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  1. And this is my comment.

    Love the tunes. Keep the tracks rollin!

  2. Listening this afternoon as I set my classroom up for Monday the announcer asked for comments. My comment– only that I can’t get taintradio on the radio. I love it.

    Bruce Hudson

  3. “Grooviest Girl in the World” segueing into “Go To Hell”…

  4. Just past the half-way point. Hard to top this “Nonsense.”

  5. saw the bumper sticker on I-95 north not far from the NC line – I think it was you. BTW, wearing earphones\earbuds are illegal while driving in VA. Oh, cool web site. 🙂

  6. Are you going to put the Sean Taylor as podcast cant listen to it live 128kb to fast for my Movistar modem

  7. Yes, the Sean Taylor session will show up soon in a podcast. House of Mercy host/producer Barry Everitt is in the process making most of these HOM “In Session” features available as taintradio podcasts. Sean Taylor’s session will no doubt be among them. We will let you know as soon as it is posted to the soon-to-be vastly expanded taintradio podcast library.

  8. Just want to thank you for playing “There’s No You” in July from my new CD “I’m Here Now”
    I just saw this.
    Thanks again. makes me feel nice to know it’s out there somewhere.
    Dee Cassella

  9. Thanks for bringing Dr. Chadbourne to Marsh Music in Raleigh last night (Saturday 10/3/2009). It was a real treat, and such a great venue. Please talking to you guys — keep up the good work!

    Boat Burning
    Amps Do Furnish A Room

  10. listened to you all for the fist time today and lived it. Thank you!

  11. Good sound. Fresh.

    A common comment I make, couldn’t it be possile to have a choice of a smaller bandwidth signal? The move industry wide is toward pay for bandwidth. Sad to see. Easier on networks to keep it open and playing.

    Larry Yurdin! Alright! He knows whereof he speaks ! The author of a story from inside the tours, lifestyles, there’s only “ONE WAY OUT” and that’s through the gig.

  12. Where else could I hear some classic Mandrill on a Sunday night. Bruce Mack – the Mack Attack – Congrats on a great show

  13. Far out – I can stream this shit @ work on my blackberry! Who says the future ain’t here yet?

  14. I just couldn’t find a consistent radio station until I found you guys. Glad I went to Marsh and saw your poster.

    Gen Palmer

  15. The scheduling of my weekly show, Rootin’ Around presented is undergoing some changes. It will be presented first each week on Sundays from 3-6pm EDT (Noon-3 PDT) with a repeat on Tuesdays 9pm-midnight EDT (6-9 PM PDT). An archived edition of Rootin’ Around will run each Friday from 4-7 PM EDT (1-4 PM PDT). I’m working toward a 24-7 Rootin’ Around website with both downloading and streaming. This will not affect my three hour program on taintradio. Anything I do will be run here first.

  16. What a mess! I’m listening to Updoc 123 going out and the announcements are comically in the wrong order . . . but you’ll figure it out. When the technology tells me that announcement #3 should go before announcement #2 I bow to the technology and commit the mistake. Anyhow I figure you good listeners can tell French from Russian and green from deep black. I’ll do better next week I promise!

  17. hey,

    just checkin in re: the doc chad + nakatani podcast? still in works? ~ peace

  18. Jollytime, we’ve got the audio for this show edited and we’ll put it up online later this week. Stay tuned!


  19. Updoc 166 is playing as I write but I have to toss some words in. It’s a byword, and I hope one lived up to, on Updoc that we, okay, I don’t put crap on the air. Well . . . Medeski Martin and Wood is a band I usually pass by on horseback or whatever ride I can get, but I put this version of Amazing Grace on the show because of John Scofield and his guitar artistry, and that was fine, but that was a HORRIBLE organ solo in the middle and I’m feeling penitent, here in Outer Downloadia, about having had it on the show. Sorry, podnahs. At least Akimmusire’s all right despite the occasional stunt, and then there’s Miles and Bartok. But really, no, never again, I hope, and I’ll try to make it up next week with Sibelius and Pops and Ella and . . .
    Hey, is this the first post of this kind on top of old tainty? Not that one was ever needed before. Though now that I think on it . . . Oh never mind. Okay, tomorrow’s another week.

  20. Written as Updoc 183 rolls on air: strange forces seem to be at work, or perhaps the wascawwy wabbit has broken into the stash of updoc again, but Roscoe Mitchell’s epochal Nonaah seems to have run somehow into further solo alto explorations I swear I never put on the computer on which the show’s aasembled, so go figure. I did wonder how the show I put together on spec timed out to two hours when it should be shorter, but the answer to that question is still veiled by a computer doing some hidden dance. Never mind, the show will run a couple of minutes longer than its statutory two hours and Roscoe Mitchell’s accomplishment, I hope, will stand clear of glitches performed by yours truly and by any other, as by no one at all. Perhaps Chuck Nessa will clear this up tomorrow, facebook if not here.

  21. Hmm, actually it looks like I got a bit confused. Nothing new there, but I plead being overwhelmed as usual by the front-end of Nonaah and not realizing that Ericka goes through its own storms before ending quite movingly, I think. Ah well and onward.

  22. Long time no see/hear mention of the Doc Chad/Nakatani podcast. Any news? Cheers, – RJ

  23. RJ, I give up on getting the Doc Chad/Nakatani podcast – tech probs. Sorry. We’ll try again next time.

  24. Thanks for the addition of George Klein.

  25. Thanks, Alan. George Klein is a very welcome addition to taintradio. We love his show.
    Bob Rogers

  26. Bob,

    Hey. I’m glad taintradio is back.

    Is there a chance that taint will be available via TuneIn Radio as it was in days of yore? Although taintradio shows up via a TuneIn search, when attempting to play the stream I always get the message: “A stream connection error occurred.” (Maybe a change in URL, or something like that?)

    Keep on keeping on…


  27. Hi Steve,

    Checking on Tune-in Radio now.


  28. Hi,
    This is a great way of enjoying music!!
    Thank you for keeping it rolling!

  29. Hi, Bianca – Thanks for the kind words of encouragement.

    Best regards,
    Bob Rogers

  30. Steve, we finally got Tunein working again – actually a few months ago.

    Best regards,
    Bob Rogers

  31. Bob,

    Yep, and I’ve been tuning in via TuneIn and enlarging my ears ever since. Thanks.



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