LISTEN HERE – taintradio is broadcast using a 32kbps, 128kbps and 192kbps MP3 stream. To listen to this stream on your computer, you will need to have software installed that can decode and play this stream, such as Apple’s free iTunes software, which runs on Macs and Windows PC’s. Windows users may also use the popular WinAMP software, which has a free version as well.

Our “listen” button/link points to our streaming server and uses the standard WinAMP/iTunes style “.M3U” file type. You can get the URL for the listen button by right clicking on it and choosing “copy link” or by clicking here:


If your PC still misbehaves, you can paste this link into your WinAMP or iTunes software. You can also bookmark this in iTunes or WinAMP and then you don’t need to go to the web page to click the link.

In this post PC world, you don’t need a full fledged computer, but can listen to taintradio on your phone or tablet computer.

For iPod, iPhone, or iPad, some apps that you can get free or nearly free to hear taintradio include

Some apps. like TuneIn Radio, allow you to record taintradio streams.

For Android, on phones and tablets, there is StreamFurious as well as TuneIn Radio

You may need to enter “custom stream” or custom URL” where you enter the taintradio stream location

Once you have entered it and set as a favorite, there you are, listening on your mobile device. WiFi connections are best for these devices. If you are on a limited data plan using 3G or 4G you may want to watch your data usage.