk of harmful interference.”

“This report confirms that we’re able to move forward with broadband services as proposed by Chairman Martin without causing harmful interference to license users of adjacent spectrum,” said an FCC spokesman.

The network would have to reach 50% of the U.S. population in four years and 95% within a decade.

Net Radio Bill Passes House

Web radio stations live to fight another day.

The House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill that Web radio stations have painted as life or death for their services.

The Webcaster Settlement Act, which would allow Internet radio stations to negotiate with the music industry for a royalty rate lower than what Congress mandated last year, passed the House by a voice vote on Saturday.

Proponents of the bill had predicted a close vote.

Tim Westergren

(Credit: CNET News)

Tim Westergren, founder of Net music service Pandora, said he was elated about triumphing in the House, which came after traditional radio broadcasters withdrew their opposition.

Dennis Wharton, a spokesman for the National Association of Broadcasters, said Saturday night that Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.) had met with representatives of the group and addressed some of their concerns.

As a result, the NAB dropped its opposition in the House and will not oppose the bill when it moves to the Senate for a vote, either Sunday or Monday.

“The bill having passed unanimously in the House certainly gives it momentum heading into the Senate,” Wharton said.

Webcasters are fighting for the right to negotiate with the music industry to reduce the royalty rates they must pay to stream music over the Web. Any deal must be approved by the federal government.

Congress is expected to adjourn on Monday, and the Webcaster Settlement Act enables Internet radio stations to reach an agreement with the music industry while Congress is out of session.

Westergren, who has emerged as a de facto spokesman for the bill, said some Web radio stations can’t afford a long delay in the talks. Right now, the law requires them to pay the older royalty rate, which Webcasters say will soon drive them out of business.

“It would be a killer blow,” Westergren said. “If we don’t get it passed now, it would mean waiting for a whole new Congress and administration and lots of uncertainty.”

As for the legislation’s chances in the Senate, Westergren said he’s cautiously optimistic.

“I’ve become gun shy because I’ve been burned so many times before,” he said. “We’re waiting to see what happens and consulting with our friends (in Congress).”

posted by Greg Sandoval – cnet.com