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On the 112th edition of RootsWorld Radio, join Cliff Furnald for a musical trip around the planet. We’ll start with some 70s roots-pop music from Algeria, hear some brand new jazz from Morocco, some Nordic roots, a bit of American-African fusion and a NYC klezmer experiment, a return visit to a Persian artist and a new recording by a father and son kora duet. Artists will include Bellamou & Benfissa, Zebrina, Les Abranis, Oum, NID, Imaginary Homeland, Habbadam, Marjan Vahdat, and Toumani & Sidiki Diabate.

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The Spark

The Spark starts.

RootsWorld Radio – July 10, 5 PM

Coming up at 5 PM Wednesday
RootsWorld Radio

Artists will include D’en Haut, Mara Aranda, Maarja Nuut, Zephyr, Luca di Vola & Claudia Bombardella, Joan Frances Tisnèr, Compostela, 4th Ward AfroKlezmer Orchestra, The Ale Moller Band, and Feiz Noz Moc’h.

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B.P.R.D. – Benjamin Lees, Margot Wright, Paul Hindemith, Ned Rorem

This week, both sides of a 1973 Desto Records LP I found buried in a nearby record shop, plus a couple of short extras.

First, side one: Benjamin Lees’ Sonata #2 for Violin and Piano, which hits that perfect sweet spot between non-serialist avant and traditional classical. Lees died in 2010 but his official site has lots of interesting info.

Second up is the final movement of the Piano Quintet by British “light music” composer Margot Wright, from this collection of works spanning her long 20th century career. The liner notes aren’t exact but the quintet appears to be from the early 1930s; the finale is delicious. Performed by the all-female Camilli Quartet with Frank Mol on piano.

Next, the 3rd movement from Paul Hindemith’s 1939 Sonata for Horn, written when Hindemith was in Swiss exile just after he’d been condemned by Nazi officials for his “degenerate” music.

Finally, side two of the Desto LP: Ned Rorem’s 1972 composition for violin and piano, Night Music, performed by the married team of Earl Carlyss and Ann Scheinn in an auditorium at the Library of Congress in 1973. Written as a complement to Day Music from a few months earlier, it’s divided into 8 sections with titles like “Mosquitoes and Earthworms,” “Epeira Sclopetaria” and “Gnats.”

Interesting side note: I’d never heard of Desto Records, so nosed around online. Turns out it was an indie label in existence from the mid-60s to mid-70s, releasing over 150 records focused mainly on non-mainstream classical recordings. A 1970 Billboard article, “Desto to Releases Boxes of Music by Black Composers”, and another from a few years later, “Desto in High Via Low Overhead”, are neat snapshots into the label’s history (…proving that a small classical manufacturer can survive and prosper among the biggies if it is carefully managed and takes full advantage of opportunities), and into the fundraising and commissioning practices of the time.

Digging a bit deeper we find that Desto was started by Horace Grennell, who also happens to be the person behind Young People’s Records and the Children’s Record Guild in the late 1940s, “the first commercially significant record clubs in the world,” with over 100,000 members in the immediate post-WWII era. That’s according to the book Revolutionizing Children’s Records: The Young People’s Records and Children’s Record Guild Series, 1946-1977, which I’m happy to note just arrived via inter-library loan. The book’s official site explains, “these two labels intersected important developments in the histories of mass marketing, recording technology, educational philosophy, folk music, contemporary composition, and Cold War politics,” with blog posts noting connections to the Folkways label, Groucho Marx and more. Looks great, can’t wait to dive in.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this week’s music, and hope you find some of the links interesting.

Inaugural edition of Jazz Worldwide on

The inaugural edition of Jazz Worldwide on taintradio will cover recent recordings by Jan Garbarek-Egberto Gismonti-Charlie Haden; the Bobo Stenson Trio; and Ethiopian pianist and composer Samuel Yirga. We shall then turn to Spain, where we’ll audition jazz-inflected flamenco (or is it the other way around?) by Michel Camilo with Tomatito, Juan de Lerida, Gerardo Núñez, Dave Holland and Pepe Habichuela, José Luis Montón, Chema Vilchez, Chano Domínguez, and Niño Josele. Join your host, Michael Stone, on Jazz Worldwide, airing Mondays, 5:00-7:00 pm Eastern, and repeating the following Saturday from noon to 2:00 pm Eastern.

RootsWorld Radio #24 – Playlist

RootsWorld Radio #24

The Wanderer
Vinicio Caposella | Pryntl | Marinai, Profeti e Balene | Il Manifesto
Roksonaki | Urkunde | Nauryza | Mosaiqa
Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico | Muniera | Sumiglia | ECM
Arnaldo Antunes and Edgard Scandurra and Toumani Diabaté | Se Voce | A Curva Da Cintura | Mais Um Discos
George Sisimayi and his Crazy 5 | Ndepera Cha Cha | Opika Pende | Dust To Digital
Orchstra Baobab | Digone nga ma | Roots and Fruits | Popular African Music
Maria Marquez | La Lagrima | Princessa Naturaleza | Adventure
Aurelia | Vous et Nous | The Hour of the Wolf | Homerecords
Accordion Samurai | Blind Harbour and Carty’s Reel | Accordion Samurai | Homerecords
Les Ambassadeurs Internationales | Super Koulou | … with Salif Keita | Rounder
Griffiths Motsieloa and company | Nkosi Sikele iAfrica | Opika Pende | Dust To Digital

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RootsWorld Radio #22

RootsWorld Radio #22
Originally broadcast the week of August 8, 2012

Artist | Song | Album | Label
Lea Nicholson | The Liberty Bell | The Concertina Record | Jam Ring
Annbjorg Lien | Needle’s Eye | Khoom Loy | Grappa / Compass
Knut Hamre/Turid Spildo/Johannes Martens | Ro Hit | Eg Ser Deg | Grappa
Coreyah | Dondolario | unreleased | artist recording
Dazkarieh | Tronco | Eterno Retorno | Galileo
Y La Bamba | Sqwawk | Court the Storm | artist release

An audio review of Vinicio Capossela‘s Marinai, Profeti e Balene (sailors, prophets and whales), written by RootsWorld’s George De Stefano.

Vinicio Capossela | The Madonna of the Shells | Marinai, Profeti e Balene | Ponderosa
Vijana Jazz Band | Gwe mantou Fli | The Koka Koka Sex Battalion | Stern’s
Jewdessee | Beltz, Mayn Shetele | 5773 | Galileo
Zani Diabate | Moussoulankolo | Tientelaw | Stern’s
Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane | Thiere lambout | Thiossane | Discograph
Ry Cooder | Guantanamo | Election Special | Nonesuch

RootsWorld Radio

RootsWorld Radio #13 – May 30 and June 2

RootsWorld Radio #13 – May 30 and June 2

Le vent du Nord | Le diable et le fermier | Tromper du temps | Borealis (3:40)
Guy Klucevsek | Ratatatoullie | Multiple Personality Reunion Tour | Innova (4:41)
Kepa Junkera | Arin-Quebec | Bilbao 00:00h | Resistencia (4:41)
Pierre Akendengué | Are Kao | Verite d’Afrique | Lusafrica (5:49)
Amadou and Mariem | C’est pas facile | Folila | Nonesuch (2: 42)
Shikamoo Jazz | Umeniasi Mapenzi | Chela Chela | Retroafric (7:35)
Francis Beybey | Coffee Cola Song | Electronic Music 1975 – 1982 | Born Bad (5:04)
Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis | Rodo Tis Protanastasis | Greekadelia | World Network (4:41)
Mercedes Peon | Sao Paulo | SoS | Dofol (4:24)
Maga Bo | Immigrant Visa | Quilombo do Futoro (3:47)
Tarab | Salterello | Tarab | artist release (3:40)
Hal Parfitt Murray and Nicolaj Busk | Fiol af Glas-Last Station | Music from the edge of the world | Go’ Danish Folk (4:16)
Guy Klucevsek | Hymnopedie #1 | Multiple Personality Reunion Tour | Innova (1:33)

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RootsWorld Radio #12 – May 23 and 26

RootsWorld Radio #12

Originally broadcast on May 23 and 26, 2012
Hazmat Modine | Mockingbird | Cicada | Barbes
Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis | Me Gel a san Ta Pou liam | Greekadelia | World Music Network
Tarab | St Chartier | Tarab | Taquin
Hedningarna | Hedna | & | Border
Evie Ladin Band | Sugarbabe | Evie Ladin Band | Evil Diane
Ryan McGiver | The Plains of Illinois | Troubled in Mind | artist release
Imaginary Homeland | Kanawha Girl | Jump For George | Jumbie
Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat | Lullaby | | KKV
Ulrika Boden | nu börj ä pä å blomme | Korkssangern | Westpark
Last Forever | I ain’t going down to the well no more-Poor Lazurus | Last Forever | artist release
Tabadoul Orchestra | Ayami | World Wide Wahab | Westpark
Enzo Favata Tentetto and the Tenores di Bitti | bocce e notte in Chicago | The New Village | Manifesto

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RootsWorld Radio #9, May 2 & 5, 2012

RootsWorld Radio #9
Broadcast May 2nd and 5th, 2012

Artist | Song | Album | Label

Eliseo Parra | Fulgida luna | Viva quien sabe querer | Boa Music

Mariem Hassan | Arabi al Arabe | El Aiún On Fire | Nubenegra

Amadou and Mariem | Sans Toi | Folila | Nonesuch

The ensemble SANS recorded live in Kaustinen Finland perform “The marovantele song” introduced by Andrew Cronshaw

Martha Mavroidi Trio | Beloved | Portaki | artist release

Emel Mathlouthi | Hinama (When) | Kelmti Horra | World Village
Boot | Itku-Balkan | Soot | Caprice

Ricardo Tesi & Banditaliana | Kafkaffee | Madreperla | artist release

Malagache Connexion | Bilo | Bilo | Silex

Banda Olifante | African Dandy | 10,000 Migrants | Felmay

Slavic Soul Party | Alchohol to Arms | NY Underground tapes | Barbes

Kohichi Makigauri | Sukiaki Etoufee | Koroshi No Blues | EMI Japan

Bois Sec Ardion, with Dennis McGee, play “The Lake Charles
Two-Step,” recorded at Ardoin’s home in L’Anse de Prien Noir, Louisiana in 1965. Thanks to Dirk Powell for getting us the music.